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A human child whimpered on the poisoned soil. He had been abandoned to the planet which had slowly become a mere ball of poison, soil and dead bodies. The child remembered the bright sky and fresh wind. Then there had been bombings. After them he had been thrown to a barrel as poison had covered the village.

The parents had abandoned their only child. The poison killed those who stayed. Yet the boy didn't feel anything out of normal. But he didn't feel anything.

He didn't feel even fleshly hunger or thirst. He only wanted to hunt down those who had abandoned him to die along with others. He wanted to kill them just as they had wanted him to die to poison.

Dying corpses remained. Those who tried to speak with the boy choked when they met his gaze. No living was soon there anymore. Death ensued everywhere. Soon there was no one to kill. Yet the boy knew his abandoners were somewhere. Somewhere out of his reach.

He looked up to the sky and the stars. He saw them through the thick poison cloud. He knew his parents were dead humans but his Veledosian foster-parents were the ones who had abandoned him.

The boy decided to kill rest of the life on the planet before going after them. It would serve them right, the boy thought. It would serve them right to lose all the life of their oh-so-precious home planet.

When the boy had come to that decision a year had passed from the event known in later history as The poisoning of Veledos. No animal was alive anymore. Yet there were still a few persistent plants. They were all made by the VeledosJedi of Haleos tribe, the tribe of Flora and Fauna. The boy didn't know that. What he did know, however, was that they were alive.

And he also knew that he was going to snuff their languishing lives. So he took them, dug the roots out of the soil, not feeling the poison which passed through and decayed his skin. He tore the plants into small pieces, killing the VeledosJedi who had made them. He didn't know that either. He only enjoyed killing those plants.

His work was on Veledos done now. The planet was stripped of all life. The boy rose up to the clouds, passed through the poisonous atmosphere. All of his hair burned away and his skin started to look like as if he was suffering plague. His clothing was still decaying. Nothing he felt, nothing he suffered.

The atmosphere turned the vacuum of space. The boy left to a direction he had once seen a Veledosian ship go. He followed the old trail which had been left by the poison in the engines. The trail led to another planet, green just like Veledos. It was Kiros, but the boy didn't know it. The boy landed with force on the alive soil, creating a giant crater. The horrified tribe, Lianoros, came to meet him. The boy ran at the seer.
"What are you doi-" was all the seer could say before turning into ashes.
The boy began his slaughter.
So, my entry for the second round of Flash fiction competition. This time the requirements were 527.5 words and unreliable narrator. I've never heard of this "unreliable narrator" thing before, let alone done a story with it, so this probably didn't go well on that point. But I did get 527.5 words there (the .5 is the word the seer never got to finish). This one is a dark piece, anyways.

Well, at least the narrator made a big lot of nonsense here. While some nonsensical things may be noticed only by me during the time of submitting this (since the Prologue story of EJ is in process right now), there definitely are things that can be noticed by anyone who hasn't even heard of Star Wars.

Oh well, this ain't true part of the Exceptional Jedi series (I suppose it's appropriate to say that it's even more non-canon to it as EJ is to SW) but since it's related to it I'll put it to the same folder.

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Star Wars (notably the planet Kiros in this piece) (c) Lucasfilm
Veledos, its people and the boy of the story (c) Me
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