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Star Wars: Exceptional Jedi OC Jedova Wang



Finally this piece is ready (the coloring, especially light and shadows and simplistic)! Yes, the hands failed in every other way than the primary shape, but what really pisses me off is that stupid face!

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!IMing - :flailrage: + PLZ 

Well at least he doesn't look too young like in the last panel of Four Seasons of Jedova's Padawans... -_-

Oh yeah, I wasn't too happy with that piece. I studied the differences between it and Two Lost Jedi and I came to the conclusion that it was just the lack of light and the bland coloring. Maybe I'll try to make some difference on the blandness one day. Maybe...

Ok, now the verbal part of the bio. Have fun reading this.

EDIT 21.1.2020: Updated and cleaned up.

Introduction of Character

Name: Jedova Wang

Age: 54 in 80 BBY

Gender: Male

Nickname(s): The Unlucky Jedi

Alias(es): none unless needed on a mission

Species: Human

Era(s): Rise of the Empire

Birth Date: 134 BBY

Death Date: up to come

Occupation: Jedi Master (Jedi Guardian)

Affiliation(s): Galactic Republic & Jedi Order

The Character’s Appearance


Jedova is a quite tall Jedi and keeps his posture straight. His very slightly curly auburn hair reaches his neck and, as it hasn't really been cared for, it has lost some vitality, which can also be said about his fair skin. Jedova's very dark brown eyes have very faint light brown stripes.


Bacta has spared Jedova from many scars, but he does have one which crosses his right palm, standing out as whiter than either his tunics.

Jedova's clothing is pretty normal Jedi attire: brown hooded cape and off-white tunics with a darkish brown leather utility belt. His pants and boots are dark brown.

Height: 1.89 meters

Mass: ?

Weight: 75 kilograms

About the Character

Jedova has been facing hard luck ever since he was born, making him careful and more concerned about the safety of those around him (his current Padawan, for example) than himself. The latter combined with his innate impulsiveness causes him to often rush into saving someone close to him while leaving himself vulnerable to attacks (usually leads to injury). He prefers humor over seriousness whenever appropriate and does his best not to take himself too seriously. Being notably reserved partly due to getting betrayed by those he had trusted during the course of time and partly because he feels that he would be judged for it, Jedova rarely speaks his mind about his deepest emotions to anyone, trusting that it's better if he keeps them to himself and shows just more "accepted" ones of them (happiness for example) through his expressions and actions. During his life, he has gathered more and more personal space around himself to protect himself both from attacks and emotionally as to avoid anyone seeing the mess he secretly is; while he keeps himself composed most of the time, his mental health is not as good as it once was.

Under normal circumstances, Jedova is caring towards others and is glad to help those who truly need help. However, like Degu Odg and Lucian Dailkor can prove, Jedova can turn from caring, calm and kind to hurtful, angry and overall a jerk if one manages to press the right buttons — one notable sequence being betraying his trust, like he perceived that the aforementioned Padawans did at their respective times.

Fear(s): His Padawan betraying him (in a-murder-attempt way), being left utterly alone by those who matter to him, getting exiled from Jedi Order for some reason he cannot think of

Likes: training Padawans, helping those in need, making good humor out of his misfortunes, having someone to help him if he falls

Dislikes: criminals, injustice, being betrayed, despicable things and those who do them, murders and massacres, dishonesty, cold weather, torture, people who use others as guinea pigs even though they don't want to be used, people (especially unknown) clearly invading his personal space

Habit(s): looks for the positive aspects of things, stays as honest as possible

Flaw(s): withholding information he should share, being insecure about his negative emotions and pain and hiding them, impulsiveness, turns into a jerk if someone presses the right buttons, extremely weak Force healing abilities

Talent(s): Getting into trouble, lightsaber forms III and V, strong connection to Living Force

The Character’s Relationship With Others

Many people, including members of Jedi Council, see Jedova as an experienced Jedi Master who has learned from the many misfortunes he has faced. However, due to these numerous misfortunes, Jedova has unwittingly earned himself the nickname "The Unlucky Jedi".

Love Interest(s):


Ervet Ashruin (female Togruta)

Phayeth Chaa (male human; best friend)

Roorrrka (male Wookiee)

Owylkai Dora (male Bimm)


Xurego Odyrogo (male Nautolan; original Master)

Thrion Aslas (male Ryn; finished Jedova's training)

Yoda (as an Initiate)


Sören (male Nikto)

Lucian Dailkor (female human)

Degu Odg (male human)

Arya Deinden (female Veledosian)


Dark Jedi, criminals, anyone who's the enemy of the Jedi Order or the Republic


Grand Master Yoda (canon)

Yoda was one of the instructors of Jedova and the other Initiates. After being Knighted, Jedova has asked Yoda's advice many times and learned a lot from the Grand Master.

Jedi recruiter Ansaym Iami (OC)

Jedova and Ansaym Iami have been on shared missions from time to time during the last two decades. They aren't close to each other at all and Ansaym, frustrated by how often and badly Jedova tends to get to trouble, is not glad to work with him, as the Twi'lek female knows all too well what may follow them.

Jedi Master Xurego Odyrogo (OC)

Xurego Odyrogo was a Nautolan Jedi who lost his voice due to being drugged by substances which destroyed his vocal cords. It was thought that he wouldn't train any more apprentices. However, he decided to take on a promising Jedova, who was nearing his 13th birthday as other Jedi who had come to seek an apprentice had declined on taking him. A lost cause took another lost cause.

Time passed as Jedova tried to get along with the Jedi Master who no longer spoke in words but in different emotional and verbal waves through the Force. When words were needed, the Jedi Master would write them. They never became close but Xurego managed to teach Jedova well and also stay alive through the troubles and danger which sought Jedova. Then came the last straw.

Jedova was nearly 21, he and his Master got captured by a criminal tech group which called itself "Matrix". They needed a test subject for a prototype mind control device and they thought that Jedi would be good guinea pigs for it. Unbeknown to both the criminals and Jedova alike, ever since the time of being exposed to the drugs which took his voice, Xurego had been suffering from a neural disorder which, despite what the advanced medical technology and the best Jedi healers did, continued to advance, slowly destroying Xurego's brain cells and making him weaker both mentally and physically. At this point, the disease had advanced so much that Xurego had been questioning his capability to train Jedova and he had asked the Jedi High Council to look for someone who could finish Jedova's training if he fell. During this very incident, Xurego fell to madness, blaming Jedova for it and everything else. They were rescued by Phayeth Chaa and his Master, Ibri-Thrak Wlafto, and Xurego was put to care in a place not officially announced. Jedova, hurt by the words of the Master he had truly cared about, felt like it had been his fault. He had never wanted any harm to his Master, yet it seemed that he had caused it. Coming to terms with these events took years — and a lot of therapy, as they led to his own mental health collapsing — but it has paid off, although his mental health has never recovered in its fullest.

Jedi Weapon Master Thrion Aslas (OC)

Thrion Aslas is the Jedi Master whom the Jedi High Council asked to finish Jedova's training. Knowing the reputation of the Padawan, the male Ryn accepted it gladly, hoping to get some more excitement into his life without someone noticing that he was seeking it. Jedova was glad that someone wanted to finish his training, but Thrion was not truly able to help Jedova recover from the incident with "Matrix" even though he did his best. After Jedova got knighted, they parted ways. Jedova attended Thrion's funeral fifteen years later, as the Weapon Master had gotten killed while looking for excitement.

Jedi Ace Phayeth Chaa (OC)

Phayeth Chaa, a male human like Jedova, was one of Jedova's clan mates in Begruufta Clan. The two humans became best friends eventually and, at different competitions, friendly rivals. Whenever Jedova fell due to some unlucky event, Phayeth was usually the one who cheered him up and advised him to treat it with humor. This piece of advice has followed Jedova for all the years of service for the Republic. Jedova, noticing Phayeth's natural flying skills, recommended his friend to become a Jedi Ace and positively affected Jedi Ace Ibri-Thrak Wlafto's decision to choose Phayeth as his Padawan. Even though after becoming Padawans they have rarely been in the same place at the same time, they have still managed to have time to chat, spar and stay as best friends.

Jedi Diplomat Ervet Ashruin (OC)

Ervet Ahruin is a female Togruta who had a few missions with Jedova when they were Padawans. Training to become a Jedi Consular like Jedova was training to become a Jedi Guardian, these two learned a lot of different things from each other as they went on different paths. Jedova suspected he had some sort of feelings towards her but shunned them aside to avoid getting attachments.

On a diplomatic mission on Charros with their Masters they stumbled upon a conspiracy to overthrow the government, nearly getting killed in process. This is considered to be the first time when impulsive Jedova leaped to save someone close to him, getting himself injured. They have shared some missions in Knighthood but most of the time they have very different assignments.

Owylkai Dora (OC)

Owylkai Dora is a male Bimm adult Jedova befriended on Bimmisaari on one of his first missions he ever was on. Owylkai is a humorous Bimm and he became a good friend to Jedova who eventually introduced his Padawans to the Bimm when they got enough time to visit Bimmisaari.

Roorrrka (OC)

Roorrrka is a male Wookiee Jedova befriended on Kashyyyk. Roorrrka, being outspoken, notified Jedova that when he spoke Shyriiwook, it sounded understandable but horrible. Jedova, taking this lightly, has then only spoken Basic to any Wookiees if they did not ask him to speak Shyriiwook, always referring to Roorrrka's words when an explanation was asked.

Jedi Master Sören (OC)

Sören, a male Kajain'Sa'Nikto, was Jedova's first Padawan. Taken to Jedi training from difficult conditions, Sören is very resilient and patient. These two traits were fundamental as both the Master and the Padawan stumbled through the training, Jedova being so inexperienced with the training methods he used that it was almost pitiful, not to mention all the trouble which kept following the poor Jedi Knight. Yet they survived it all together and even though they parted ways as Sören left to look for an apprentice outside the Jedi Temple of Coruscant, they stayed on good terms.

Jedi Knight Lucian Dailkor (OC)

Lucian was a human female Jedova chose to train a few months after Sören had been knighted. She had heard rumors about the misadventures of Jedova while training Sören and therefore not too glad that she was taken as an apprentice by him. However, she knew that she should not waste the chance to become someone's Padawan; it could be her only chance.

Jedova, having learned a lot with Sören, surprised Lucian by having his training well improved. During the upcoming years, as they learned to know each other and continued to serve the Republic, Lucian started to look up to her Master.

Then came the prolonged mission to Jaminere, on which Lucian fell in love with a man named Aunauslale and started an affair with him. As the mission's end kept receding, Jedova eventually found out about this affair and put a strict stop to it, losing his trust in Lucian in process completely. The bond between them broke for good and they became extremely distant from each other, not talking anymore unless it was necessary. A few years after the incident on Jaminere Lucian begrudgingly completed her Trials. After them, she swore to never talk with Jedova again.

Jedi Peacekeeper Degu Odg (OC)

The human male Jedova chose as his third Padawan is named Degu Odg. The boy, being interested in catching criminals and bringing them to justice, was only glad to get trained by the more or less infamous "The Unlucky Jedi", sure that he would get a lot of chances to catch criminals. Behind the will of catching criminals was Degu's wish to find information about his father. Degu kept this secret from Jedova but eventually, as his knowledge about his father increased, Jedova found out that Degu had been hiding the truth from him all along, causing their relationship take a lot of damage especially due to Jedova's ill reaction, worsened by the fact that at that point they were in the very same city in which the bond between Jedova and Lucian had collapsed about a decade earlier.

Getting once again in trouble with Hopeakuu and learning what Degu had been keeping to himself for those six years, Jedova forgave the young man and let their bond recuperate. As during this incident Degu did find the last pieces of information he had searched for, Jedova suggested that he would not stop catching criminals but instead become a Jedi Peacekeeper to which Degu gladly agreed, happy that his Master had accepted him even after what had happened.

While after being knighted Degu has spent a lot of time on the Outer Rim, he has stayed in touch with his former Master, asking for his advice when needed.

Jedi Padawan Arya Deinden (OC)

The only young female Veledosian in the Jedi Order since The Poisoning of Veledos, Arya Deinden was brought to Jedi Temple by Jedova himself at odd circumstances: not only that Arya, being at the age of five back then, saved Jedova's life on Kiros, but she also had the ability to control fire, which should not be possible for her since she was from the tribe of water. Jedova, persuaded by Arya's aunt, Tribe Seer Ni'Dea, did notice Arya's potential and brought her to the Jedi Order for training.

Seven years later, as Degu had become a Jedi Knight and asked his former Master's advice on choosing a Padawan, Jedova came to see the Exhibition Day to help his former apprentice out, noticing Arya attending it. Arya, even though she had truly done what she could to prove herself to any Jedi looking for a Padawan, had not been chosen as a Padawan since her familial background and/or temperament worried many Jedi and was now nearing the age of thirteen. Attending the Exhibition Day was one of her last chances. Jedova, remembering his time at the village of Arya's tribe and the warnings Seer Ni'Dea had given him, was however impressed by Arya's skills and decided to have a talk with her, surprised to see that the girl still remembered him. Seeing how much Arya had matured and still knowing the potential of the girl, Jedova decided to take her as his Padawan. Even though in the beginning their temperaments clashed quite often, they have slowly started to form a Master-and-Padawan relationship, Arya devoting herself to the training to prove herself worthy of it.

Only time will tell, where this alliance leads them both to.


The Character’s Abilities

Jedi?: Yes

If So, Rank?: Master

Fighting Style: primarily use of defensive form III Soresu, but when offense is needed, form V Shien/Djem So

Preferred Weapon(s): his purple-bladed lightsaber he made after receiving the rank of a Master (rumors say that he still has the lightsaber he made when he was a Padawan)

(On a scale of 1 - 10; 1 being terrible and 10 being the best)

Agility: 6.5/10

Swordsmanship: 8/10

Force: 8 /10

Defense: 8/10

Offense: 7/10

People Skills: 7.5/10

The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information

Birthplace: a dark alley on a low level

Homeworld: Coruscant

Iagod Wang (father)

Chiirba Charkren (mother)

Familial Background:
There is very little known about Jedova's familial background: his father left before he was born, his mother disappeared and presumably died after she left her Force-sensitive son to the hands of the Coruscanti medics, who gave Jedova to be trained by the Jedi Order.

Character Background:

Jedova Wang was given to Jedi training before turning one. He was prone to getting to trouble against his own will, but he did get through the Initiate training and trials. However, he was not chosen as a Padawan during the one and half years after passing Initiate trials. When, just a couple of weeks away from turning thirteen and thus too old to be chosen as a Padawan, he attended the last Exhibition day, finally attracting the attention of a Jedi Master. This Jedi Master was a Nautolan named Xurego Odyrogo, a Jedi whose vocal cords had been destroyed recently. Xurego, being considered a lost cause in training Padawans just like Jedova in becoming a Padawan, chose the boy as his apprentice.


About eight years passed. Jedova grew up, somehow managing to stay alive with his Master, and gets closer to the Trials. Then the Jedi duo was kidnapped and used as guinea pigs for a mind controlling device by a group named "Matrix". Xurego, who had been silently and slowly going down with an incurable neural disorder ever since the incident in which he lost his voice, went mad and blamed Jedova for everything after they were rescued by another Jedi team, Jedova's best friend Phayeth Chaa and his Master Ibri-Thrak Wlafto. Xurego was taken away and Jedi Weapon Master Thrion Aslas was chosen by the Jedi High Council to finish Jedova's training. Jedova, mentally scarred by this incident, mostly got over Xurego's fate and words, assuring himself that the Nautolan had not meant what he had said, but it continues to bother him whenever thoughts about Xurego come to his mind. His mental health never recovered to the way it was despite of therapy, though.


Jedova passed the Jedi Trials at the age of 22 and, in an attempt to cut the effects of Xurego away, chose the Kajain'Sa'Nikto Sören as his Padawan soon after getting the rank of Jedi Knight. As he chose different teaching methods than those he was used to from the long-time training from Xurego, he stumbled greatly at teaching Sören. As the time passed on, both the Padawan and the Knight learned a lot.


After Sören got knighted, Jedova spent some time on pondering what he had learned about training a Padawan. He wished to improve his methods before taking on a new apprentice. A couple of months after concluding that he had figured his methods out, Jedova chose a human girl named Lucian Dailkor as his next Padawan, much to Phayeth's astonishment. Lucian reluctantly agreed and five years passed by. Jedova fixed his reputation as a stumbling teacher, much to the surprise of Lucian and some others.


Then came the prolonging mission on Jaminere. Lucian, being 16 then, started an affair with a man called Aunauslale. Jedova eventually found out about it and, while losing all his trust in the Padawan, put an end to it, effectively shattering their bond. The mission finally ended after that and the team returned to the Jedi Temple after being on Jaminere for almost a year. Four years later, Lucian passed the Trials and swore to never have any interaction with her former Master anymore.


Jedova was sad about this but decided to move on just like Lucian. He found his new Padawan from an unusual place and situation and at odd time: coming from a sewer at night, having helped Coruscant's security forces at catching a criminal. Jedova accompanied the youngling on the way to the Temple to ensure his safety, even though the boy, Degu Odg, said he would be safe alone. After talking with him, Jedova, sensing the Force suggesting it, asked him to become his Padawan learner. Degu, knowing as well as pretty much anyone else at the Temple about Jedova's reputation as The Unlucky Jedi, happily agreed.


Four years passed by again. Then, after being kidnapped by and escaped from criminal organization named "Hopeakuu", Jedova crash-landed on uninhabited part of Kiros — except this part was not as uninhabited as everyone thought; one of the seven Veledosian tribes, Lianoros, had established their off-Veledos village there after The Poisoning of Veledos and the tribespeople gwento to see the crash-landed ship and extinguish the fire. Jedova, despite of having gotten out of the ship, was slowly burning alive, but his life was saved by a five-year-old girl named Arya Deinden. He was taken to the tribe's village to be tended to. There Arya's aunt, Tribe seer Ni'Dea, knowing that the girl should not stay there for she could control fire as well as the tribe's element, water, coaxed Jedova to take Arya to Jedi training. Jedova agreed to do so and brought Arya to the Jedi Temple. Arya got to Jedi training and Jedova continued to train Degu.


Seven years after this incident, Degu passed the Jedi trials and became a Jedi Knight. Almost six months later, he asked Jedova's help on choosing a Padawan. While Jedova refused to do anything else than give basic tips, he agreed to go and see the Exhibition day with his former Padawan. There he discovered that Arya, despite of her potential, age and efforts to become a Padawan, had not been chosen by someone. Not too long after that Jedova decided to take Arya as his Padawan. They were sent to a mission just a few hours later.


After surviving that mission, the new team has gone on forward, their fates in the hands of the Force. While their temperaments have clashed, they have formed a bond.

There. A fair amount of text, right? It did take its time to write it.

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