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Astrographical information 
Region: Mid Rim 
Sector: Taldot sector 
System: Veledos system 
Suns: 1 (class M): Echenichaarei 
Orbital position: 1 
Moons: 1: Asgorth (Prison in Basic; desolate land only used as a prison and at the greatest of crises as a military station) 
Grid coordinates: Q-9 
XYZ coordinates: *information lost* 
Trade routes: Great Kashyyyk Branch  
Distance from Core: *info unavailable* 
Rotation period: 25 standard hours 
Orbital period: 392 standard days 
Physical information 
Class: Terrestrial 
Diameter: about 16,500 kilometers 
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable) 
Climate: warm yet temperate  
Gravity: Standard 
Primary terrain: valleys, forests, rivers and lakes, mountains 
Surface water: some rivers and lakes, Laderoth ocean near the South Pole, Tyaka Naarned (Grand Glacier) on the North Pole 
Points of interest: Veledosian temples (mostly in ruins), Veledosian villages and cities (abandoned and mostly destroyed), Hoche ni Chaarei mountain (Sacred of Ancients; naturally very restricted area), Heildema prairie (lush, located around Tyaka Naarned) 
Native fauna: Breko, Aiskoroth (bird), Searpent, Fieldlo, Chirein, Starsimian, Skyrogue, Plasmorph, Chakara (mountain lion -like predator), Taiskok (a pasturing, bovine-like herd animals) 
Native flora: Chachecho tea, Hootkmet tree, Liirfaar seaweed, Knagra berry, Ofkmeer and Chuurchaak flowers, Graket mushroom 
Societal information 
Native species: Veledosians (see info) (abandoned) 
Immigrated species: mostly Humans (abandoned)  
Primary languages: Veledosian (both spoken and all written forms), Galactic Basic Standard 
Government: seven Tribe Seers (also their apprentices once educated enough) in charge of their respective tribes separately and Veledos as whole as part of the planetary committee, the planetary committee of both permanent and temporary residents from all the species inhabiting the planet (dissolved), persons in charge of settlements not under Tribe Seers (belong to the planetary committee) and the settlement-level committees (in change of their respective cities, dissolved) 
Population: about 21 billion prior to The Poisoning of Veledos, 0 after that 
Demonym: Veledosian (of a member of the Veledosian species), -ian when of a certain tribe, Veledosi (of a person not of the Veledosian species) 
Major cities: seven main Tribe villages (two of them nomadic), Liumhanerimade (capital) (all in ruins or destroyed) 
Major imports: Chachecho tea, meat and milk of native animals, all sorts of handwork, crystals (especially lightsaber crystals for the Jedi Order) 
Affiliation: Galactic Republic (before being abandoned after The Poisoning of Veledos) and the Jedi Order (official friend), also Twin Forces Alliance with Gario system (very subtly existing ever since the system was moved to Unknown Territories) 
Important events in history 
40 000 BBY: The birth/creation of the seven Ancients (according to the lore) 
36 423 BBY: The birth of the first known Veledosian 
36 235 BBY: The first recording of Veledosians (Veledosian year 0) 
35 392 BBY - 34 126 BBY: An unnamed ancient war between Dark Sorcerers and Light Sorcerers 
31 381 BBY: The first interaction with Gario system and its inhabitants, Gario 
30 532 BBY - 29 947 BBY: The First Element War (Lianoros-Amaros-Rikios versus Neos-Haleos-Phandeos-Umukuos) 
25 923 BBY - 24 623 BBY: The Second Element War (Neos-Umukuos-Amaros-Lianoros versus Haleos-Phandeos-Rikios) 
24 622 BBY - 22 289 BBY: Great Suppression (the winners of The Second Element War (attackers Neos-Umukuos-Amaros-Lianoros (the last one forced to their side) oppress the losers of the war) 
22 289 BBY - 22 137 BBY: The Third Element War (retaliation to Great Suppression) (Haleos-Phandeos-Rikios-Lianoros versus Neos-Umukuos-Amaros) 
22 137 BBY: True Restoration (the new winners of an Element War restore the balance between the tribes) 
21 516 BBY - 21 124 BBY: The War of Three Systems (Charros system attacked Gario system and Veledos went to help their friends; caused Twin Forces alliance to form; ended with a peace treaty) 
20 456 BBY: The Tribe Seer of Neos, Sheia'La (former Jedi Knight; born Lilia Shatt) leaves Veledos as Gario system is overtaken by pirates. With her lead, Twin Forces drives the pirates away, but Gario is devastated. In order to keep the long-time friends and fellow Force-users safe from slavers, pirates and everyone who wishes to harm Gario she uses unknown techniques to move the Gario system to Unknown Territories where it would stay in peace 
17 420 BBY - 17 043 BBY: Light/Dark war 
14 820 BBY: Veledos is discovered by Republic scouts and it joins the Republic 
11 965 BBY: Shutdown (after Contispex I became the Supreme chancellor of the Republic and began the Pius Dea Crusades, Veledos resigned from the Republic and rejected most of the interactions with non-Veledosian people off-Veledos and placed Veledosians to off-planet travel ban) 
10 965 BBY: Return to the Republic after the end of the Pius Dea Crusades 
599 BBY - 516 BBY: Khramoorka-Taa, Unwanted War among Basic-speakers (Rathalay system wages war against Nauton system, most of it on Veledos's soil) 
516 BBY: The Poisoning of Veledos (the poison produced by Rathalay's army takes over the whole Veledos, killing many soldiers, some Jedi (both Veledosian and non-Veledosian) and most of the planet's population and forces the survivors to leave the planet; causes Veledosians to disappear from public knowledge during the next two centuries and ultimately causes VeledosJedi to go extinct from the Jedi Order during following decades) 

Info on fan-made planet Veledos. If there is something you want to ask about it, go on and ask in the comments. ;)

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