SW: Exceptional Jedi: Woodland Slavery Chapter 2

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Star Wars: Exceptional Jedi

Woodland Slavery

Chapter 2

Both Jedi teams made it down safely without surprises. Master Tyvokka was waiting for them on the landing site.
[Good that you made it down safe and sound,] the Wookiee Master said.
"I agree, Master Tyvokka. We had a close call when we exited the hyperspace. I didn't know it was this bad", Master Wang said.
[No one off-planet knows. The slavers are blocking most of the communication so that no one will know. It's a miracle we got our message to the Council. A miracle Jaydan payed with his life,] Master Tyvokka told.
"Oh Force", Master Iurh said. "Poor soul. Please, brings us up to the speed."
[Not here. Come with me,] Master Tyvokka said.

Gomorrah would have lied if he had said he did not have a bad feeling about this mission. This was no place for Padawans; they should have sent four Masters, not two Masters and two Padawans.
[I hope this ends well,] Gomorrah murmured to Arya, worried. The Veledosian girl nodded to him. The situation worried her even though her adrenaline after the close call on the orbit had faded.
"I hope this ends someday, completely", Master Wang said, having overheard the Wookiee Padawan. "Slavery needs to be stopped for good."
[It's a vast galaxy out there, part uncharted. I'm afraid we can never completely rid the galaxy of anything, but we can do what we can to reduce it to the minimum,] Master Tyvokka noted. [That's what I think.]
"I agree", Master Iurh said. "But even if we can't destroy it completely, it doesn't mean we shouldn't try doing so. Who knows? Maybe someday there are enough people to work and stop it."

Gomorrah agreed with his Master even though he did not voice it. He knew that everyone else also agreed, but they all had to face facts. Not even their Order at its full strength with every single Jedi working for it could tackle the issue alone. They needed the rest of the galaxy's support too, because the rest of the galaxy was where it all happened. Alone they were outsiders, intruders even.

During his first missions Gomorrah had had to face this. He had had to face the fact that the Jedi were not almighty, not even when there were more of them than usually. Not even the High Council could do everything.

Somewhere not too far away from the city was a battle going on. Everyone heard the shots and explosions, and the Wookiees that were walking around looked over their shoulders, seemingly frightened.
[It's been like this for weeks. We've done what we can to calm the civilians down, but it's not easy. I hope the backup, you, arriving will calm them,] Master Tyvokka told.
"I think we should act as quickly as possible", Master Wang noted. "We have to form a plan and act."
[I agree. That's why we have to discuss it soon,] Master Tyvokka said. [This way.]

It turned out Master Tyvokka's group's headquarters in the city were just a bunch of old warehouses that had been expendable and thus given to the Jedi Master's use for the important fight. Not that everyone in the city did not thing it was not important, but there hardly was space for the group and resources Master Tyvokka had. Everyone turned to look at the arriving Jedi.
"Thank the Force, we got backup!" a tan human sighed in relief. With the black circles under his eyes and dirt all over his face and clothes, he looked horribly tired. "We are grateful you came."
[Master Tyvokka, what shall we do now that we have help?] asked a black Wookiee.
[I'm working on the plan now that I know the cast,] Master Tyvokka said and turned to look at the four Jedi. [We've tried lots of things already, so you probably need to infiltrate the slaver's area to shut their operation down from within. We've exhausted our imagination on means of stopping them from outside already, so going inside is what we all can think of anymore.]
"That's a very dangerous course of action, given what we already know of the situation", Master Iurh noted.
[It may be the only course of action we have left,] Master Tyvokka told, looking down. [If any of us could think of anything else, I'd pursue that first, but there's no "anything else" left for us to do. Taking the risk is all we have anymore.]
[We could end up becoming slaves ourselves,] Gomorrah spoke up, very worried. The yellow bead in his Padawan braid made of fabric glimmered in the light.
[Or you could get killed instead of that,] Master Tyvokka noted. [But I bet that with Master Wang's experience with escaping from imprisonment you can get away.]

Gomorrah saw Master Wang startle in surprise; the Wookiee Councilor had caught the man off guard.
"Oh, well, I guess I have some experience and expertise on that subject, but I'm sure we can all make it even without it," the human man said humbly.

The door opened before Master Tyvokka could say anything to the humble answer.
[Is everything all right here?] asked a Wookiee. Master Wang turned, surprised, to look at the familiar-sounding newcomer. It was a black-haired Wookiee taller than Master Tyvokka. Recognition lighted the human man's eyes, even though the Wookiee did not seem to recognize the recently arrived Jedi Master.
"Roorrrka?" Master Wang asked. The black Wookiee looked at him, asking, [Do I know you?]
"I think you do, if you still happen to remember me from my Padawan years", Master Wang said. That was all the Wookiee needed to hear to remember.
[You're that boy who speaks awful Shyriiwook!] Roorrrka roared. [Of course I remember you! Pleasure to meet you once again, Jedova Wang! Has your Shyriiwook gotten any better?]
[I doubt it has,] Master Wang said after clearing his throat. Gomorrah restrained from shivering at the horrible use of his native language.
[You're right about that. You better avoid using it or you'll break your voice,] Roorrrka gave a laugh, and everyone in the room could not help but agree. [Is it "Master Wang" nowadays? You probably aren't a Padawan anymore. Or are you?]

It was Master Wang's turn to laugh. "No, I've become a Master during the decades. How have you been?"
[Listen, it's great to see a reunion like this, but we have to hurry with the situation at hand. You'll most likely have a chance to catch up after we've dealt with the slavers,] Master Tyvokka interrupted.
"That's correct", Master Iurh noted. Master Wang and Roorrrka nodded in agreement. They would have time later indeed. They had to concentrate.

They all had to concentrate or else they would never succeed, and the consequences would be horrible.
And here's the next chapter. The Jedi make it down safely, and it's time to meet up with Master Tyvokka.

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