SW: Exceptional Jedi: Woodland Slavery Chapter 1

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Star Wars: Exceptional Jedi

Woodland Slavery

Chapter 1

Rating: Preset!T
Warnings: Violence, slavery, cursing...

Gomorrah's mediation was interrupted by his Master, who called him to meet him at the High Council Chamber right away. They would be sent on a mission now.

According to Master Iurh, their destination was Kashyyyk. They had been called to tackle a crisis against slavers, and a native Shyriiwook speaker was needed, and skills with Xaczik were needed too, hence Gomorrah and his master had been chosen as soon as Master Tyvokka had contacted the High Council and asked for backup. While Master Iurh spoke natively none of the Wookiee languages, he excelled at them, having studied them pretty much all his life.

Gomorrah did not expect to meet anyone else than his Master, and therefore he was surprised to find Master Wang and Arya Deinden with his Master, waiting for the time to meet the Council.
"Hi, Gomorrah!" Arya greeted the Wookiee, smiling. "It seems that we'll be on the mission this time!"

It had not been more than some standard months since Arya had been chosen by Jedova Wang. Gomorrah, among all their friends, had been relieved to see the girl finally be chosen after all her hard work towards that goal. Of course, that had limited their time to talk, but it was much better than not seeing the Veledosian girl at all.

Gomorrah smiled back at his friend.
[So it seems. I'm looking forward to seeing how well we cooperate outside the Temple,] he said.
"I think just as well as here, if not better, now that I have some field experience!" Arya said happily.

Jedova smiled at the girl. The girl's enthusiasm to go to Kashyyyk to see more of her friend's kind had been vast, but finding out that her friend would join her on the mission had doubled the enthusiasm. No one could accuse the girl of lack of motivation, that was for sure!

Before the conversation could continue, they were called in. It was time to hear what needed to be done on the Wookiee home planet. Naturally, as Master Tyvokka was away, one of the seats was empty.
"Master Tyvokka has asked for help on Kashyyyk, and we have chosen you to go to help him fight against the slavers there", T'un said.
"With all due respect, Masters, I understand why Master Iurh and Padawan Gomorrah were chosen, but why me and Arya too?" Jedova asked.
"We thought that it was a good idea to send another team at the same time. You Padawans could use some practice on co-operation on missions already", it was Odawa, a Chiss Jedi who had replaced Reg Tug in the High Council.

Jedova nodded.
"We have sent the data you need to your datapads. Now go as fast as possible, Kashyyyk needs help. May the Force be with you", there was a slight tint of haste in T'un's words. The councilor was worried about his fellow and what he sensed in the future. He had an elusive bad feeling about something even though he could not pinpoint its source.

Some minutes later the two Jedi teams had boarded their starships and were getting ready for lightspeed.
[See you on Kashyyyk!] Gomorrah shouted.
"Be there or be square!" Arya said back, smirking.
"Arya!" Jedova exclaimed but the two Padawans laughed. The stars became lines and the blackness became blue.
"That's just what we like to say jokingly to each other, Master", Arya said. "No need for reprimands."
"I hope you'll limit that to when it's just you two. No matter how much of a joke it is, it doesn't give a good picture of Jedi to other people. Remember that you and Gomorrah both represent our Order to non-Jedi", Jedova said.
"Of course, Master", Arya said. "Gomorrah and I both know that, no worries on that."

A few hours later
"Leaving the hyperspace now", Arya said. The lines became stars again and the blue became light gray.
"LOOK OUT!!" Jedova roared, startled. Arya did not manage to make any sound as she steered the ship, eyes wide and skin paled to an awful shade of white, heart pounding.

The ship scratched the gray object, but nothing broke. They had avoided the collision. Now the Jedi could take deep breaths to calm down.
"What was that?" Arya gasped. She turned their ship to have a look at the object they had nearly crashed into.
"A vast starship..." Jedova said and extended his frantic senses. "Oh Force... Arya, turn the ship to the left. What's over there?"

More gray starships.
"It's..." Arya started, trying to find the right word.
"It's a blockade", Jedova said. "I hope Jffk and Gomorrah will make it."
"Deinden and Wang, do you copy?" Master Iurh's voice called via the comm. channel. "Deinden and Wang, do you copy?"
"We copy", Jedova said. "Are you ok?"
"We nearly crashed into this blockade, but the damage is not serious. We have to land asap."
"Let's rendezvous on the landing pad. It's no use staying here."
"Copy that. Iurh and Gomorrah out." The comm. channel silenced.
"Down we go", Arya said.
"Exactly. Hopefully there are no more surprises waiting for us on the way", Jedova noted. "I understand why Master Tyvokka called for help... This is awful!"
And here is the new story! While Arya stars this story alongside her Master, this story's POV is more concentrated on Gomorrah, a friend of Arya's who, alongside his own Master, is sent to the same mission on Kashyyyk: Helping Master Tyvokka of the Jedi High Council to fight against the slavers. We'll see, what happens along the way...

As far as we can see now, it doesn't look that good.

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I am gonna be writing a Star Wars FanFic myself and was looking for some to see how others put there's together. I found yours and am excited to read this and if it seems interesting I'm gonna watch your page for new content revolving the series.