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"Listen, Master, do you know Arya's Master, Jedova Wang?" Qui-Gon Jinn asked his Master, Dooku.
"Not personally, but I have heard of his... reputation", Master Dooku answered. Qui-Gon grinned.
"Who hasn't?" he pointed out. "However, Arya and I had a talk about the troubles they get into unintentionally, and I came to wonder if it could be the will of the Force that trouble always follows Master Wang. What do you think about it?"
"I think it's the will of the writer that Jedova Wang nearly always gets into trouble or vice versa. Who knows how many sentients follow the experiences of Jedova and Arya. And how many are following our conversation right now", Master Dooku said grimly.
"Huh?" Qui-Gon asked, completely puzzled. "What do you mean, follow their experiences and our current conversation? There's no one else here to hear us. And I don't think the passerby and troublemakers confronted by Arya and Master Wang actually follow their experiences."

Master Dooku didn't answer. He knew that the young Padawan wouldn't understand it even if he tried to explain it to him. He didn't even understand it himself. He only knew that he could just wish that the Force would keep the writer from killing Jedi.
And my entry for the last round of the Flash fiction competition! The requirements: Breaking the 4th wall, no word limits other than the flash fiction's limit (1000 words) itself.

So, at some point, when Qui-Gon and Arya are something like 13 or 14, their conversation ends up making Qui-Gon ask his own Master's opinion about Jedova Wang's unfortunate unluckiness. Dooku, having heard something real weird stuff from Master Yoda (who else?), notes that it is most likely due to the will of the writer. In other words, me! Bwahahaha, I love only torturing innocent OCs who have done nothing to deserve the torture. Not so, I lied. It's just Jedova's fate to be "The Unlucky Jedi".

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