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I couldn't stay inside, so I went to the balcony. I knew that fresh air would only worsen my hallucinations, but I could not just sit and see weird stuff going around the room granted to me and my Master. Speaking of my Master, he is still in the refresher; he complained about being dizzy.

I sighed and tried to find the hallucination-inducing part of the atmosphere and keep it away from the air I inhaled. Do I have something better to do, huh?

Gray took over and I groaned inwardly. Not again!

"It has begun," a low male voice said on my right. I flinched and turned to look at the talker, an old man; he stood right next to me. Something in seeing him made my insides churn but I couldn't understand what. I turned to look at my left, seeing the same figure from before. No, it's not the same. The stripes on the armor are different. Who are these guys?

I sat down, leaning my chin to the railing. I couldn't banish these hallucinations. I needed a distraction to get away from it. Until my Master returned, there would be none.

I gazed down like the two figures by my sides just for the heck of it. Then I saw why they looked there. Two humanoids were there. The other one was bald and the other one had long hair. It seemed to me that at least the bald one was female. Probably the other one, too.

They ignited twin lightsabers, the bald one having red sabers and the other one having a gray-white and purple-white sabers with an almost unnoticeable hint of light blue. My insides twisted; there'll be a real fray in front of my eyes now!

The woman with different-colored lightsabers let out a shout and charged at the bald woman. Okay, I'll just call her A and the bald one B. Very imaginative, I know. I'm known for that. You don't believe? Meh!

Their lightsabers clashed. Neither seemed to be able to topple the other one. B made a jump to her side and twisted to kick A, who jumped away. B charged, whacking her lightsabers to those of A's. Red-gray, red-purple, it kept changing. A was on defensive, seemingly not able to counter the fury of her opponent.

A utilized Form III well, I have to say. But B's Jar'Kai was excellent, too.

A drew her lightsabers to her sides and struck them onwards very fast at her opponent who dodged the deadly blades before striking again. A jumped to her side and sprung at B. Suddenly A and B were striking their lightsabers together, trying to get an opening to hit the opponent before the other one could.

A sudden voice seemed to come to my mind. Had I heard something?

A was pushed back, the woman spinning like a whirlwind of four colors.

No, I had not heard anything.

Yes, that sounded like I had just been mind-tricked, but in truth I was too glued to the imaginative lightsaber fight to mind the real world. Yes, I should not do that. Sorry, Master.

B pressed on, driving A to defensive again. Suddenly A used Force push at her, now getting an opportunity to dash and strike. However, B threw her weight on the retaliation and A flew back with B following her. A threw herself to a somersault over B. Their lightsabers were striking as she went over her head. B turned, slashing as she moved. A's lightsabers were swung to her side as the purple blade clashed with red and hit the gray one alongside its momentum. The second red blade would have hit her if she had not done a second somersault before re-attacking.

A ship came close to the balcony, distracting me and the figures next to me from the battle.
"It's him!" came a shout.
"Traitor!" someone shouted.
"Fire at will!" A series of missiles flew right at us. The two figures jumped off the balcony and I jumped back, towards the doors, landing to my side. Everything went black at the horrendous explosion.

I heard a familiar voice, "Arya?"

A flash.

Colors returned.

"Damn, I thought I was gonna die," I muttered in bewilderment.
"Language, Arya," Master reminded me gently. "What did you see?"
"Two figures here on this balcony. They watched as two women with lightsabers fought," I explained.
"How did the battle end?" Master asked.
"This balcony got blasted before it ended."
"Describe the figures and the women."
"Other one was an old man. Other one was similar to the one of earlier hallucinations. The other woman was bald and had red-bladed lightsabers and other one had long hair and gray and purple lightsabers, both having a tiny hint of light blue."
"Twin lightsabers? They used Jar'Kai?"
"The bald one did. The other one used different forms, mostly Soresu, and also Niman, I think. She utilized Ataru too," I told. "She had such a... strong and fierce style. Like a wildfire."

I don't know where that came. It just came.
"Listen, I've paid attention to you when you have been spacing out. The hallucinations seem random but the Force has been quite strong around you during them. Don't discard them. They may be important later," Master told.
"Ok," I muttered. I disagreed with him. How could any of the hallucinations I've seen be important? They don't make sense!

Oh well, that battle was epic. But that's it.

The most sense after this one made the figure talking about Dark's shadow in Light. But that did not make sense to me. It was the shortest one of them, though. The figure had not had time to explain his words.

The rest of them... Forget it.

"Only time will show what you really have seen today," Master told.
"And every day until we get out of this blasted atmosphere," I added.

Master smiled. He knew that this wasn't over. And so did I.

Revised 1.9.2017

FFM 2015, day 12! No challenge, just suggested theme "Get epic". I do have a Four Seasons fic to do, but I had also decided to make a sequel to this little piece. I put the latter and the theme together, forming a new, more epic hallucination. I doubt the epicness of it, though. Tell me what you think about it, I'd like to hear if I succeeded on making it epic or not! ;)

So, Arya's POV. More hallucinations (you seriously don't want to know other hallucinations than this one and the one of the prequel). This time she sees a lightsaber fight. But who are these odd people she sees?

1000 words.

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I'm looking forward to seeing where all this leads. I'm loving it!