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I walk through a dark and blurry corridor. It's not the Jedi temple, I know it. It's something else. Voices whisper through the years gone by. I know this, but I do not know it.

I can't explain it. But I hear the whispers. I see something – a room at the end of the corridor. Whispers stay behind as I move on.

The round room is lighted – most of the roof is just a single window – but all I see is gray. I walk to the middle of the room and freeze when I notice that I am not alone.

A fully armored figure approaches me. It's taller than me. White, with dark stripes and marks. Its helmet covers its face. I don't want it to come closer. I don't want it to come to me. Please, leave me alone. I can't utter those words aloud. I simply can't.

The figure stops at three meters' distance from me and looks down on me. I think it's nearly as tall as my Master.
"Dark's shadow in Light is Gray. Stay in between and no one will see you," the figure says with a male voice. He bows. "Then we meet you again."

Then the figure turns and leaves to the corridor behind him. It disappears to darkness. I stay put in the gray. Who was that figure?

"Arya? Come on, Padawan," a voice says. It's different from the figure's voice.

I startle and blink when my mind registers the sentence. In a flash, the gray is replaced with light blue and the rest of the colors and the corridors are not dark anymore. I turn to look at the talker; it's Master Jedova.
"What's wrong?" he asks me.
"Nothing," I automatically say. Master lifts his other eyebrow. He does not believe me.
"I dunno. The atmosphere has something that gives a Veledosian some weird hallucinations," I say, shrugging.
"Hallucinations?" Master repeats.
"Nothing too important," I tell. "It did not make any real sense."

Master nods.
"We must make a haste. Tell me about that hallucination later," he says.

I nod and follow him. There was something about the hallucination I don't want to share. Yet I don't know what. Or why.

Was there something of importance in the vision?

I cannot explain the vision. Its figure does not exist.

It can't, right?

Revised 31.8.2017

Arya's POV! In early 79 BBY she is with her Master... well, somewhere (haven't named the place)EDIT: Named it now: Zerga (fanmade planet on Inner Rim), on a mission. The atmosphere has something that makes Veledosians see hallucinations, and Arya is not an exception to this.

Made for Flash Fiction Month 2015. July 8th. No challenge, but X-files theme taken as prompt. And the suggested writing theme was "the unexplained" for it was the 68th Anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident. Well, this is what I made.

391 words.

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Very interesting stuff---I'm dying to know more about the hallucination/the figure.