SW: Exceptional Jedi: Flight of Mind Chapter 3

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Star Wars: Exceptional Jedi

Flight of Mind

Chapter 3

"Arya, are you entirely sure that you can continue on Zerga?" the healer asked via comm. link.
"I am", Arya said evenly. She was now determined to keep going even if it took all her might to keep going. She was not going to give up on this mission.

She must not give up. It was for the past and future of Veledosians that the artifacts would find their place. They had been on Zerga for a very long time and, depending on their nature, they could find their use in the life of Lianorosians of the time of the exile of the Veledosians.

"Master Wang, do you approve you apprentice's choice?"
"I trust in her judgement, therefore yes", Jedova answered.
"Fine. I'll look into this hallucination matter to see if this is a disease Arya has caught or is it truly a thing in Zerga's air. May the Force be with you." The comm. link shut down immediately with the discussion ending, not waiting for a response from the Jedi team.
"That's it. And since you can handle it, I take it you can handle going to the town for a tour, Padawan", Jedova said. "Shall we go?"
"Yes, Master", Arya responded calmly, now smiling a bit. She did not bother faking certainty, but she was happy she was not stuck inside a building because of the hallucinations.

The town was busy with life that was not bothered by odd hallucinations. Arya envied them, but let go of that feeling; envy solved nothing and gave nothing one envied someone for, she knew that all too well from her first years as a Jedi Initiate where everyone else of her age was better than her, more advanced than her. She had envied them all yet it had not made her like them; she had had to put the envy aside and work to catch up with them.

Now she saw that it had paid off. After all the trouble she was a Padawan of a Jedi Master. And, having thought of it, she had come to the conclusion that it may have been the will of the Force that she had been paired with the first Jedi she had ever met.

Everything went gray. Blurry figures moved around her in panic as aircraft came closer, bombing the town. Then she saw him. The figure of her first gray vision; it was him, Arya recognized the markings! The figure lead others of his kind, other figures with similar armor of different markings. The orders he shouted were muffled in her vision, but the Padawan saw the Jedi from her previous vision; she was there, stern, doing her best to guide the people to safety.

All of a sudden there was something Arya tripped to, and the colors returned as she struggled to regain balance.
"It seems I was right when I thought that you had been trapped in a vision", Jedova said.
"What do you mean by that, Master?" Arya asked, confused.
"I tripped you. Had you not been in a vision, you would have sensed it coming", the Jedi Master grinned uncharacteristically mischievously. "I made my intentions very clear 15 seconds before doing it."
"Oh", Arya said, blushing in embarrassment. "Sorry, Master."
"Don't worry about it, Padawan. It's not your fault", Jedova replied comfortingly. "Just be cautions when it happens. Stop, most preferably."
"Ok", Arya said. "I'll do that, Master."
"Good", Jedova said, smiling normally now. "Now let's continue."

There were not many things to look at in the town aside from the beautiful buildings and scenery, so they ended up into the hustling marketplace. The smell of different eatables was distinct and Arya could not help but enjoy it. In addition to that, Jedova, too, was intrigued by it. The knowledge about what he eats and how to make food he can stand swallowing was something he had started to value during his time as a Padawan when he had been stranded on an abandoned planet with his Master, unable to do food properly. Neither of them had had any sort of cooking skills, and after a food poisoning in addition to eating burnt and awful-tasting food for a standard week before they had been recovered by a Jedi team that had been sent to help them. After that Jedova had taught himself to cook so that such a horrible incident would come upon him ever again.

The Jedi Master mentally shook away the memories of that incident and instead focused on looking at his interested apprentice. He had somehow managed to impress Arya with his limited cooking skills, thus making the girl interested in cooking and food altogether. As if the girl did not have interests already; she seemed to want knowledge about everything like a moisture farmer wanted moisture.

As they walked around the marketplace, looking at what was sold there, Jedova noticed that he only needed to keep up with his apprentice – no possible assailant that would hide in the noisy crowd would think of targeting her as long as he, a tall grown-up man with a posture that had impressed many during his many missions, stayed close to her – and smile. Arya, with all her thirst for knowledge, asked everything he would have asked and more.

The air was, despite of its busyness, not threatening. He did not sense any threats; maybe this would, after all, be a peaceful hazard-free mission. That is, if Arya's hallucinations were excluded.
"Master? Shall we continue?" Arya asked, returning him from back from his thoughts.
"Of course, Padawan", he replied with a smile. It was better for him to stay in this moment rather than in the past which has gone already. If he did not use the moment, it would be just past he had nothing to say about.

Now he noticed that Arya had decided to buy some herbs.
"I think I can make something with these. I checked, and we have stuff to make food from where we are staying, but local fresh herbs were missing", the Padawan explained cheerfully. "I know some recipes that are good."
"I see", Jedova said, nodding in silent approval.

He wondered what kind of a food the girl was going to make with the herbs. When asked, she replied that she did not know yet. But given her cheerfulness, it seemed that the hallucinations had either faded or just easily ignored.

Jedova Wang had no way to know that for did not dare to ask his apprentice. He did not dare to risk that Arya would concentrate on the hallucinations and her state would go bad again.

Without knowing how it was, the Jedi Master just walked beside the Jedi Padawan and hoped that the latter was alright.
Finished the 3rd chapter quite quickly. I don't know if it was reading Reprise II (if you like Star Wars fanfiction, YOU. HAVE. TO. READ. THIS. SERIES! IT'S! SO!! AWESOME!!!) or just a random spike of inspiration, but I managed to finish this rather quickly (when compared to the my usual speed with writing these; this took only a week!) since I managed to write a lot in one sitting since I had an inspiration of what to write. :) I am happy.

After witnessing a hallucination battle and confirming with the Jedi healer on Coruscant that she can continue on the mission, Arya follows her Master to the town.

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