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Star Wars: Exceptional Jedi

Flight of Mind

Chapter 2

There were odd figures going around the room as the negotiations went on but only Arya saw them. She did her best to ignore them and concentrate on discussing about the artifacts, doing her best to identify them and their tribe of origin, but when the figures started to have sounds, it started to become difficult. She dug her shortish nails into her skin under her sleeves to "keep her concentration in the here and now" which a figure who looked like Qui-Gon kept repeating to himself as if a student trying to remember something. It looked so eerie that Arya had hard time trying to stop the chills.

"So what are we going to do? We can't reach a conclusion! We don't even know the nature of the artifacts anyway!" Shada sighed, frustrated.
"Perhaps we should all go there and check them out more closely", Arya suggested. She was dying to get out of the room.
"I suppose that is a sound idea", Jay admitted. Khaleg nodded, then looked at Jedova. "What do you think, Master Jedi?"
"I agree with you", the Master replied.

Shada hit her hands together.
"Then it's settled. We will go to see the artifacts tomorrow. What time would suit you, Jedi?" she said.
"Whatever suits you", Jedova said.
"Good. Then we can settle everything. We will be in contact with you as soon as we have chosen the time", Shada said. In the meantime, Khaleg was waved to a droid to gesture it come there.
"I5-H2 will guide you to the house we have reserved for your stay. Please enjoy", the man said.
"We thank you", Jedova said as he and Arya bowed to the ministers. "May the Force be with you."

They exited with the droid guiding them out of the building and to a hill. Arya could barely walk on the way there with the desperate attempts to keep the hallucination figures away. Jedova held her shoulder to keep the girl walking a straight line.
"Just a bit longer, Padawan. Then you can sit down and explain this phenomenon", he said sternly to drive away his apprentice's hopelessness at the face of the hallucinations that plagued her.

He sounded certain, but in truth he was desperate to get the girl somewhere where he could help her. I5-H2 was oblivious to what happened behind him as he walked towards the house. It was a weird phenomenon which he did not understand and therefore he was already considering calling the healers. This was beyond his skills now.

I5-H2 left them on their own to the well-equipped house - or more like a manor. It was huge, even if they had needed more than just one chair for Arya to sit down and explain the hallucinations.

Luckily there were enough chairs for both of them and Arya could sit down. Jedova sat in front of her and waited for the moment when the girl could look at him. The air was filtered and because of that Arya could recover from the worst of the hallucinations rather fast.
"Arya?" Jedova tried to start the conversation. "What in fact is going on?"
"Hallucinations, hallucinations everywhere. It's the air outside... there must be some sort of pollution or something", Arya shook her head. "I think I'll manage... but sometimes everything goes fully gray and I see a vision or something... I've already seen one clearly, the other ones have been just blur."
"What happened in the clear vision?"
"There... there was a man clad in white armor which was marked with different dark stripes. I saw no colors there. He talked to me and then left", Arya explained.
"What did he say? Could you see his face?"
"No, his helmet covered his face... He said: 'Dark's shadow in Light is Gray. Stay in between and no one will see you.' After that he bowed to me, said: 'Then we meet again.' Then he just turned his back on me and left and you returned me to the real life."
"'Dark's shadow in Light is Gray...'" Jedova repeated, humming while pondering.
"Master, do you know what he could mean? I mean, I know it's just a hallucination, but still", Arya hesitated.
"I really don't know. I guess it could refer to the sides of the Force and the Gray Jedi who are in between the sides", Jedova said.
"A person with Jedi background?"
"Or one with knowledge of the Jedi and the Force. But of course, the vision was not real, so it may or may not be that this person hasn't, doesn't and won't exist."

Arya nodded.
"So what do we do now, Master?" she asked.
"What do you think? Can you go on with your hallucinations?" Jedova asked.
"I... I guess. They aren't that bad... I'll... I'll get used to them so that they won't distract me," the truth was she did not know if she could handle it all.
"What you have seen are hallucinations, but I believe that the Force may be telling you something via those hallucinations. You should not ignore them as fully nonsensical", Jedova noted. "Who knows what they might mean to you someday..."
"Okay, Master", Arya was not encouraged at all by this. The may-be visions of future, the may-be bits of information she might forget or be unable to associate with what is going on when it would be relevant, they did not feel good or fitting at all. All she wanted to do was get away from the hallucinations, but at the same time she wanted to stay with her Master on this mission.

In the end, the hallucinations only frightened her especially now when she sat in the place with pale figures roaming around the room and Jedova sensed the fear.
"Don't fear, young one. Just let go of that feeling. I'll make sure no harm comes upon you", he said softly. "Everything will be alright."

Arya looked into her Master's eyes. She wanted to believe in those words. Those words were words of hope she needed.

She wanted to believe just like her Master believed.

And believe she did.
And finally chapter 2! It's been a long process, really. And now that I've been thinking about this (and some future stories just like Old Connections) and this has felt like a very straight-forward story. Therefore I am going to try to get something more to this plot, hopefully.

Anyway, Arya is suffering from hallucinations during the negotiations, and it's getting worse. What will JEdova do about the situation?

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