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Four Seasons of Jedova's Padawans



EDIT: The winners of the contest have been announced now. I seriously can't believe that this is one of the runner-ups! Yay! :happybounce:
EDIT: 21.2.2016 Recolored this quite a bit. Looks better. Also critiques requested.

It's finished! I'm not completely satisfied with this (I dislike my cartoony style but can't get out of it! D8 And Jedova looks too young in last panel D8<) but it does.

So, I did this for a contest which theme is four seasons. Well, after thinking I realized that the four Padawans of Jedova do have such personalities that I can get each of then correspond one season (actually they even got into order! =O). Besides this picture, I'm working on oneshots of the scenes of this picture. They'll be coming up in July (first one, Sören, is already ready). But now about the Padawans from left to right:

Sören (Kajain'Sa'Nikto): Fall
Lucian Dailkor (human): Winter
Degu Odg (human): Spring
Arya Deinden (Veledosian): Summer

And the oneshots:
Four Seasons: Sören
Four Seasons: Lucian Dailkor
Four Seasons: Degu Odg
Four Seasons: Arya Deinden

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WIP of this (sketch)

Feel free to give some cunstructive critique about this; what did I do well, what I didn't do well, how could I improve this, what could be done otherwise. Things like that. I really would appreciate it!

Star Wars (c) Lucasfilm
Jedova Wang and his Padawans (c) Me
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Side comment: I like the way you separated the panels :)

One thing I would suggest you do right away is to study anatomy. Well, you don't have to actually study it, but kind of observe other people's artwork and maybe take a look at your family/friends/strangers and see how their body looks like (wow that sounded creepy). I have to admit, I know nothing, absolutely nothing about Star Wars, so please forgive me if I say something wrong...but for example, in the first panel, the one holding the leaf shouldn't have all his fingers the same length. I don't know if the actual character has hands like that, but if it was a human, his middle finger should be longest, then his index and ring finger, then the pinky and finally thumb. In the second panel, the hooded guy's arms are too short. The girl in the last panel has arms that are too long, and the two people are actually floating...their butts aren't touching the ground.

Backgrounds are also important (for example, your branches are too short and fat), but you don't really have to work on that now. 

I would really suggest you watch more speedpaint videos or look at other people's artwork in more detail. Look at how other people draw it. You could also go to school or ask some friends about how they draw. But most all, look at the world around you, and nature. You won't find anything more accurate than the real thing ;) Lastly, practice practice practice and keep practicing. 

Good work! :D