Flash Fiction Day, June 16th 2018. My Entries.

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Published: June 16, 2018
1st story. Starting time: 8.49

"Ever thought that Mario is stupid?"
"No, why?"
"Because he is stupid."

Ending time: 8.50

2nd story. Starting time: 14.09

The time's up. Prepare to die.

Ending time: 14.10

3rd story. Starting time: 14.10

There was a day when I got lost in the woods, even though I never got lost there.

When I finally found my way back, my house had burned down.

Whatever force kept me safe from harm, I thank it.

Ending time: 14.11

4th story. Starting time: 14.27

The book of lords was a dangerous thing, a very dangerous thing. It is said that many who have tried to use it have disintegrated.

Yet I was here, a fool among fools, trying to take it.

I have my amulet on, but...

...Wish me luck, fellas.

Ending time: 14.29

5th one. Starting time: 17.37

Staring into the darkness, I realized something.

There was nothing under my feet.

Ending time: 17.38

6th one. Starting time: 17.38

"They said that there would be cake," the 20-feet demon told.

Amy blinked, trying to understand if this was a dream or not. A few pinches and the sting from a malevolent wasp from earlier proved her that she was not.
"Who gave you the invite?" she asked.
"He didn't tell his name, but he said that you'd know," the demon answered.

Amy turned to look at her elder brother, a tall man dressed completely in black as if he was coming from a funeral.

Of course it was his doing.

Amy grabbed the closest available knife and went to confront him about this mess while the demon launched at her untouched birthday cake she had paid a lot for, clueless about that her brother had invited not just multiple demons but also Lucifer himself to her 666th birthday party.

Ending time: 17.45
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Aaaand it's the annual Flash Fiction Day! Unlike last year, this year I did remember this, and decided to top this by writing one more story than two years ago. And here is what I've come up with, a bunch of short stories, and I probably won't write more (unless ideas strike before midnight and I write them down and update tomorrow). Gotta save some flashing juice for FFM, it's just half a month to that anymore!

There isn't really much backstory for these, these just popped to my head and I worked what I worked with the ideas I got :shrug:

Read other entries here: damonwakes.deviantart.com/jour…

These stories (c) Me
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Tinselfire General ArtistFeatured
The fifth one is in a class of its own. Rarely read a horror story with a punchline.
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WindySilverHobbyist Writer
Actually it's not horror, or at least I didn't write it as that ^^; Thanks for reading though!