FFM 2016 Day 2: A Hiccupping Hero

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Even great heroes like general Solo had hiccups occasionally. It was one of the bad things in being a human; Han had never heard Chewbacca – or any other Wookiee, as a matter of fact – having a hiccup! And besides, despite of their temper, they had great strength. Of course one downside was the height which could get in the way; Han himself had to crouch sometimes to avoid hitting his head, and he was 1.8 meters tall while Chewbacca was 2.28 meters tall! Hells, the Wookiee was about half a meter taller, Han realized as he thought about it.

Then he thought that while he had never heard Chewbacca hiccupping, he did not actually know if Wookiees even could have a hiccup. Therefore, in the morning, after somehow managing to get rid of the hiccup by drinking more water – water, not the alcoholic beverages of the local cantina – than he would like to think of, he decided to ask Chewie if he had ever had a hiccup.

Guess what happened?

The Wookiee laughed at him.
Revised 27.9.2017

FFM day 2! Today's theme is dreams, which I passed and decided to concentrate on the day's one-word prompt: hiccup. I decided to write some Star Wars (surprisingly) today for this, and while I first thought about writing Arya and Jedova (well it just became a piece of "Jedova's getting so old" stuff so I deleted it), but then, as I was listening to Centuries by Fall Out Boy I was inspired to write about a hero having hiccup. And that hero became Han Solo from the time of the Original trilogy (somewhere between Episode IV and V). I had fun with this one. :3

175 words.

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Well done! :D

I love Han and Chewie.