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Drawtober Day2: It's Our Fault...(ExceptionalJedi)



They watched the destruction from the twentieth floor, as the city lights went out one by one.
"They're going to kill everyone... And it's our fault, Ascii. It's our fault..." Shinga couldn't believe that this was happening. Why did everything end up like this? She felt her nails dig into her palm as she clenched her fists.
"We must leave. The Imperials will take care of this", Ascii tried to calm his partner. They had to get out of there before it would be too late to run. "Let's go."
Shinga took a deep breath. Then she picked up her bag from the floor and rushed out the room. Ascii followed her.

Yay, managed to finish this one today, too! Next will be today's picture... But that'll be tomorrow. It's late already and I'm slowly feeling tired.

Can you use this sentence as inspiration for a drawing?

"They watched the destruction from the twentieth floor, as the city lights went out one by one."

Day 2 is Friday feels. Firs I thought about a disco party interrupted by some horrible menace destroying stuff nearby. Then I got the idea of making a picture of Shinga and Ascii. No idea what is destroying the city, but it seems that they have had something to do with it, and something has gone terribly wrong. I'll explore that someday when Exceptional Jedi has gotten to the time of Shinga & Ascii. Maybe.

EDIT 21.2.2016: Critiques requested since this is the best one of my Drawtober works.

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Shinga and Ascii (c) Me
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Hello, I'm from ProjectComment ^_^

I want to start off with saying that your painting style is very unique! I don't see it often in other works, but I can see the layers of colors and the final result is pretty solid! (I detect a hint of green mixed in on the right hand side of the wall, and you don't notice right away, but once I did I started seeing the same swirling colors used in the rest of it and it looks really good!)

You picked a very tricky perspective on top of it as well, a sort of 3-quarters angled view from above. Looking out the window and down slightly at the destruction occurring outside. It adds a good mood to things - but if you really wanted to stick the view you're also going to want to get perspective on the buildings in the window. If you're above them you'd have a view like this -… Where you could the roof tops vs looking at the "straight" on like you have going. If your window is below those buildings, then from the angled view in the room you wouldn't see the tops at all. Just rows of windows with the smoke coming up from behind.

Also, don't be afraid to make thick arms - it's easier to a rounded idea of arms (and more room to shade) if you give them a bit more width. If you want to stick with thinner arms - for style points - then practice on elbow location. It'll be the only landmark a viewer's eyes can move toward and so you want to make sure that it's as correct as possible. (Elbows generally sit right in the waist area, above the hips. If arms are reaching out for a window, they'll appear to bend a little higher, even from the above view.)

I like the hair - don't be afraid to make the head kind of bumpy on top to showcase the hair's thickness - it's cool looking the the braids/dreads. The energy lines on the droid are a nice touch. I'm assuming they're energy lines, maybe they're just a nifty sparkle effect! (Also, huge points for the name, Ascii, for a droid! I love it =D )

All in all, keep it up! You could end up with a very solid and Very unique style and I think that's awesome ^_^