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Drawtober Day 9: Taken away (Exceptional Jedi)



The Arrow Syndicate grunt came again. His light-gray robe still hid his face. Jedova went between him and Arya. Should something bad happen, he would go down protecting his Padawan learner. The laser field lowered down. Jedova called upon the Force to aid him.

But even with the Force helping, he could not react to the sudden swing of an electrojabber that smacked in a slash from his left shoulder and chest to his right side. He fell to his knees, gasping. His vision went blurry for a moment as he struggled to breath. His mind vaguely registered Arya's scream. He attempted to stop the grunt from going past him to Arya, but he was knocked down. Arya was yelling Veledosian profanities — it was easy for him to identify them by now — but her shouts were cut to screaming.

The grunt was taking Arya away. Jedova grasped the side of Arya's robe only to see it rip apart and fall to the floor. He tried to get up, but he got a punch to his left cheek. He fell again. Arya swore even harder. Then the hum of the laser field returned. Jedova raised his head and saw the grunt taking Arya away. The Padawan was shouting for help. By an instinct with the realization that it did not help they reached out for each other. But Jedova could not reach his Padawan anymore. He watched, helpless, as the door closed behind her.


Can you use this sentence as inspiration for a drawing?

"He watched, helpless, as the door closed behind her."

The first idea: A break-up picture! The second idea: Arya taken away from Jedova! Heck yeah, this one!

I need to do an EJ story picture folder in order to make sure that I remember these things I invent along the Drawtober.

Star Wars (c) Lucasfilm
Jedova Wand, Arya Deinden, Arrow Syndicate (c) Me
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