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Drawtober Day 13: A Passenger and a Kitten



Qui-Gon sighed. It was very difficult to meditate. Even closing his eyes could not keep the sick colors of his transport's surfaces away. The Living Force was trembling with horrors who had once been normal, kind citizens of Zerga III. Those poor citizens had been exposed to the radiation of the recent industrial accident. The weathered covers of the windows let a small bit of the green light outside to come in, but it didn't change anything about the horrible colors.


People were suffering and Qui-Gon, along with a Master-Padawan team that had already arrived there, had been sent to help them. Yet all the time his thoughts returned to what had happened on Telos IV. He just could not forget Xanatos turning against him. Tahl had done her best to comfort him and even Arya had tried to cheer him up "without any cheesy words that had never helped her".


The Living Force rippled right next to him. Qui-Gon opened up his eyes and saw a small kitten. It had stripes that looked like the result of exposure to the radiation. But this little being had avoided the worst, it seemed. The kitten let out a small meow, jumped off the seat and walked away.


Suddenly Qui-Gon remembered that he had to focus on this moment. There were people who needed his help. He had to not let the past take his concentration from where it belonged to.

Pick two of the listed elements and use them in your artwork somehow. Can you challenge yourself to use all four and create a scene?

I picked the kitten and the passenger. My thoughts ended up changing while making and I decided to make younger Qui-Gon Jinn the passenger. This picture is situated to late 53 BBY, after Xanatos had fallen to the Dark side of the Force. I think I should make this a story.

This is a horrendous piece of sht. The colors suck, at least Qui-Gon's coloring is most likely off. And as I sketched Qui-Gon, he ended up looking so good that I was afraid of ruining it when making the real outlines, so I just cleaned the sketch and went with it. The kitten is horrendous, I know. This is quite a failure. I'm badly behind my schedule now... I'm afraid I won't be able to do everything in time.... =(

I feel like giving up Drawtober... I think I'll just do those I have inspiration to do...

Qui-Gon Jinn (c) Lucasfilm
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