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Diglettfly for charity (+speedpaint!)

EDIT: Now with a speedpaint!…

TommyGK is organizing a charity collab again! This time the theme is Bees and Butterflies, so I decided to draw a Diglett who's been dressed up as a butterfly. They're definitely feeling awkward about it :'D

I decided to try something new and made this with Krita instead of Gimp to see what it could do and, honestly, I think I'm going to use it for at least full-color artwork from now on; especially the sketching felt so good when it can utilize my drawing tablet's pressure levels. It'll take some time to get used to it (and I probably need to change some shortcuts because I keep using CTRL+Y to redo when the default for that is CTRL+SHIFT+Z), but I like it.

The shading isn't as good as it could be (I'm swamped up in coursework, so I decided to use the free time of my Easter "break" to get this done quickly; according to the footage I've got for the speedpaint, I spent about an hour EDIT: Sorry, two hours; I missed a video file while writing this apparently making this), but I think otherwise this is pretty nice. I probably need to look for some tutorials on shading for better results sometime later. :)

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Oh Diglett, please fly and show us your mysterious feet!! XD

Added to the poster now!

Pollinatormon Charity Swarm 98 *OPEN*

Thanks again for being a part of these collabs, you're such a dedicated member!

I will let you know when the poster is completely finished! Final poster will also be posted on this guild's Instagram account too!

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That's probably a part of the reason why they're feeling awkward; they're feeling self-conscious about those feet! :'D

Happy to be a part of these projects! :D

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Aaw, this is super cute!

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