Code Lyoko: FFR 1: New War Remastered Prologue

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Code Lyoko: Foes & Friends Remastered 1

New War Remastered




That day... That day was totally horrible. I can't even remember it well. We were so young then, and yet... yet I survived that chaos of shouting and screaming. I did get help at that, but so did so many others who were with me there. And yet... yet my family was gone. The fact that they died right away and didn't suffer should probably comfort me, but it doesn't. They are still gone.


And my best friend... his eyes were open, but they were open for too long. I remember it the clearest. His eyes didn't blink, that lifeless he was. He was already gone no matter what I did.


And I saw them. Their worn arrows and bows which had been stained by our blood...


They survived but my family didn't even though they were children like me, young children. They survived because their system protected them even though they attacked, unlike me. I was protected, but I didn't even hit anyone while they annihilated everyone they hit. They survived because they were prepared for an attack and we weren't.


So many died around me that day. So many lives were lost and what for? I don’t know.


I am Alex Starsky and I must stop the events of that day from happening to anyone else ever again. No one else can stop them anymore. Only I am left. Only I can stop them but I can't do it alone. I'm too weak and they're too strong.


Will you help me? Please do!

And it's time to kick off with a new fanfiction here, another Code Lyoko one to replace the discontinued Swordswoman of Shadows duology! It's been a while, but now it's time to get the show started as I finished remastering the duology some time ago. So, I present you New War Remastered (aka NWR), the first installment in Foes & Friends Remastered duology (FFR for short)! Here is the prologue for you all to read. The first chapter shall come at some point when I manage to finish translating it. I'll be posting an announcement of this soon.

The narrator of the prologue is Alex Starsky, the OC protagonist, whom you will soon learn to know better (soon meaning: when I manage to kick myself enough to translate the whole chapter asdfghjkl).

Rated T.
Warnings: Violence of many sorts, some more implied that told, let alone showed.

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Code Lyoko (c) Moonscoop
Alex Starsky (c) Me
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It's off to a great start, but I do have one question: is the last line directly addressing the reader?