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SW: Exceptional Jedi: Salvaging Remnants Chapter 2
Star Wars: Exceptional Jedi
Salvaging Remnants
Chapter 2
"There they are," Arya said. "I've secured this folder quite well, it seems. I wanted to make sure that only those with my permission get to read these."
"Why the secrecy?" Jedova asked.
"My first of these roused some concerns on my attachments to my tribe since I was so proud of it. I figured it was for the best to shut up about it, and later on it looks like I was right about it," Arya told. "It was probably the most frustrating thing about the research I made. Everyone frowned upon it."
Jedova nodded. Knowing what had been going on especially ever since Arya had passed her Initiate Trials, he understood perfectly. Arya had forced herself to restrict her openness about her heritage even though it was certain that the galaxy needed everyone to re-establish the Veledosians, should they return to public eyes. Knowing how the Lianoros tribe had reacted to his arrival, he was certain that the return would be difficult.
For all he kn
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'C'mon, follow me!' - for charity by WindySilver 'C'mon, follow me!' - for charity :iconwindysilver:WindySilver 8 4
TFP: The Fate's Way: Chapter 29
The Fate's Way
Chapter 29: Dark Energon
Some strange noise attracted the attention of both Silverwind and Ratchet, yet when they both looked around the space behind their backs, there was nothing in there. Just the medic's tools. Ratchet and Silverwind looked at each other. Silverwind shrugged.
"It's probably some Earth animal crawling around here. Wouldn't be the first time," Ratchet noted and returned to examining the goo. Silverwind scratched her helm and turned to look at the medic's work again.
The noise came again from behind their backs, close enough to the two Autobots to let them identify it as clattering. Ratchet and Silverwind turned to look at its source. There was still no one there.
"Who's there?" Silverwind shouted to the seemingly empty part of the room.
From behind the medical berth, a small metallic creature about Silverwind's size came, scuttling right towards the Autobots fast.
"By the AllSpark!" Ratchet exclaimed.
"What the fuck is that?!" Silverwind shrieked, turn
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You had one job by WindySilver You had one job :iconwindysilver:WindySilver 4 11
The Gauntlet 2018 9: The Dark-Ending Quest
After merely weeks, the heroes'd saved Leidiel. They were celebrated widely over the countryside like savers – like they deserved – yet they wondered whether they really were heroes. Perhaps they'd made the wrongest decisions, perhaps they weren't the true heroes whose reception they'd received.
Merely the time'd tell...
When Demed resuscitated, the everlasting drake'd died. Their corpse stayed motionless.
The heroes'd defeated the everlasting drake. They'd return home therefrom.
The drake howled, agonized. Bereb'd wounded them somehow. Demed stared, awed.
When the drake tossed the femme aside, her eyes darkened.
The evildoers'd perished. The heroes continued inside the cave. They were close; the everlasting drake awaited them nearby.
:iconwindysilver:WindySilver 2 4
The Gauntlet 2018 8: The Fate's Gears
Child dear, even Fate's gears hate Iridium's jewel-like keys.
:iconwindysilver:WindySilver 2 7
The Gauntlet 2018 7: Me Without Words
Me with no burn. Me not strong. Me lost to the land. Me not best for me, not on this land. So, why me still on this land?
Me with no man on this land. Why me still on this land, why me?
~With the snow, it lost.~
Me not glad. Me with no trust in my land. Then me with a hand in my hand. A hand with the word "trust". Me with the hand, me glad. The hand, girl's hand. This girl, she Jo. Jo with me now.
A burn in my chest, a new burn. Me not with no man now. Me with Jo. Me with a burn. Me on this land, for me with Jo now. Me strong with Jo, for me with her. Me with trust.
Why me with no trust back then?
Now, me glad and full of trust. Me with trust in my land now.
~With the sun, it with us.~
Me glad with Jo. Jo ok. Jo with me, me with Jo. An elm branch up, a lot of them up high in the sky, grass down, Jo next to me, me next to Jo, elms next to us. We glad with us.
Me and Jo, Jo and me, me glad with Jo. Jo much to me, Jo my bird i
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The Gauntlet 2018 6: Not Routine
It was supposed to be a routine every-morning cleaning, just two minutes of brushing our teeth.
However, it was no routine cleaning, no. Our toothbrushes started growing hair while cleaning our teeth.
When we finally noticed, it was too late. The hair was already growing from our gums and making its way down our throats...
:iconwindysilver:WindySilver 0 11
The Gauntlet 2018 5: Mega Working
"And that is why she gained her promotion!" the chairwoman, Anastasia announced.
"SUPER HIGHSPEED CLAP! MEGA EXTRA PRAISING!" the listeners shouted and clapped as fast as they could.
"ENDLESS THANK YOUS! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! THANKS!" Helen thanked with enthusiasm.
"Now off you go! Back to work! MEGA RETURN!" Anastasia announced.
The rest of the workers returned to work after congratulating Helen for her excellent work. Yet at some point their concentration was interrupted by a shout of Anastasia's voice coming from outside the office door. "HOW DARE YOU?! SUPER-HYPER-POWERFUL SLAP!"
A man's voice cried out after the voice from a slap came to the office. The workers looked at each other in confusion. They returned to work then however. They had a huge amount of work to do before the next meeting and it had the topmost priority.
Another slap and more accusations shouted by Anastasia came to the office and the curious workers stopped to listen.
:iconwindysilver:WindySilver 0 4
The Gauntlet 2018 4: A Pawn Among Trash
As I have followed my creations, humanity has deteriorated generation after another. Centuries have passed and everything would have turned out far better, had I not set humans loose. They have gone bad enough on their own, especially those in their quest of abandoning me, and Lucifer is making it even worse. I suppose I should have struck him down instead of just kicking him out of Heaven... Or at least I should have moved him to Mercury or Venus.
Now, it is too late.
Oh? Now what? Another human planning to harm her own, without witnesses? Time to do yet another round of damage control and get a witness there. Let's add some hazards to guide this nearby man there...
Edward trudged through the littered streets, using his cane to turn trash over to reveal hidde
:iconwindysilver:WindySilver 1 4
The Gauntlet 2018 3: Lost to Mercury
The sun was bright close to Mercury. Even too bright. Areotops squinted at it; even with protective gear all over her four-legged body, the sun was burning hot.
It was almost as if the scientists making the gear had made a mistake with cooling or insulation. That did not matter as long as nobody's suit was melting, though.
Aorus went close to Areotops, assessing the mineral structure of Mercury's surface. Had the gear been transparent, her scales would have shined in the most beautiful manner, Areotops thought and suddenly jumped as she realized she had thought in that way about the Allosaurus again. She shook herself and forced herself to look for stars. However, it would still be some time before they would see them, so she could not chart the night sky just yet. With her skillset being as limited as it was, she could not help Aorus nor anyone else in the crew as they worked on their own fields of research.
Aorus did not need help and Areotops needed some time to
:iconwindysilver:WindySilver 1 9
The Gauntlet 2018 2: ERROR 404: FOOD NOT FOUND
DATE: 20/6/96
TIME: 22:43
:iconwindysilver:WindySilver 1 15
The Gauntlet 2018 1: Even in rain, there is jazz
Even in rain, there is jazz.
It is 1943 and jazz, oh, jazz is everywhere, maybe even more than rats are.
Oh, don't get me wrong. I love jazz, maybe even more than I love my freedom or the drugs the new kids have brought to the city. Jazz, it's life.
And even when I've given everything up and gone to live on the streets, I will always have jazz, even when the torrential rains put my rollie out.
Even in rain, there is always jazz.
:iconwindysilver:WindySilver 1 7
SW: Exceptional Jedi: Salvaging Remnants Chapter 1
Star Wars: Exceptional Jedi
Salvaging Remnants
Chapter 1
Arya tried to see something even though her eyes were blurry. The Force warned her of a lightsaber coming at her and with haste she rolled aside, avoiding being scorched. She scrambled to her feet and kept retreating until she managed to rebuild her defensive posture. Then she closed her eyes and let the lightsabers hit each other, her arms and the Force around her both absorbing the force of the hits.
The Force informed her of the attacker moving to her side to attack her, and she responded with a slight turn followed by a swing which slashed at the attacker's hand. With a yelp, the attacker backed away. Arya opened her eyes and pressed on, her light-gray blade hitting the blue blade of her opponent, hoping that her sudden switch from Soresu to Shien would work.
It partly did. Shien tired Arya faster than she had hoped it would, but her change to a more aggressive stance was just enough to catch her opponent off-guard. With a su
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SW: Exceptional Jedi: Woodland Slavery Epilogue
Star Wars: Exceptional Jedi
Woodland Slavery
The Jedi were glad to let Kashyyyk's authorities, aided by Master Tyvokka, take care of the remnants of the slaver institution. This mission had become longer and tougher than they had expected, and now they needed some well-deserved rest.
After they had rested, gotten treatment for their injuries and reported everything, the group bid farewell with Xeen, who set out to look for those left of his family. Arya hoped that he would find them, and even better would be if the Jedi team would hear about it someday. Knowing that, Xeen promised to send them a message when he would know more. This gave Arya and Gomorrah more hope on things getting better from now on.
It was time to go back to Coruscant and report to the High Council.
"How are you feeling, Arya?" Jedova asked when he found his apprentice at a balcony, leaning to the railing.
"Glad this is over," Arya answered, her voice merely a sigh. "Any news on Sophia?"
"None," Jedova told
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SW: Exceptional Jedi: Woodland Slavery Chapter 23
Star Wars: Exceptional Jedi
Woodland Slavery
Chapter 23
Arya cursed in Veledosian. How had things turned to this?
When she looked at the man holding Bogan hostage, she realized that he was Bogan's father. Jedova had already come to the same conclusion and he liked it no less than Arya did. The Jedi turned their lightsabers off.
"What do you want?" Jedova asked.
"I want you to stop messing my operation up," the man told.
"Dad, stop this," Bogan hissed.
"Quiet, scamp!" the man yelled at him. "You were never worthy of carrying my blood in your veins! It's about time I get a reason to kill you like I killed your mother! Just wait and let the Jedi have you killed!"
"You... bastard..." Bogan growled and tried to kick his father.
A blastershot came before his feet got even close.
"No!" Arya cried out.
Bogan's father dropped his now lifeless son to the ground, regretting only that his impulse to shoot his son had cost him his hostage. "Looks like you no longer have a reason to hold back. So go
:iconwindysilver:WindySilver 2 0
Star Wars stuff is the main stuff among my deviations now. ;) I'll add some Pokémon stuff (mostly just fanfiction) someday. My Code Lyoko and Transformers stuff continue on their own slowly.

Random Favourites

TF Stamp by Moesakaru TF Stamp :iconmoesakaru:Moesakaru 1,267 125 feme and loving it 2 by elfy016 feme and loving it 2 :iconelfy016:elfy016 167 15 Dyslexia Stamp by Centauran Dyslexia Stamp :iconcentauran:Centauran 68 44 Animorphs stamp by chili19 Animorphs stamp :iconchili19:chili19 230 252 Further Tormenting of J-Decker by Dragon-Star-Empress Further Tormenting of J-Decker :icondragon-star-empress:Dragon-Star-Empress 5 3 Dulladag Sword ( Two Handed ) by Wafricoxs Dulladag Sword ( Two Handed ) :iconwafricoxs:Wafricoxs 1 1
Mature content
Personal :iconninjababy:ninjababy 3 3
Power Legacy 0.35 by FaerieWarrior Power Legacy 0.35 :iconfaeriewarrior:FaerieWarrior 7 10 Power Legacy 0.34 by FaerieWarrior Power Legacy 0.34 :iconfaeriewarrior:FaerieWarrior 6 6 Power Legacy 0.33 by FaerieWarrior Power Legacy 0.33 :iconfaeriewarrior:FaerieWarrior 6 0 Power Legacy 0.32 by FaerieWarrior Power Legacy 0.32 :iconfaeriewarrior:FaerieWarrior 6 2 Power Legacy 0.31 by FaerieWarrior Power Legacy 0.31 :iconfaeriewarrior:FaerieWarrior 5 8 Power Legacy 0.30 by FaerieWarrior Power Legacy 0.30 :iconfaeriewarrior:FaerieWarrior 5 2 Power Legacy 0.29 by FaerieWarrior Power Legacy 0.29 :iconfaeriewarrior:FaerieWarrior 5 5 Power Legacy 0.28 by FaerieWarrior Power Legacy 0.28 :iconfaeriewarrior:FaerieWarrior 5 0 Power Legacy 0.27 by FaerieWarrior Power Legacy 0.27 :iconfaeriewarrior:FaerieWarrior 5 6
I've got lots of favourites. It'll take some luck to see at least one same favourite on this on your next visit! X'D


FFM 55-Word Mug by Flash-Fic-Month FFM 55-Word Mug :iconflash-fic-month:Flash-Fic-Month 4 17 Offical FFM Challenger's Mug by Flash-Fic-Month Offical FFM Challenger's Mug :iconflash-fic-month:Flash-Fic-Month 3 5 I Conquered FFM 2011 Mug by Flash-Fic-Month I Conquered FFM 2011 Mug :iconflash-fic-month:Flash-Fic-Month 4 1 Official FFM Mug 2011 by Flash-Fic-Month Official FFM Mug 2011 :iconflash-fic-month:Flash-Fic-Month 7 2 Official FFM Mug 2013 by Flash-Fic-Month Official FFM Mug 2013 :iconflash-fic-month:Flash-Fic-Month 8 1 FFM Mug for 2015 by Flash-Fic-Month FFM Mug for 2015 :iconflash-fic-month:Flash-Fic-Month 7 4 2016 Mug by Flash-Fic-Month 2016 Mug :iconflash-fic-month:Flash-Fic-Month 13 29 The Official FFM 2010 Mug by Flash-Fic-Month The Official FFM 2010 Mug :iconflash-fic-month:Flash-Fic-Month 5 5
Year 2017 FFM mug design is so amazing I want the mug. I want it even more than last year (last year's design does well as the available shirts, so I'll get one of them someday) :'D And FFM 2018 one is cool too, so I want that as well!

Let's see when I get the nerve to pay the 15-20-dollar postage for these mugs (even worse if it's per mug even if I try to order them at the same time). We'll see...

Oh, and I decided that fuck it, let's put all the FFM mug designs on the list. Gotta collect them all. Viva!



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  1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page for 13 seconds.
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  8. Tell you what object is to the left of me.
  9. Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of.
  10. Tell you to do one in your journal too.

FaerieWarrior made me do it :'D

No promises when I get these done, though. The university is potentially trying to take over my life...


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Guilty of faving and running
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
The sign I'm holding is this one, made for Xmas Light For Chester on Twitter on December 8th, 2017. The picture was taken by DarkWillRemain.

Something worth checking out: Figurosity and figurosity

General Kenobi 'Hello There' Stamp by CassieCros13

Hi everyone! I'm a writer, specializing on science fiction fanfictions (I do write original sci-fi and fantasy and other stories as well, though). Since I plan to become an author in the future, I write fanfics and other stuff to improve my skills. I'm also one of those people who join Flash Fiction Month yearly; you can see my FFM stories in my gallery. I'm plnning to release my yearly flash fictions as collections at some point, although no idea when I manage to get it done. I appreciate constructive critiques, so they're very welcome!

I also sometimes do some digital fanart, rarely traditional art, mostly Sketches in the Sketchbook. I'm not that good at drawing, although I'm improving and learning. I do my best to make pictures realistic but they can come out as cartoon-like for now. Well, you have to start somewhere before you improve.

Please forgive me for grammar errors etc. English isn't my native language, Finnish is. En plus, je parle français aussi, mais parce que c'est ma troisième langue et je ne l'utilise pas beaucoup, je ne le parle pas bien (à mon avis). Mais si tu veux me parle en français, vas-y et contacte-moi. Je veux améliorer mon français, me je ne vais pas la faire si je ne l'utilise pas.

"We can stop hurting each other, because we believe in something different than the person standing next to us. The one thing that can't be defeated is love, right? You can conquer hate by ignoring it. You can destroy it by loving the person next to you."
-Chester Bennington, July 6th, Birmingham, England (last live show)

"Peace over anger.
Honor over hate.
Strength over fear.
-Jedi Apprentice books' back text

My site on WordPress!
I'm posting my fanfics from DA to too!
If anyone wants to see my programming course's practical work and my speedpaints, here's my Youtube channel:…
My Twitter account:
Smashwords (no books of mine published yet because there are no books to be published right now):…
A random blog on Tumblr! Nowadays unused, but it's there! I think...

Languages I know:
Finnish language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy British English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy French language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy German language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Swedish language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy (not a preferred language of use, using only when absolutely necessary)
I'd love to learn those I only know random words of, but right now I can't do it with my studies. Right now I should just get to use French to hone it - and to permanently burn the verb conjugations into my memory where I can use them. :'D

And now... some stamps I've collected here! Some do tell a bit about what I think/like. =D NOTE!: I haven't made any of these!
BB-8 Thumbs Up Stamp by CassieCros13 Thanks for the Comments Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress Constructive critique stamp-like thing by Gill-Goo INTP stamp by faycoon Cancer Stamp by mylastel Asexuality Stamp by JWiesner Get Over It- Asexual Edition by DanksForTheMemeries WARNING: Faves w-o COMMENTING by Emo-Girl-AlexaUchiha Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts Do not steal my art button by izka197 I Support PRACTICE by glitterbug10us I Use The Force Stamp by Caddielook DA Fanfic Writer by Wearwolfaa Aikido stamp. by xnaqtix FAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHaku Star Wars by Flobelebelebobele I'm a Gamer by TheMan268 Everyone Can Draw stamp. by the-emo-detective Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi Make Sense Please Stamp by In-The-Zone My Career Goal Stamp by Nemonus Personal quote by Ishdakitty Hate Free Zone by ArchetypeStamps Work I Fave stamp by the-emo-detective I Support...My Friends - Stamp by Zooky Respect and Tolerance by LordPendragonOfCaria i dont smoke by sergbel Don't Drink stamp by RichiHart I DUN LIEK UR OPINIONZ by Mintaka-TK Finnish - stamp by RiikkaK Perkele by Skuld-Youngest-Norn Slow internet... by prosaix I Fave too Much stamp by the-emo-detective Stamp: Collection system favs by Jammerlee Know it all by TheArtistDarklady Martial Arts by grailas Not bullshit. by World-Hero21 Artist stamp by r0ckmom Do not force me to agree-Stamp by Dinoclaws Boys and girls: They can like what they like by RoliStamps Don't blame yourself for it. by XDiaLinnX Rights to privacy by Dinoforms I Do Read Them, Honest! by Mintaka-TK {Limited Edition} by Mesperyian I'm different Stamp by r0ckmom stamp by alwaslgirl Request: Autistic People by World-Hero21 Common Sense or Wisdom? by KiraiMirai In Life, You Will Be Judged. by el-Jimmeister Llama trades are open stamp by BlaZyk-the-dragon Stamp: ...unless I have amnesia. by Catthylove Always Stay True To Yourself by ItsNotDestinyItsFate Here for art by prosaix Paranoia by death-wishes Hope stamp by r0ckmom That doesn't help your cause. by World-Hero21 No judgement Stamp by PollyUranus Woman that knows by Claire-stamps Undo Button by fear-the-brilliance WTF stamp by InuYashaSesshomaru stamp : I support being myself by kaifcsl Traditional art + Digital art by RoliStamps I am me. Deal with that STAMP by The-Last-Fallen-Ange Life Stamp by AcidaliaAdrasteia STAMP respect fan couple by The-Last-Fallen-Ange Talk to Me :D by silvvy This Stamp's Hard on the Eyes Isn't It by endler 'I hate not having ideas' Stamp by Synfull Llama Trade by amordragon Music Stamp by Taylorinchains Flawed Heroes by Mintaka-TK Encouraging Free-Thinking by XDiaLinnX Music Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Finding Stuff Stamp by JFG107-Stamps Crossover stamp by Latiosdude Time - There's Not Enough Of It by Mintaka-TK Stamp_We'll never reach equality by Chivi-chivik This would solve so many problems...*sigh* by Catthylove Creating Masterpieces by anouki-morgenstern The power of flight by prosaix Friendship Should Trascend Difference by Mintaka-TK Outer Space Stamp by Brainmatters Stamp: Respect by Riza-Izumi Ads With Sound Stamp by JFG107-Stamps Hate Mondays :stamp: by Amblygon I WANNA BAYBEH!!!!111! by Mintaka-TK Yeah, Because They ALL Do That by Mintaka-TK anime and manga stamp by Kataang-furuba Stamps Stamp by JetProwerTheFox ..Ever Wonder.. Stamp by SailorSolar World Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Hope For the Best by AlbinoSeaTurtle Opinion stamp by TheCynicalHound Someone Stamp by JetProwerTheFox I can't take you seriously if you use insults. by World-Hero21 Lightsaber's FR Green by Linkmax The Gallery Stamp by Busiris I just have to prove myself by XxDiaLinnxX Because You Can Now Be Punished For Fighting Back by Mintaka-TK I Love My dA Friends BLUE by ImFeelingStampity You have many options in life. by el-Jimmeister Defending by XxDiaLinnxX Actions speak-Stamp by Dinoclaws Hard to be clear-Stamp by Dinoclaws Lost in my imagination... by PixieRiot environment stamp by environment Books by Sesquipedalianistic Self-Critical Stamp by JFG107-Stamps I Love Magic by pjuk Forgetful by prosaix Stamp: Ceiling by Roxy317 Number 1 Rule of Being a Religious Extremist by endler Chewie Smashes Guitar Stamp by CassieCros13 I Love Stars- stamp by AlbinoSeaTurtle Her Name is Rio  And She Dances On the Sand by endler So Stop Trying To Defend Them by XxDiaLinnxX Studying Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp: SO MUCH FUCKING RAEG!!!! by Catthylove Stamp: Anothe no kids allowed stamp. by Catthylove Love to read by Claire-stamps Dreams Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Bored Stamp by Phillus I Love deviantART by stampalicous Be careful who you trust by KittyJewelpet78 Stamp: Another wake-up call. by Catthylove I prefer good gameplay over good graphics by Latiosdude Stamp: So shut the fuck up. by Catthylove Stamp: They just are. by Catthylove .Stamp. Ghost by KillMePleaseGod Your personal life by Dinoforms Outer Space Stamp 5 by Brainmatters My First Stamp by JennDixonPhotography Offensive by crimsonsaphire stamp - POPULARITYohnoez by eternalsaturn .Stamp. A Million Stamps by KillMePleaseGod Invisible by pjuk Fantasy by ashesto Unpopular Opinion by Vexic929 OCs Stamp by BowChickaBowWow Transformers Armada Stamp by Riiarei TFP-Prime supporter Stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed Different Opinions by Vexic929 Inspiration1 by Vexic929 Opinions Stamp by Bandarai It's extremely disrespectful. by World-Hero21 Grow Up by Vexic929 Outer Space Stamp 2 by Brainmatters Harry Potter Stamp - DH by kittykat01 Talk shit, get hit. by World-Hero21 No humour-Stamp by Dinoclaws Visitor Stamp by Phillus Missed the Point Stamp by In-The-Zone Pokemon Platinum Stamp 1 by aunt-arctica Soul Silver Stamp by Riiarei Pokemon Black Stamp by Riiarei Pokemon Black 2 Stamp by Torotiel Pokemon X by Marlenesstamps Alpha Sapphire Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Pokemon Sun Stamp by HypnoDrama Pokemon Ultra Moon Stamp by MissToxicSlime I'm In Yer DA by Senko-the-magician Science Fiction by ashesto real friends vs fake ones by silver-escape Idiots everywhere-Stamp by Dinoclaws From a Logical Standpoint ... by Operation-Villainous Know Me Better Stamp by mylastel I'm Only Human Stamp by mylastel It's a Beautiful Day by TheMan268 Stick People Stamp :D by brindis Stamp: End Child Marriage by 8manderz8 This Stamp is Annoying. by ImFeelingStampity Just Say NO by Dametora Emotional Boys stamp by nothinplz

Oops, this started to overload. If you want to see my full collection, get here:…



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I really don't know what to think about DeviantArt Eclipse... It does sound good but the pictures look so radically different from the DA I've been using for 4 years...

I seriously hope it's good. I'd be glad to regain some faith in the goodness of user interface changes...
Rest in peace, Stan Lee. You will be remembered.
Omg it's my 4th anniversary here on DA! Where has all this time gone?

Well... at the moment, all my time is going to an ultra shitty course... -_-

I hope you all are doing well! :heart:
I've been intensively cleaning up my watch recently. It's starting to look damn empty with most non-deviation areas emptied.

Too empty, even, since I'm so used to it being flooded now.
A new update regarding my work laptop.

It turned out it doesn't need a reinstall. The Update error was caused by a server issue, as discovered today when I had to update more computers and got the exact same error. Yay. Troubleshooted for two days for nothing.

Now, I'm performing the art of updating 3 desktops with one screen, mouse and keyboard. At the same time.


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