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Bridgeburner Bomber

By Windy999
Here starteth the lesson on overshading

There's about half a 2B pencil in this one!

it's my first piece of fanart - in the fantasy books about the Malazan Empire by Steven Erikson there a bunch of sappers called the Bridgeburners. Subtle they are not and they love explosives. this is my depiction of one of their bombers stooping under his heavy load of different types of explosives.

I'm really happy with the outcome and there's even a hint of a bit of background!
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That'sa happy sapper, losts of munitions for a big boom lol
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\o/ I love it! Over shading ftw~ It makes it look awesome.

I love Steven Erikson to bits, that guy is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! :3 Now if only I didn't stupidly buy Toll the Hounds, the latest book, first >_>
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fantastic! sapper is the best! :D
Awesome pic. The sappers are some of the most enjoyable characters in the Malazan books.
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Awesome, sappers...
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Cussers and sharpers and sparkers oh my!
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Good picture. And crump ONLY set like 6 cussers at once. I'd say that to be fid, just cause he is always hording his munitions.
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a little late, but /me sees Crump running into Y'Ghatan's wall...

amazing, just fantastic, although I don't think a Bridgeburner would actually walk around with this much Moranth munition :P a Mott Irregular like Crump would, however.... just fantastic :)
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does he have any cussers and flamers on him? Those moranth munitions are dangerous things to play with:D

awesome drawing, love the shading and the fact that you have managed to capture that air of madness that many of the sappers, or all of them, possess..very nice work:)
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Many thanks - so few people know the books and they rock

I'd much rather have a good story than something which is "beautifully" written - that's for the arty-farty types

Donalson has good writing but he's a cracking storyteller!
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I'm stunned, this is great!
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if i could id give you a medal for this, I love it :P :)
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Now that is what I call loaded out. OOh pretty explosives. Im going to have to look into this book series it sounds interesting.
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That is REALLY cool!!
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Took me an age to do - got a life of it's own! ;)
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oh yeah, he reminds of John Belushi a lot!!! haha :w00t:
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looks like great fun!!! awesome shading and illustration. neato speedo style... :boogie:
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Seedo it ain't - this one took me ages! ;)
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this drawing is rediculous, its so good. i like the incredible amount of detail
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It sort of got a life of its own whilst I was drawing it

thanks for commenting - much appreciated
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cool subject (yay explosives hehe) cool pic. i love the shading I tend to be way lighter when I shade so I don't know if I could do anything this dark.In fact I like doing subtly shading and stuff but it's actually hard to get any of my shaded peices scanned and when I tried to photocopy once it just came out white hence why I don't have shaded peices on my gallery yet. Very cool
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