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Harvey Harris and Bruce Wayne
"He-- The only man who ever solved my identity-secret-- He was a greater detective than I!" -- Batman

Harvey Harris was a detective from Gotham City. He trained young Bruce Wayne, who protected his true identity with the aid of a prototype Robin costume, in the arts of detective work and criminal detection. Harris came up with the name Robin for his young student, thinking he looked as brilliant as a robin redbreast in his red, green and yellow costume.

Crew of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701
The Crew of the Star Ship USS Enterprise NCC-1701. This is a W.I.P. and will be updated from time to time. Once I have finished I will add my watermark to it.

This was originally made by Rich B.

The Star Trek Uniforms used by me are originally designed by HenshinDaisuke

Arex based on Bry-Sinclair's original design

#42 based on Bry-Sinclair 's original design
Chief Clancy O'Hara
Chief Clancy O'Hara is the longtime chief of the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD), one of the few incorruptible. Originally created as a character for the 1960s Batman television series, O'Hara made sporadic appearances in the mainstream DC Universe. He was often frustrated by the colorful and bizarre schemes of Gotham's costumed supervillains, and used a variety of unique colloquialisms.
Cast of Characters



The Thirteen Prime's
Alpha Prime, Nexus Prime, Omega Prime, Sentinel Prime, Vector Prime, Solus Prime, Alchemist Prime, Zeta Prime, Onyx Prime, Nova Prime, Quintus Prime, Maximo Prime and Megatronus Prime.

Cybertronian High Council
Halogen, Gauntlet, Chromatron, Hydrau, Carrera (F), Drivetrain, Emirate Xenon and Sigil. B-9/Ratbat and Contrail are the two High Council members who join the Decepticons when the war begins.

The 4th Cybertronian Army/The AutoBots

Optimus Prime, Prowl, Ratchet, Warpath, Bumblebee
Ironhide, Sideswipe, Hound, Brawn, Cliffjumper
Jazz, Trailbreaker, Mirage, Outback, Sunstreaker
Elita One(F), Chromia(F), Firestar(F), Burnout(F), Moonracer(F)
Drift, Fastlane, Frizzle, Flak, Getaway
Fullbarrel, Gears, Highbrow, Gruzzle, Camshaft
Huffer, Punch/Counterpunch, Pipes, Hoist, Hammer, Joyride
The Wreakers
Ultra Magnus, Springer, Arcee(F), Powerglide, Beachcomber
Kup, Sandstorm, Blaster, Crosshairs, Hot Rod
Wheeljack, Inferno, Red Alert, Bulkhead, Bluestreak
The Strikeforce/The Dinobots
Grimlock, Smeltdown/Slag, Shellshock/Sludge, Dunerunner/Snarl, Divebomb/Swoop
The Aerialbots
Silverbolt, Fireflight, Skydive, Slingshot, Air Raid = Superion

The 3rd Cybertronian Army
Zeta Prime, Freeway, Rollball, Wideload, Chase
Hosehead, Stakeout, Nightbeat, Hardhead, Windcharger
Roadbuster, Sureshot, Smokescreen, Sidetrack, Slapdash
Skyhammer, Siren, Sizzle, Gunny, Skids
Perceptor, Swerve, Frizzel, Bigshot, Chromedome
Dead Eye(F), Crossshot(F), Gizmo(F), Iron Works(F), Minerva(F)
Sunrunner, Red Hot, Tracks, Impact, Pointblank
The Qantrabots
Astroplex, Copperwing, Gold Tread, Night Glider, Skyklops = Solaris
The Trainbots
Shouki, Getsuei, Seizan, Suiken, Yukikaze = Raiden

The Cybertronian Elite Guard/2nd Cybertronian Army
Sentinel Prime - Cybertronian Army Supreme Commander
Advocator, Quickshift, Clearzone, Cold Trigger(F), Countdown
Fortress Maximus, Overdrive, Votech, Powertrain, Tailgate
Skyfire, Blaze Master, Brainstorm, Cloudbreaker, Cloudbust
Dogfight, Eagle Eye, Whirl, Broadside, SkyLynx
The Constructibots
Grapple, Scoop, Neutro, Quickmix, Landfill = Erector
The Throttlebots
Big Daddy, Hubs, Greaser, Longrange, Balestra(F)
The Protectobots
Hot Spot, Blades, Streetwise, Groove, First Aid = Denfensor

The Technobots
Nosecone, Lightspeed, Strafe, Scattershot, Afterburner = Computron

The Giant Robots
Metroplex, Grand Maximus, Omega Supreme, Delta Supreme, Theta Supreme

The Decepticons

Decepticon C&C
Megatron, Soundwave, Acid Storm, Drixco, Updraft
Shockwave, Thrust, Ramjet, Slipstream(F), Sandstorm
The Seekers (2nd Space Wing)
Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Vortex, Dirge
Ghost, Gutcruncher, Misfire, Nightbird(F), Needlenose
The 1st Space Wing
Dreadwing, Skyquake, Ace Evader, Astrotrain, Blitzwing
Dark Wing, Bugly, Bombbust, Flattop, Finback
The Hunters (1st Infantry Corps)
Barricade, Battletrap, Blackjack, Jolt, Hyperdrive
The Darkweb (2nd Infantry Corps)
Ratbat, Contrail, Makeshift, Moonrasier(F), Octane
The Constructicons
Hook, Scrapper, Breakdown, Long Haul, Scavenger = Devastator
The Combaticons
Blastoff, Brawl, Onslaught, Swindle, Votex = Bruticus
The Stunticons
Motormaster ,Breakdown, Drag Strip, Dead End, Wildrider = Menasor
The 1st Tank Corps
Bombshock, Dropshot, Quake, Turmoil,
The 3rd Space Wing
Sixshot, Slugslinger, Firebird(F), Falcon, Talon
The 3rd Infantry Corps
Roughstuff, Rucks, Detour, Motorhead, Tracer
The 4th Infantry Corps
Runabout, Runamuck, Dragstrip, Crankcase, Windsweaper
The Giant Robots
Trypticon and Lugnut (Lamda Supreme)

Star Seekers
Emirate Xenon, Thundertron, Brimstone, Sandstorm, Cannonball and their spaceship Tidal-wave.

Override(F)/Nitro Convoy, Blurr, Hightail, Backfire, Syncol, Armco, Blueshift and Wheelie.

Ransack, Nemesis, Roadblock, Bulletbike, Turbo, Spy Streak and Overcharge.

Wreck-Gar, Shearbolt, Arclight, Detritus, Scrapheap, Nancy(F) and Junkyard.

Quickstrike (Nothosaurus - Dinosaur), Piranhacons (Cartoon Sharkticon), Gnaw (Cartoon Sharkticon), Hydratron (Sea Serpent), Torca (Killer whale), Calmaicon (Squid) and Leviacon (Sperm Whale) (F).

Insecticons – Insectronians
Shrapnel (Beetle), Hardshell (Beetle), Bombshell (Beetle), Venom (Spider), Barrage (Scorpion), Scorponok (Scorpion), Arachnia (Female Spider), Waspinator (Wasp) and Tarantulas (Spider).

Onyx Primal (Lion), Cheetor (Cheetah), Rattrap (Packrat), Rhinox (Two Horn Rhino), Tigatron (Tiger), Armordilltron (Armadillo), Panthero (Panther), Polar Claw (Polar Bear) and Windrazor (Eagle).
Razorclaw (Lion), Divebomb (Condor), Headstrong (One horn Rhino), Rampage (Lynx), Tantrum (Bull) (and their combined form Predaking), Ram Horn (Ram), Sky Shadow (Hawk), Dark Wing (Hawk) and Bighorn (Elk).

Cybertronian Empire
J-12/Jhiaxus, R-38/Rook, M-5/Mindse, Bludgeon and Liege Maximo.

The Quintesson Empire
Alpha Q, Inquirata the Curator, Xeros the Gamekeeper, Tyrannicon (Hammerhead) and the Sharkticons (Hammerhead), Buzzclaw and the Insecticons (Wasps), Terragator and the Terrorcons (Gators).


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Just a Native American drawing the Digital Frontier.


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