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.... Alright. I've never had a problem with a group ever, but I'm noticing a reoccurring problem that's really starting to irritate me.

Folks, seriously, how hard is it to submit a picture to the correct folder? I understand if you're new and you aren't sure where to put it. If it's your first time to the group, okay! We all make mistakes! It happens. C: I understand. But when you've been a member of this group since... well, since it was started, and you submit a CLEARLY TRADITIONAL DRAWING to our Digital Art folder, it really just makes me think you don't respect our rules anymore. :/ And I'm not talking about a mistake happening everyone now and then, you've done it a couple times in a row. It just... really makes me feel like the system isn't respected at all, I mean, we even have the submission rules and guidelines in BOLD letters on the front of the page.

And another issue pertaining to that, let me toss a hypothetical situation at you folks. Let's say, I submitted this artwork -… - to the group. I'm sure you guys would look at me like ":iconwthplz: Uh Lu? What is this?"

I should not see artwork like the above in my submission approval messages. B/ Again, that is just a blatant disregard for rules, reading, or respect for what the group was made for. I hate having to be a bully or a raging elephant about this, it's just...completely rude. If you are confused as to what we accept here, let me give you a few examples:

1. Windwaker style - cellshaded and lineless -………
2. Phantom Hourglass Style -……
3. Minish Cap Style -………
4. Spirit Tracks style -……

These are what I should at least see in the submission messages. (Besides cosplay and Crafts. xD) And before I get the "But everyone has their own style to WWstyle!" I know this. I've seen it from one artist to the next, but no matter the STYLE of WWstyle, they each share the basic traits of WW style. This being:

1. Cat like eyes with either black colored pupils or faded pupils with color in the black. (option with the black colored pupils, some do and don't color them in with full color.)
2. Sketchy and differentiating in length outlines (the majority of it being thick. Disregarding lineless on this)
3. Brown or Black or Match coloring outlines. (Disregarding lineless on this)
4. Very stubby like proportions

I am aware a lot of people have their own twists to WWstyle. Believe me, my style of WW style isn't EXACTLY like the original, but you can still tell to a point that I'm trying to copy it, correct? I can state a few more great examples of people who make the style their own! :iconicy-snowflakes:, :iconanilede:, :iconppeacht: and :iconkyoukorpse: each have their own spin off to the style, but I can CLEARLY see that they're modified versions of the original.

Please people, don't make me become a rule hound. :C I don't want to be a mean founder. OTL And if you're not sure where your artwork might fit or aren't sure if it would be accepted at the group, PLEASE. ASK. <3 I'm sure I've made it clear, but I'll restate it just in case, I'm always open to questions or comments about the group! I would be 10 times nicer to people who asked first if their submission should be in Digital or Traditional than somebody just taking a wing at where it should go because they don't really care. In fact, I would be honored to answer the question because somebody cared enough to ask! But, please, only ask if you TRULY aren't sure. You don't need my approval EVERY time you submit (well you do, but... xD) but I mean, you submit your artwork into categories when you submit them to dA, so follow that if you're confused first. Digital goes into digital, traditional into traditional, so on and so forth. /endrant


Alright, now that that's over with, I mentioned in my previous journal that I wanted to do a contest. I had been gathering money together and talking it over with a few people as to prizes and whatnot, and have decided that I will be giving away premium memberships/equal point value to the PM to the first, second and third place winners, plus drawings done by me for first and second. The only thing I'm wondering is, would anyone care to donate more prizes? A feature, a drawing, points, anything you would like to donate would be awesome. Purely optional as well folks, just thinking the more prizes we have the more people might participate and get the group more active again. Also, let me know what you think would be a good timeframe to hold the contest. I know schools get out for spring break soon, so if you mind giving me a timeframe, I'll try to center it around there. C:

Also, I would love the group's opinion on the contest theme. I put out a few ideas on the other journal, but I'd rather have a clear idea before I decide on dates and such. The theme ideas are:

1. Draw your favorite sage in WWstyle. (maybe with their respective temple in the background?)
2. Draw Link in WWstyle using your favorite item from the series. (Dynamic poses, fighting monsters, anything really. C: )
3. Design a new mask for Link and have him use it! (in WWstyle of course. credit for the original idea goes to  :iconanawielle:)

Let me know your ideas and comments folks! - Lu ^ o^
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Submission Rules

:star::spotlight-left:Club Restrictions::spotlight-right::star:


:bulletyellow:Needs to be in Wind Waker Style (meaning here: any Toon-Link video-game) but it can be any LoZ character.
So a fanart of Valoo in WWS is fine; one of Skull Kid in WWS is also fine.
:bulletyellow:CANNOT be official game art that got altered, sorry.
:bulletyellow:OCs in WWS are also allowed.
:bulletyellow:No submission limit.
:bulletyellow:Please make sure you submit to the correct folder (the Featured folder is handpicked according to quality of the piece. It is also off-limits to submitting in).

:bulletyellow:Feel free to join, feel free to watch, feel free to contribute!

:bulletyellow:We will affiliate with anyone who asks.

:bulletyellow:If you have a contest and want to let us know, please do! (Contests do not have to be restricted to WWS.)






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