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"OMG... Moar... FLAT DESIGN !"

Hi guys, I'm Windvern, a french non-professional graphic artist. I've started working on Photoshop since my childhood on a old Mac, with some casual images and drawings for a forum, but I really started to do things in 2013, when I integrated a small YouTube community, making for them backgrounds, logos and other things, learning by the way some techniques and discovering new types of design.
Recently, I worked on a personal project, which leads to dozens of images in every styles (pixel art, flat design, steampunk, map, geometrical, architecture, detailed drawing, sketch, characters...), and I think that it's interesting to show some pieces of this work.
All of my entries will be both described in english and in french. Not being a native english-speaker, it will be easier for me to say some more difficult and technical stuff. So if you want more detail about my creations, you still can translate the message in french.

Thank you for viewing this journal entry. I will share you some images within few days !

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