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Steampunk Fashion - Color Theory and Metals (Link to Essay)

Steampunk Fashion: Use of Color Theory and Metals by Windthin, pdf

Turquoise and Green Onyx Ankh Necklace

Turquoise and Green Onyx Ankh by Windthin, visual art

Lite-Brite Matrix

Lite-Brite Matrix Stained Glass Tile Columns 9 by Windthin, visual art

Steampunk Cowboy 54

Mythical Monsters for Pantheon of Darkness by Theriscythe, literature

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  • Sep 15, 1976
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My Bio

I recommend reading my full bio; I have links to my various galleries farther down.

I am a dabbler. I am a creator. I am a teacher. Among my hobbies are lapidary, carving, sewing, cooking, poetry, short stories, world design, game design, roleplay, photography, graphic manipulation and creation, DJing, bump making, parody writing, remixing, recording parodies, altering and decorating hats and clothes, making walking sticks, staffs, and canes, and generally anything else that comes into my head. I cannot draw to save my life, but I love to read, I love to create, I love to reach out and touch the lives of others, and be touched in turn. I am a husband. I am a father. I am a bird owner. I am student. I am too many things for a brief paragraph to possibly communicate. So come know me, and let me know you. On KoL I was known as the DJ Prima Vera Angelhair.

Over the last few years my personal style has really... evolved. I've changed, and I've pushed a lot of my skills to new limits. I keep pushing them farther, learning more, and seeing just what I can do in myriad fields. I enjoy sharing what I learn with others, and hope to both take and give inspiration in the process.

Current Residence: Sillinoise

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Extra Large Tall

Favourite genre of music: There simply isn't enough room; check my DJ page.

Operating System: Windows 10

MP3 player of choice: Winamp

Shell of choice: Abalone. What? They're pretty.

Skin of choice: My own. I am quite comfortable in it.

Favourite cartoon character: I need to think about this one hard

Personal Quote: Think. Intelligence is perhaps the least valued and most valuable trait in America.

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Manmade Adornments

Shell and Bone


Hair and Head

Pentacles and Cthulhu War Medals


Alternative Accessorizing

The Haberdashery

Steampunk Goggles

Gourdon Pumpkinhead!


Steampunk Photoshoots - Collaborations with others

Self Portraits - Includes most of my personal Steampunk work

Rachel (my wife)

Family and Friends

Our Flock of Birds

Geese on Parade


Wildlife Rescue Center - pictures taken during my time as a volunteer


Crawl Skitter Buzz



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Chalices and Pentacles



For My Parents - In Loving Memory of Nancy Sue Bythewood and Gilbert Roger Bythewood, Jr.

Wake of Patrick Spillane


Baby Ground Squirrel Rescue

Criminara Countdown

The Raccoon Journals

My Jewelry, Clothing, and Steampunk Galleries


Etsy Store

KoL Forum Recipe Thread

Windthin on Model Mayhem

WindPhoto on Modem Mayhem



Favourite Movies
Better Off Dead/Real Genius/Meet the Robinsons/Harvey/The Hudsucker Proxy/this could go on a while
Favourite TV Shows
Monk, Dexter, Justice League, Gargoyles, MacGuyver, Young Justice, Animaniacs, Batman: Brave and the Bold, Burn Notice, White Collar, Grimm, FaceOff, Magnum P.I., Good Eats, Bitchin' Kitchen
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
There simply isn't enough room; check my DJ page.
Favourite Books
I love to read; it is impossible for me to truly answer this in a few lines.
Favourite Games
Kingdom of Loathing, RPGs
Favourite Gaming Platform
Arcades; truly old school
Tools of the Trade
My Computer. My Kitchen. My Tools. My Hands. My Ears. My Eyes. My Mind.

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I make things. Lots of things. And they've sort of wound up scattered across a large number of galleries on my DA account. So here is one journal gathering links to all of my different galleries for these creations. Let's start with... Jewelry I divide up most of my jewelry by material in most cases, and then further into type,though some galleries are based on type instead. There are some exceptions, and there is some overlap. Gemstoned Pieces that are largely natural gemstones or feature major natural stone pieces. Main Gallery Necklaces Pendants Bracelets Sets Miscellaneous Manmade Adornments Pieces made up largely or mainly fro
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For three summers I had the privilege to volunteer at my county's wildlife rescue center. It was exhausting, grueling, dirty work, and I loved every second. It wasn't always easy. Not all of the animals make it. But it was worth it.  Every second. These are my journals from that time, with photos and links to videos. I never did finish uploading my journals from my final summer, I'm afraid. Some day I will. Also, it began with a rescue the previous summer by myself of a group of baby ground squirrels. That journal is here also. These journals, and this work, helped me through a tough time. I lost my mother in 2012, and my father sudden
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Steampunk Fashion: Use of Color Theory and Metals This is a journal version of my popular Steampunk Color Theory article, since issues with Firefox and some other browsers have made it difficult to see the original, which is still linked above and available in PDF format. The Steampunk Color Wheel For those unfamiliar with the term, Steampunk is a both an actual successor of sorts and a spiritual predecessor to Cyberpunk, but where the latter draws from visions of a dystopian and highly technological future, Steampunk draws from the past, or rather a re-imagined past. This past originally centered around the Victorian era of England, but ha
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Vinnie Eats My Camera

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The diamond badge was a pleasant surprise! I really appreciate it.

You make some really creative and colorful things. I wind up amassing a bunch of points I forget about, and every so often remember i have them and like to share them with folks whose work I think is really interesting. Keep on creating wondrous things.

Hello there! Thank you very much for gifting me a diamond bage! I am very honored! :heart:

Most welcome; you do impressive and creative work, and I wanted to share a bit on Thanksgiving. I tend to get a bunch of points stored up during the year. Hope you enioy!

Aw you are too kind! :DThank you again and I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

I did, truly, and the same to you.

I really truly despise eclipse. I can't find any of my notifications. I can't type a damn comment even, it keeps leaping to the top, I had to cut and paste this. This is a mess. This might be it for me, I can't work with this site.