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Right Hand - Reference

One of the things I find frustrating as an artist is trying to draw my right hand. I can't just drop my pencil, pose my hand, memorize how it looked, draw it, drop the pencil again, ETC. ETC. ETC! It's SO annoying! So I dragged my sister downstairs and told her that she was going to be a hand modal, as I forced her to hold her hand in the air for an extended period of time (which, I'll have you know, wasn't that long, though I'm sure she'll tell you it took forever). Some of the fingertips got a bit cut off while I was collaging them together, but I'm seriously lacking in the computer skills. Anything beyond selecting a few pictures in Picasa and clicking "collage", and I'm lost for hours.

UPDATE - Thank you so much to everyone who has posted such nice compliments! I posted this because it was what I, as an artist, wanted, and apparently so do you! I have limited time (as seen by my severe lack of updates) but if there is something simple that would be helpful, let me know! I'll see what I can do....
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has anyone translated these into sign language?

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Super appreciated.
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This will be very helpful! OwO
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Ooh, goody! This will help a ton! :)
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What about GTA 5 middle finger?
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Thanks for sharing !
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This is awesome! Hands are the hardest part of the drawing process. This will be useful! ^^
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i really needed this
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The middle bottom one is my favorite.  Gli italiani vivono!
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Your references are just superb!
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Thank you so much for the images! They helped me with my hand study :)…

Have a great day!~
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hey, I am currently working on fanart of a show I like and I just cant get the hands right, they are in like a finger gun position and I have tried to use my own hand as reference but the back of my hand and front cant face me 24/7 I would appreciate it if you could help me out somehow.
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Do left hand too plz 😊 I'm left handed so I know the feeling too even with the opposite side.
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First of all, thank you so much for your lovely stock images <3
They are really beautiful and have helped me greatly with hand drawing and observation!
I used this to help me out with a school project. Hope you don't mind! I credited you on the description
and I used the the second from left to right on the very last row c: I only rotated it and flipped it
on my computer to use it in my drawing. Here it is in case you want to check it out c:
Keep up your wonderful artworks! They are very stunning :heart:
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Very useful. Thanks.:happybounce: Clap Clap 
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thank you so very much! * o * this helps so muCH
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Thank you, this is exactly what I needed
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Hands have always bugged the crap out of me in drawing. (Then again I always went for five digits, never even tried the four finger setup.)
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