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Under the light of the moon, our love will always shine. "Shine" is a tribute piece to my game, Windswept Destiny, which can be found below.

Trailer: [link]
Game: [link]

I've also used the art in the game. (Shh... spoilers) The original picture is by Mario Yamada, I edited it to suit my needs for the game. I love Haruka and Michiru in their princess dresses, and I think the scene fits them well. I've always wondered what they did during the Silver Millennium, so I decided to make my ideas into a game. It's AU, as there are things that I've added that are in conflict with the BSSM universe. But, I feel I got my point across. I hope you like the picture, and if you play it, my game. :D
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When the sky meets the sea
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This one, is awesome,
i love Haru and Michi

and the planet in the backgroun is gorgeous *-*

but i prefer Haruka in Boydresses xD
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Ah, they look adorable together. Awesome pic.
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one of the best i've seen ^^ bravo ^^
Tripower's avatar
The pic is beautiful *O*
The trailer as well...I immediatlly downloaded it XD And really I'm starting to be addict to your game *O*
FeuerKnight's avatar
Im addict =D
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Beautiful, I always loved the two of them in Sailor Moon! You did a great job!
Hey... great pic... so... i wanna download your game but... i cant... well. i can download but when i am going to try the exe... i cant cause when i click the icon ... puff... was erased from my pc... & can´t find it in anyw'er... what can i do?
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Can I promote ur game in Mexico... i like it so much:strip:
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You can if you'd like. :) Please send the links to me if you don't mind. I'd like to see everyone's replies. ^^
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Wow So Cool thx :strip: u r awesome
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Nice work on the flair of the dress and that BG
I like it. Haruka's body thought seems more maleish than she usually is. Still I like it :)
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This is so beautiful!! I really love the expressions the most!! Lovely work hun!
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Thank you so much! :D
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I love Michiru's expression. So beautiful!
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This makes me so happy. ^_^
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