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Miss Universe Pageant-Michiru

Character : Michiru Kaioh / Sailor Neptune
Contest : [link]
:heart: Won first for Michiru in the 'Senshi Categories' [link]

Michiru is a vision of spring with purple and blue forget-me-nots in her hair and adorning her simple silver and pearl necklace. Her eye shadow is matched with the flowers and her lips are covered in light lip gloss.

Wedding Dress:
Pearl grey silk falls over Michiru's frame in this delicate platinum inspired wedding dress. Pearls and diamonds accent the fabric, along with the strands around her neck. Her makeup is simple, as is the tiara and matching earrings. The gentle white roses match well with the sheer sparkling veil.

Evening Dress:
Touches of the Sea is the name of Michiru's dress. The seashell inspired top pairs nicely with the shimmering fabric and scale like adornments. The tiara and anklets are small touches that add to the finished look.

This fuchsia two piece bikini is a different look for Michiru as she shows off her lithe body. Flowers adorn her sandals, suit fabric, even her earrings.

Theme: Divine Flore
An ancient princess of the East is Michiru's choice. The kimono is extravagant, covered in many layers of silk and handmade flowers. The beadwork is simple, and the headdress intertwined with her hair adds to her air of nobility.


I love doing outfits for Michiru. It's fun and pleasant. :) I've always felt that I have a connection with her. That is why these designs were drawn from the heart.
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The wedding dress is soooo beautiful 😊
shinkuscarlet's avatar
she's beautiful!
Kizouriin's avatar
gorgeous job! she IS a miss universe for me!
SailorUranusTruth's avatar
Michiru Kaioh means Full Sea King, Neptune also called Poseidon means King of the Sea!
This may hint at a secret mermaid nature?
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
My goodness, have you ever seen anything so lovely? :iconcute-plz:
Sailorstarlights2001's avatar
I love the traditional dress. <3
Supremechaos918's avatar
I Freaking LOVE The Wedding Dress! ANy Chance That U Could POst The Full Size Version as A Seperate Deviation!?
HeartbeatsnSteths91's avatar
OMG!!! The second dress is fantastic!! Can I use it for inspiration?
WindSeaBlood's avatar
Are you wanting to use it for inspiration for a drawing or something? If so, if you can just credit me, it would be alright.
HeartbeatsnSteths91's avatar
trumi's avatar
I see you possess the skills needed to draw Michiru in
every type of clothes she has...which is outstanding.:rose:
I do wonder,though...
would you be able to draw her in her trademark black swimsuit
Are you up to the task ?
Nemesis12's avatar
This is beautiful.
Ilikesm's avatar
beautiful.... amazing :) <3
JATGProductions's avatar
You do a very fine job of imitating the anime style!
malvina88's avatar
victortky's avatar
I wholeheartedly love this piece of design costumes for Michiru very much.

You have conveyed the essence and soul of the planet neptune and her sailor known as Michiru.

I love the colours used, and the design concept for each dress and clothing, really suits her personality and character.
heartlessteddy's avatar
Adorable. Awesome taste. ^-^
T-awh-Mi's avatar
Mel-Meiko-Mei-Ling's avatar
Elegantly beautiful! Your lines, colors and compositions are superb!
Jinkun2702's avatar
Omg those dresses are so seeeeexxxxyyyy!!
Downybear's avatar
Such a pretty piece and I am glad to say it won the favorite neptune entry. Please let me know which outfit you would like as a chibi.
WindSeaBlood's avatar
Thank you. I'm glad you loved the art. :) Actually I was wondering if you could perhaps combine H&M together and do their swimsuits in chibi? They'd be so cute together. <3
Downybear's avatar
Sure! I do love those two together. :D
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