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Miss Universe Pageant - Haruka

Character : Haruka Tenoh / Sailor Uranus
Contest : [link]
:heart: Won third place [link]
:heart: Won first for Haruka in the 'Senshi Categories' [link]

A slight feminine touch to our usual masculine Haruka. The long hair and flowers add beauty, and the barely visible pink makeup adds softness.

Wedding Dress:
Always one to be different, Haruka's wedding dress appears to have just come off the runways of Milan. The beautiful sheer tulle matches well with the silk coat and matching gloves. The jaunted hat and veil add a sense of playfulness to this modern interpretation of wedding formality.

Evening Dress:
In this stunning navy silk gown, Haruka will be the life of the party. The simple chandelier earrings and satin high heels give off an aura of sophistication, but the cute tiara adds a sense of fun to our favourite racer.

This yellow swimsuit plays to Haruka's strong points: her masculine side and her fun loving personality. The boy shorts with racer strips suit her quite well, as do the feminine touches such as the strappy sandals and the flower in her hair. All the accessories add up to a combo that can't be beat.

Theme: Modern Day Mariposa
A modern princess of the East is Haruka. While she does enjoy Japanese history, she does have her own spin on things as evident in the picture. This pose shows off a contemporary style, while maintaining a sense of old. The maroon colour is wonderful on her, and the secondary colours only add to her beauty and grace.


I took the longest time to do Haruka's. Especially on the 'theme' drawing. I kept redesigning it many times. Because of Haruka's personality, I don't want to go way out of her style.
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nice job i especially like both the evening dress and the wedding dress these would look great on some of my OCs great work.

Awsome pic XD

Wow I normally prefer Haruka with more masculine looking clothing and poses, but this is gorgeous!
My fave is the navy evening dress.
SailorUranusTruth's avatar
Haruka Tenoh's name literally means distant Sora King, note Sora is Japanese for sky. Uranus also called Caelus means Sky king.
In kingdom hearts Sora wears a crown yet another hint at the distant sky king!
ChizuruNagasaki's avatar
Wow! Haruka with long hair! Nice! Thank u.
ArtLover2192's avatar
Love this. She is beautiful
Sailorstarlights2001's avatar
love the traditional dressHeart Heart 
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a haruka de kimono ficou muito bonita!!!!!
Setsunaminako's avatar
this pic is totally sexy. Haruka needs more love please draw more pics of her in these elements !! p.s. maybe with usagi with her.
cocolunatic13's avatar
She looks SEXY!!!
HarukaTenoPt's avatar
Please do more *o*
c0lB0h's avatar
Oh dear lord, that is just stunning. I'm in love with that wedding dress, which is sweet and dainty without being frilly and fancy. It suits Haruka marvelously!
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I absolutely ADORE her wedding dress. Nice work! :D
ShinobiDigidestined's avatar
Hey, do you plan on doing the other senshi?
ninjaprincesskokoro's avatar
Haruka is pretty with long hair :3
saya19's avatar
This is amazing it shows that Haruka can be beautiful when she wants too and still be herself
Koyuki-sama's avatar
I thought Haruka couldn't be used for the contest.
WindSeaBlood's avatar
This entry was for the first MUP contest, not the second. The first contest is over and I won third place with Haruka.
Koyuki-sama's avatar
oh ok! Well good for you! It's a great piece!!
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