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Giving Back

White day, March 14th. The day to return the favor to the girls who gave them gifts on Valentine's day. And Haruka did, bringing the traditional white roses and white chocolate strawberries in honor of the holiday's theme for Michiru. But then she decided she wanted to show more of her... love to her beloved.

Happy White Day everyone!
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Omg, Haruka's hands. So hot! I love this so much.
catgirl3157's avatar
I want to see the full picture! this image is awesome :love::thumbsup:
catgirl3157's avatar
nice! very cool! :love:
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Azley's avatar
Wow - this is so hot I had to sneeze (I always do, when I see something hot, I'm weird *cough*)
Stunning pic! :+favlove:
smokin' ... I wonder what their faces would look like...
FeuerKnight's avatar
I love your scene
harukaplanetpower's avatar
NH2110's avatar
Oh My God... *Drools*
Harpsiccord's avatar
Wow... absolutely sexy. *Stares* I appreciate!
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StarDragon77's avatar
I always wondered how passionate those two would get behind closed doors.
Songficcer's avatar
I love how you did this. Has almost a vector feel to it. Great job.
battleaxewarrior's avatar
Oh lordy. >o< Love it!
Jinkun2702's avatar
Oh this made me so happy
Wow! That's amazing :shocked:
Asagi-Suisen's avatar
OMG! Very cool and fascinating! Good work! ^^
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