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Dark Slayer - Vampiru

Sculpt for Me Arty Contest
Character : Vampiru Dracul
Contest : :iconartyamg: [link]

Vampiru, who is from the Sailormoon Universe. She is from the musical, Transylvania no Mori. The Seramyu has always been one of my favorite things, in particular some of the villain cast did such an amazing job portraying their characters that they overshadowed the sparkly Sailor Senshi. Vampiru was one of those. She is a half vampire-half human who in the story is supposedly seeking revenge against Sailor Moon and the senshi for the death of her father, Count Dracul, from the previous musical, Last Dracul. She bites three of the senshi: Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus, and turns them into vampires. But in the end (there's a lot more to the story -- it's just complicated to explain in a tiny note ^^;) she frees them from their vampirism and ends up becoming an ally to Sailor Moon.

Vampiru has all the problems with being a half vampire, the need for blood, etc., plus a father (Count Dracul) who is very absent from her life and a dead mother. She is quite young (for a vampire), and doesn't understand a lot of things yet. She is fooled into believing the lies of the main villains and becomes a patsy into attacking the Sailor Senshi for them. But in the end she is redeemed and becomes a great help along with Count Dracul (who is brought back to life) to the senshi in the next musical, Death Vulcan no Fuin.

The three musicals (Last Dracul, Transylvania no Mori, Death Vulcan no Fuin) are an arc that involves the vampires and a few other dark creatures. While there a lot of musicals Bandai put on, these three have always been my favorites because it's one of few original stories they did. In the anime, manga, and live action you rarely see them pursue a dark path, and this myu is full of it. It also helps to prove that not all dark creatures are bad, which is way different than the normal black and white imagery that Sailor Moon usually portrays.

My picture itself consists of Vampiru wielding the sword Orleans Piercer from the musicals. It is a sword created by another character in the musical arc, and is intended for Sailor Moon, but both Dracul and Vampiru wielded the sword in battle. I wanted to do an action shot, since it's when Vampiru seemed at her strongest, going after the other villains with nary a thought for her own being. She is dressed in her standard outfit, a black and silver dress and a black cape, with stained glass pattern around the edge. The cape has always been one of my favorite things, since it is so unique. It reminds me of the bible parable with Joseph ad his coat of many colors.

For more references : [link]

I have always admired people that could sculpture with their hands. Its feels so magical when you seen their outcome of the works. I wish I could have their skillful hands too, but yet… I don’t think I had. Having it be sculpted would be a dream come true, because I have never seen any Vampiru figures on the net because of the myu's obscurity. Not to mention the Vampiru rubber duckie I drew for my love. *g*

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(Pst, a quick correction to your discription. Vampir doesn't drink human blood, which is why they were makeing the homunculus in the first place)
great work, I love Bloody Dracul Vampir and hikari hono!!!
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So, so, SO amazing!!!!
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You are very welcome :heart:
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Yay! I only have seen "Last Dracul" but I feel like seeing the other sagas... Especially Vampiru-sama! Excellent design and artwork! :w00t:!
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You're welcome! :)
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OMG I would pay through the nose for a Hikari figurine! This is gorrrrrgeous! We need to overtake the world with Myus!
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