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Fma - Checkers

By windrider01
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This is a prize picture for ~Shadowpaci who won the Steampunk FMA contest here, #The-DA-Ranger-Group

They wanted Ed and Al, and this is the first thing I came up with! Hope it’s okay =D
I also like drawing Al with long hair~ and Ed with automail because I can >3

Playing checkers while the power is out… That is my excuse for my semi lack of lighting in the room Actually forgot till the end and my awesome amazing friend, said the power went out


*runs away to work*

Ed and Al © Arakawa Hiromu
Art © *windrider01
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© 2012 - 2020 windrider01
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I love playing checkers.
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Checkers is fun =D Though I haven't played for awhile, sure I'll have to relearn everything XD
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Checkers is a easy game to play not to hard at all.
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Mmm! Just need to get a quick refresher on how to play =D
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you go do that. :D
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Al is just so sweet looking with long hair. :) and I would love to watch them play checkers--I can just imagine the banter.
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He is! Which is why I love drawing him with the long hair :love:
ROFL, I can only imagine the banter these two would have XD
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This is awesome~! :D!!! <3
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hehe~ Thank you~<3! :huggle:
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Oooh my! *____* How sweet they are! *3* I really like it, and I like your style too. *-* Thank you soooo much ~ :heart:
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hehe, aren't they just? :love: And I'm really happy you do! and thank you~<3 :huggle:
And you are very welcome my dear =D
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Yeaaah that's right! :D They're always. :dummy: :glomp:
Awwwweh n____n :heart:
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I agree that Ed should be Red. After it very lamely rhymes. XD

But I really love this picture, turned out well!

Question, do you use SAI or Photoshop for your artwork?
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*giggles* I say the same thing! I can't see him in any other color! and Al tends to be in green for me XD

Thanks so much~<3!:huggle:

I use Photoshop =D
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Thanks! Glad you think so~<3 :huggle:
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aw thats so cute
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This is really cute ;A;
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You're welcome!
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I can see 2 moves which could make Winry win lol :XD:
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