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Windows 8 UX Pack 8.1 by windowsx Windows 8 UX Pack 8.1 by windowsx
After download, rename the extracted file extension from .ex_ to .exe to run it.

Mirror without having to rename downloaded file:…

Windows 8 UX Pack 8.1


- Instantly dress up Windows 7 to upcoming Windows 8 in one minute
- Seamless installation and uninstallation giving user's confidence and security in system
- Easily configurable in single click with intelligence Metro UI design
- UxStyle memory patching
- Windows 8 Aero or Metro theme
- Instant cursors, wallpaper/logon screen customization
- Start Orb rebuilt from original resources with authentic orb from Windows 8 resources
- UserTile with current user auto-configured on login
- Metro UI desktop emulation with pre-configured gadgets
- Aero's auto-colorization feature

You can run this program again to re-configure or uninstall. Tasks will be done instantly.

UxStyle memory patching:
Windows 8 Aero theme:
Taskbar UserTile/Mosaic/Aura:

Thanks to: for their awesome future OS, Windows 8.1. for providing official mirror and hosting.

And to you for using Windows 8 UX Pack :)
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Author: Mr. Windows X


-Added LiveTuner recommendation (Highly recommended to try since it's safe and reversible)
-Added some system programs that could be missing in Windows
-Fixed UxStyle's infamous black screen bug that has been identified and dealt with recently
-Updated Windows 7's visual style with 'Aero 8' by aymengh99

-Added Aero Frame UI from Transformation Pack version in case default Aero can't be enabled
-Added betta fish default user logon screen
-Added Windows 8.1 wallpapers
-Changed Immersive UI back to Newgen with lower memory usage configuration
-Fixed program being able to install on Windows 8
-Fixed wallpaper not changed when applying theme
-Fixed WinMetro always running on startup problem
-Updated Newgen to latest free version 12 Preview #3 with Windows 8.1 themed
-Updated Windows 8.1 authentic start orb
-Updated Windows 8.1 logon screen background

-Added Windows 8 sounds scheme media files
-Added WinMetro as alternative Metro Start Screen
-Changed default Immersive UI to Metro Start Screen (WinMetro)
-Updated Glass UI theme configuration based on hacked Aero Glass in Windows 8
-Updated Windows 8 visual style for Windows 7 by Rammist

-Added changing default system drive icon to Windows 8 ones
-Changed default Immersive UI back to Charms Bar
-Fixed default user account configuration not checking requirements causing improper configuration
-Fixed logon screen not changing properly on OEM bundled machine
-Fixed logon screen requires restart on OEM bundled machine after uninstall
-Fixed permission problems with 3rd-party applications
-Fixed start orb not showing up correctly after restart

-Added Charms Bar as Immersive UI's alternative
-Added Windows 8 RTM wallpapers
-Configured launcher's application startup delay to 5 seconds
-Configured Metro Desktop UI and Aero's auto-colorization to be used by default if applicable
-Fixed launcher asking for adminstrative rights everytime on startup
-Fixed changing logon screen requires restart on OEM bundled machine
-Updated Newgen's start screen background to Windows 8 RTM's default
-Updated Starb orb rebuilt for better look and usability
-Updated Theme selection list to Glass UI/Metro UI/Modern UI
-Updated Windows 8 theme for Windows 7 by wango911 with customized theme files

-Fixed explorer not showing up on startup when using Start Orb feature
-Replaced Windows 7 theme with thepanda-x's Windows 8 RC Aero for Windows 7
-Replaced Windows 7 Metro theme with thepanda-x's Windows 8 RC Aero for Windows 7
-Updated Aero mouse cursors from Windows 8 Release Preview
-Updated Newgen Tiles with Windows 8 Release Preview's default background
-Updated Windows 8 Release Preview logon screen
-Updated Windows 8 Release Preview's wallpapers

-Fixed permission problems in some programs that perform changes in Program Files
-Updated component UI font to Tahoma and info font to Segoe UI
-Updated Newgen to version 8.0
-Updated Newgen UI to match with Windows 8 Consumer Preview
-Updated start orb graphics to new Windows 8 flag
-Updated wallpapers to Windows 8 Consumer Preview ones
-Unchecked 'Aero's auto-colorization (Vista/7) only' feature to get Windows 8's default colorization

-Added ability to offer uninstalling existing UX Pack product if can be uninstalled from Control Panel
-Corrected logon screen wallpaper items as Developer Preview ones is actually lock screen
-Replaced ViOrb with Kishan Bagaria's Windows 7 Start Orb Changer including authentic orb from Windows 8 resources
-Updated Default Windows Aero theme to dj-corny's Windows 8 Metro Mod 1.66
-Updated Newgen background to be properly matched with Windows 8 Metro Start
-Updated User Tile's default configuration to be unchecked as Windows 8 Developer Preview no longer has it

-Added .NET Framework 4.0 requirements check
-Added Developer Preview item for default Desktop/Logon screen options
-Added ViOrb for changing Taskbar's Start Orb to ones in Windows 8 Developer Preview
-Added uninstaller in Programs and Features as separated uninstaller
-Added wallpapers found in Windows 8 Developer Preview build
-Fixed launcher problems with user account control (No more asking for admin rights on startup)
-Fixed uninstallation code that doesn't remove something (Zetro theme, old wallpapers)
-Updated Mosaic with latest Newgen 6.0 with Windows 8's tiles and UI configuration
-Updated Default Windows Aero theme to dj-corny's Windows 8 Metro Mod 1.5

-Added Aura for Aero's auto-colorization feature
-Added Mosaic for Metro UI desktop emulation with pre-configured gadgets
-Added Zetro UI 1.1 for Windows 8 Metro inspired UI
-Improved system versioning and dependency checking UI experiences
-Replaced UserTile picture options with Windows 8 features selection
-Updated desktop wallpaper to M3 from Windows 8 build 7989
-Updated Windows 8 Aero theme to build 7989 ones

-Initial release
windowsx Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Yeah right. I've just realized it this morning.  Change back to Windows 7 section now. Thanks.
raiden1989 Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Student Artist
Why would you post a Windows 8.1 transformation/UX pack in the Windows 8 section of dA? We all have the real deal here. No need for transformation/UX packs LOL.
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