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OS X Mavericks UX Pack 3.0

By windowsx
After download, rename the extracted file extension from .ex_ to .exe to run it.

Mirror without having to rename downloaded file:…

If you want to try full version involving modifying system files, please consider using Transformation Pack version here

OS X Mavericks UX Pack 3.0


- Instantly dress up Windows 7/8/8.1 to OS X Mavericks in one minute
- Seamless installation and uninstallation giving user's confidence and security in system
- Easily configurable in single click with intelligence Metro UI design
- UxStyle memory patching
- OS X Mavericks/iOS 7 themes, wallpapers, user pictures and logon screen
- Start Orb matching OS X Mavericks themes without actually modifying system files
- OS X Dock emulation with pre-configured docklets optimized for stability/performance
- Dashboard and Spaces with shortcut keys configured
- Launchpad access from desktop corner and Dock configured

You can run this program again to re-configure or uninstall. Tasks will be done instantly.

UxStyle memory patching:
The Lion Visual Style for Windows 7:
Lion for Windows 8/8.1:
Flurry screensaver:
iOS 7 icons:
Y'z Shadow:

Thanks to: for their amazing OS, OS X Mavericks.
Steve Jobs for his inspiring passion and dedication that set Apple and us to where we're here today. for providing official mirror and hosting.

And to you for using OS X Mavericks UX Pack :)
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Author: Mr. Windows X


-Added F4 key shortcut for Launchpad activation
-Added Glass transparency support for Windows 8/8.1 with WinaeroGlass
-Added LiveTuner recommendation (Highly recommended to try since it's safe and reversible)
-Changed Aero Frame UI to be enabled by default if DWM is not detected or running
-Changed programs' font back to Lucida Sans Unicode
-Changed Left side OS X caption buttons program to LeftSider (Fixing 8/8.1 compatibilities)
-Fixed font problems with Helvetica Neue in some websites like Facebook
-Improved DWM detection method using API command
-Removed hot screen corner activation as it interrupts gaming experiences
-Updated Windows 8/8.1 theme with neiio's Lion theme
-Updated XWidget to version 1.91

-Added more OS X Mavericks wallpapers
-Added Windows 8.1 support
-Fixed breaking some full-screen apps in Windows 8
-Fixed Facebook font problems by substituting Lucida Grande font with Lucida Sans
-Fixed launcher asking for administrator rights everytime on startup
-Replaced Lucida Grande font option with Segoe UI
-Updated UxStyle supporting Windows 8/8.1 for both x86/x64 now
-Updated XWidget to version 1.881

-Initial release
© 2012 - 2021 windowsx
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Z3ROX3's avatar
why is the application not launching? i changed it from .ex_ to .exe
Thank you for the UX pack but I have a problem with my iTunes (for PC), it turns white completely when I open. If you can fix it, this UX pack would be perfect.  
marcoplanas's avatar
Hola, lo instale y luego de reiniciarse automaticamente queda la pantalla en negro... desde el task manager ejecute chrome.exe y pude abrirlo para comentar pero no abre el explorer.exe

Hi, install it and then automatically restarts the screen is black ... from the task manager and run chrome.exe open for comment but could not open the explorer.exe
marcoplanas's avatar
I have windows 8.1
Yah i have use this ux theme but i don't like the rocketdock actually , how can i remove the rocketdock ? yah i want to use another dock so please . . . .
windowsx's avatar
You can choose Dock Configuration to be Disable so that you won't see it running.
malibirandaryl's avatar
Thanks, Now i Feedback to Say Thanks! I will never changed my Theme!
djeos546's avatar
what's expstart ?
here is the full version:
nhatlam1804's avatar
it is so good, that you can earn money with it <3
Got 3 "fail to update bitmap errors" and startorb isn't changed ... any help ?
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Quick Question , is it a transformation pack? or just a plain VS cause those Transformation packs irritate me when I want to get rid of it!
windowsx's avatar
It's plain VS with 3rd-party applications that you can choose what to run or not. Anyway, Lion Transformation Pack won't irritate you when you want to get rid of it like others.
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Hope you like it. :)
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