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Unforgotteable Pipe Dreams
I have worlds in my head
And adventures fill my heart
I want to tell of these stories
To tell these secrets
But one can feel extraordinary things
In the most lonely of ways
And one can find thousands of tales
In the quietest of places
This does not mean
They have the words to say it
This does not mean
They feel as though they can speak
I have worlds in my head
And thousands of tales
But broken people have broken voices
And when I speak it falls into pieces
:iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 0 0
I feel the cool winds of change
Running up my spine
And I cannot yet tell
If I'm in dire need of this breeze
Or about to freeze in the cold
:iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 0 0
So this is what misery feels like.
I am overjoyed by simple apples
That grow from seeds
Flown thousands of miles
To make it to my hands
I find hope in all the little
Cracks in the sidewalks
Where tiny flowers push through
And let color overtake concrete
I feel a warm sense of happiness
That fills all of me
From hand written letters
Simply decorated and sweet
Everywhere I look
There is so much beauty
Hidden under these simple things
That we walk past everyday
Yet I look at myself
And there is nothing
I cannot bear
To find happiness in this tragedy
:iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 1 0
I Can Feel it Falling Apart
I know God has left the building
He said sorry on his way out
Looking just as sad as we did
When we too gave up on us
I tried to write an apology
But the words were all so ugly
Just jagged lines and empty things
Tiny reflections of ourselves
You know I love your smile
Though it makes me miss and hate my own
Since I know that I could have it
But all your tears would return
I’m about as good of a writer
As I am at speaking out loud
No muse to give me the right words
But there was never much inspiration here
:iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 1 0
I wish that I could do it again
But the shoes don't fit anymore
Now I stand bare feet all bloody
On broken dreams I can no longer have
:iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 0 0
I'm trying to mourn for summer
But I'm falling in love
With fall
Though winter is now blowing
Cold winds down my spine
A gentle reminder
Her distant love
Shall come soon
:iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 0 0
You always apologize
For not properly picking up
All the broken pieces
When they fall on the floor
Yet I know the truth
It is me who should be sorry
Because while you are apologizing
For not being good with words
I'm just sitting there
Silently watching you fumble
Not even staring
At the pieces on the floor
:iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 3 0
The truth is
they took the shackles off
years ago
I just put them back on
and sat back down
hiding from the world
felt less painful
than walking into it
:iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 0 0
how do you cure
a heart
that aches for what
it does not know
but breaks because
it knows it's missing?
:iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 3 0
I wonder what it feels like
To really be loved
Since all I've found in another
Is loneliness and lies
Because I've felt gentle touches
That only bring pain
Heard soft spoken words
Fall heavy to the ground
Had arms wrap around
Only when convenient
Left warm sheets behind
For lonely drives home
No need for last names here
No need for fake tenderness
Just gather your clothes
And head for the door
:iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 2 0
King of the Mountain by Windowsill7 King of the Mountain :iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 1 0
overfilled with love
that nobody would take
a heart that heavy
fell right out of her chest
:iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 0 0
Screw the Dust in the Wind
They say in the end
We are all just dust
But I disagree
And I rebel
Life is meant to burn
Meant to burn till the end
Don't put out the flames
Feed your fire
Blacken the skies
With flurries of hot ash
Make this world know
What it means to exist
:iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 0 0
Hell is the day
You finally realize
A broken heart
Is expected
To keep beating
:iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 1 3
Somewhere along the way I lost the truth.
I used to think
so much more
of life than this
everything is overrated
as soon as you decide
to see it that way
just let it go kid
no point in seeking
something different
no point in pursuing
when it keeps ending
the same exact way
:iconwindowsill7:Windowsill7 1 0
I don't like the way
your name feels anymore
doesn't roll off the tongue
quite like it used to
instead likes to dig
into the back of my mind
or trickle down into my stomach
and make me seasick
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So I've decided to try new art subjects/styles I haven't done before... If anything actually turns out reasonable I'll probably post it. This should be interesting.


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