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Windows XP HD Wallpaper Pack

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DOWNLOAD:… (PLEASE read the notes BEFORE commenting about missing wallpapers)

This is a pack of many Windows XP wallpapers in 1920x1200 (with a few 3840x2160 versions), rather than 800x600! Alongside the XP wallpapers, this pack also includes wallpapers from Windows 2000, Mobile 5.x/6.x, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Plus! 98 and other stock photos that were taken by Windows photographers. It doesn't have everything, but it still has quite a lot considering their rarity. 

If you aren't aware, Microsoft licensed most of their wallpapers from stock photo sites such as Corbis and Getty Images. I have used a certain downloader tool to retrieve many of these at higher resolutions, and in some cases I even got some directly from old royalty free stock photo CDs. As stock photo sites sometimes take photos down, not all of them are present in this pack but I have been trying my best to find them. Also, if you're going to submit any of your finds to this pack, please be aware that I do not accept upscaled wallpapers, as they do not preserve/add details and I feel they have less value than the original images. You can always try contacting the original photographers for full res versions, although be prepared to spend a bit of money.

Included from XP are:
- Ascent, Autumn, Azul, Bliss, Friend, Follow, Moon flower, Radiance, Red moon desert, Stonehenge, Tulips, Vortec space, Wind (13/20)
- airplane, astronaut, ball, beach, car, cat, dog, drip, duck, guest, guitar, kick (user account pictures) (12/24)
- Blue hills, Sunset, Water lilies, Winter (sample pictures) (4/4)
- Plus!/MCE wallpapers, sample pictures and Party Mode backgrounds
- Several Starter Edition wallpapers
- Fun Pack backgrounds

Included from 2000 are:
- Boiling Point, Gold Petals, Paradise, Snow Trees, Solar Eclipse (5/12)

If you are unsure about anything, read the notes in each folder. These clarify reasons why wallpapers may either look different from expected or why some may be missing. 

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please add crystal wallaper hd ?