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Tutorial: Making Wefts 4 Wigs

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I'm finally lucking enough to get the chance to post some of my cosplay/costuming tutorials I have done her on DA! I made these a few months ago and had post them on my website and youtube, but was bummed that I couldn't share them here. I'm not too good at explaining things through text (at least I think so) plus videos I think are much more helpful.

I want to apologize for the icky quality of this video. This was before I got a better camera. If I make another weft sometime soon I'll be sure to re-record with my better camera. In the mean time I hope this suffices.

About this tutorial
Ever needed to add more hair to your wig or needed a hair extension for you costume but didn't have the time or money to buy your own? Or maybe you would like to learn another way to make wefts. Well, this tutorial is for you. This video follows me through all the steps of making wefts with synthetic hair on your sewing machine.

If you have a hard time following what I am doing in the video, below is a full written tutorial on how to do it. Of course if you have ANY questions please feel free to note me. I'll be happy to answer any question you have.

What you will need:
-Pack(s) of loose extension hair (I'm using Silky Straight Kanekalon Braid from Dr. Locks in this video)
-Netting, lace, or sheer ribbon
-Thread in your extension hair color
-Sewing Machine (use a normal sewing machine. I haven't tried it with a serger/overlock yet)

1. Set your machine to the tightest tension (for me that was 9), to the smallest stitch length (I used 1 in this tutorial, or the on above your button hole stitch setting) and to your straight stitch.

2. Thread your machine. It is best to use thread and lace/netting/ribbon in the color your extension hair is so it isn't as easy to see.

3. Place your lace/netting/ribbon down on the sewing plate.

4. Take small amounts of hair and place it on the lace/netting/ribbon. We will be folding our hair in half at the end, so if you want an extension piece that is 5" long, use 10" pieces of hair. Spread it out a bit so it isn't really think, but evenly disbursed.

5. Sew down the center of the lace/netting/ribbon and of your hair.

6. Repeat steps 5 and 4 until you have reached the desired width you want your weft to be.

7. Repeat step 5 three more times to insure the security of the hair to the lace/netting/ribbon.

8. Now sew on more stitch about 1/4" to the side of the other stitches you just made.

9. Fold your weft in half so the lace/netting/ribbon is on the outside and the hair is inside. Pin your weft so the fold stays secure.

10. Adjust your machine to a ZigZag stitch with a fairly small width. Keep your stitch length and tension the same.

11. Sew down the ribbon close to the fold edge/ previous stitches to keep the weft folded in half.

12. Trim the excess lace/netting/ribbon to your stitches and your done!

Now you can easily add your extension hair to your wig with no mess!
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hey I have a wefting question. i dont have a sewing machine but i found a tutorial on how to do it by hand and i was wondering how to make double wefts. if i have a completed weft, would i just cut it in half and sew the 2 new pieces together to get double weft or is it more complicated than that? i'm having trouble finding any information on it :(
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Not sure how to do it by hand, but would imagine that you can just double them up. I haven't done it so the best thing I can say is just give it a try. If you sew them together you can always take them apart if you don't like them. Good luck!
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ah ok :) well i'll just go for it then XD
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:+fav: This tutorial is featured in "Costume Design 101" for Costume Week.

Thank you for sharing your design techniques with the community!
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Omg it looks so easy, and here I was thinking it was just something impossoble to do. Thanks~! :D
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Nope! I think it's easier then the no-sew method actually, plus a LOT faster. :) Good luck!
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this is going to save me so much time and stress, thankyou for posting this
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i've made wefts before, but never thought to do it in such a way. this tutorial is really helpful. thanks so much for sharing!
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is there any way you can make a tutorial on how to put the wefts on the wig cap? I've looked EVERYWHERE and I cannot seem to find any tutorials. I don't know how to attack the wefts (well i know that you sew them) but I just dont know what pattern to lay them in, or how to do the top part and bangs. Do you know of any good tutorials?

Thanks alot :3
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Are just trying to add in the wefts you sewed in this tutorial? If so you can either sew or just glue them in. When I do it I find the area I want it, part the wig so the weft tracks are showing and then glue or sew it to one of the other wefts. if you look at your base wig you will see the wefts running horizontal and then stretch material going vertical. It is best (if possible) to attach your weft ends on these.

I'm sorry if this is confusing! I'll try to make a video with in the week about wigs.
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Thank you so much! The information does help alot! A video would be so amazing too! There are videos of attaching wefts that i can find.

I'm starting with a totally blank wigcap and wefts. I'm not sure if I told you that or not. Cause I want to try to make my own wigs D:

Thank you so much
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Oh wow so ambitious. Hmm I would pull out a pre-made wig and study it. They do have vertical elastic running from head to nape and that is what the wefts are attached to. Maybe just make a "cage" for your head and the attach the wefts to the "cage." Good luck!
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Oh okay! Thank you so much!
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Thanks so much for this :D
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This tutorial is amazing and I never would have thought of this! It's very helpful and I'll make use of it with my next wig project. :D
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Thanks! I'm happy you found it useful. :love:
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Thanks! Happy to hear it helped!
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Amazing tutorial. I would never have thought of doing it this way! Thanks SO much for posting it. I'm sure my friends will like to see this as well!
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Sure thing! Glad it was helpful. :)
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