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I've been talking to my friend Nessa for almost a year about her doing Maya with me. Since I had already made a Maya and now had a Lilith from Borderlands 2, I got to stick her in Maya! I admit Nessa makes a far better Maya than I and I can't get over how PERFECT she looks as her. Anyways, so here is the first shot we have gotten back from us wearing these together at Fanime 2013.
Lilith costume made and worn by: WindoftheStars:iconwindofthestars:
Maya costume made by Windofthestars, Worn by daydreamernessa :icondaydreamernessa:
Lilith gun prop made by Iceman-props:iconiceman-props:
Maya gun prop made by Nessa's BF.

Photo by: Joseph Chi Lin…

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Lilith and Maya bad ass Sirens
MotherOfDragons64's avatar
Cool Bad ass Cosplays 
AveragePhotographer's avatar
Beautiful and badass!
Brilliant & beautiful!
MidouCloudR2's avatar
N-o-va's avatar
Maya and Lilith woot!
JonOcean's avatar
Holy***t that's awesome!!
Digiko's avatar
This is fantastic! You two did a wonderful job! Your cosplays are Perfect! :D
dvn10301's avatar
That is an example of good cosplay!
RogueofAsgard's avatar
good gods, you guys are amazing.
CatgirlFanatic's avatar
I can say, with all honestly, this is THE BEST Borderlands cosplay I've seen so far. Amazing job! :3
KelseyTheHuman125's avatar
wooooah *v* that's really awesome!
SuperNinjaDuck's avatar
both of u look gorgeous!!!
bluedevilsinger's avatar
Wow, Nessa is beautiful as Maya and you look great as Lillith. You two are gorgeous.
MrJechgo's avatar
Nicely done ^_^
BlizzardTerrak's avatar
Wow, nice to see Nessa angry! =D

....I mean at someone other than me. ^^;
Discofrog's avatar
Awesome cosplays, you ladies look amazing!
ThomClyma's avatar
I've seen a lot of Borderlands cosplay and I have to say that while the Maya looks so close to perfection in reality, you as Lilith is perfect in the game. It's the attention to recreating the cell-shading effect that the game is known for that makes the costume perfect.
TheGhostBox's avatar
Beautiful, beautiful Sirens <3
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