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The Hunger Games - District 1 Tributes

Ladies And Gentlemen of Panem, I present to you, your District 1 tributes in their Chariot outfits:

Antigone and Garnet.

Stay tuned to see the rest of the tributes, and learn how you can help one lucky tribute win the 38th annual hunger games.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

(See [link] for more information)
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Can I use these designs for my Hunger Games story? I will give you full credit, but it's OK if you say no.
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I really love this whole series.  You could totally be a Capitol stylist, your designs are awesome!
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Aw thanks that's very sweet of you :)
KikiReed523's avatar
I like the crystals!
Windnstorm's avatar
Avenged7xdragon6661's avatar
...Now...I really like this outfits the best :D:D:D And I like how you dress them with those red crystals :)
Windnstorm's avatar
Thank you so much! :)
brookiet77's avatar
no way. you didn't do this. Don't take this creepishly but I LOVE U for doing this! This is awsome and..............well amazing.
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Thank you so much :)
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Amazing! Rubies!! The whole concept is great!
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Thanks for the support!
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I really love these! Antigone's dress is so stylish! She seem's very Glimmer-like.

As for Garnet, I love him. He looks classy. XD
Windnstorm's avatar
Gaw thanks! :D She's a lot less prissy than Glimmer!
Emperor-Lucas's avatar
No problem! :D And I can tell, from her look. Did you see the movie? I thought Glimmer's death was very well done... and very gross. XD
ilfie's avatar
Ooh these are better than the ones in the movie!
Windnstorm's avatar
Thank you so much :D
dancetolive2's avatar
these outfits are my favorite :) they're just awesome! great imagination.
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dancetolive2's avatar
your welcome. I'm excited to see more of these outfits!
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