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Lelouch | Memory Threads
Among the tall, modern skyscrapers that dotted the landscape of the Britannian Central Square, the white-washed glass building stood out like a thumb, its floor to ceiling windows shimmering in the sun. Right at its center stood a tall statue draped in a grey cloth, ready to be unveiled to the world. After months of construction, the memorial of the Honorary Britannian Suzaku taking down the terrorist, Zero, was finally completed and scheduled for opening in a day.
Beyond the untouched lawns of the memorial, the police stood guard in front of erected barriers to prevent curious onlookers from getting too close to the building. But their presence did nothing to deter the small crowd that milled around to watch the workers put finishing touches to the memorial. The crowd was a mix of Britannians and Elevens, some of them watching with curiosity and excitement, others with pride, and a small few who wore their disgust and disdain openly on their face.
Among them was a young female student
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Levi x Reader - Shackles [Soulmate!AU] Epilogue
(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
(Taken from the memoirs of the last Empress of China)
To the man whom I truly love:
This letter was written many years back and locked away in a small, simple jewelry box, away from all curious eyes. It contains all the memories, thoughts, and feelings that I want to forget… that is until the day I decide that my duty has been fulfilled.
I want to tell you all the things I’ve never said to you for fear that I would lose my sense of purpose. For the first time in my life though, I don’t know where to start this letter.
Maybe a good beginning would be the day I left you.
We were young, ignorant, headstrong - I more so than you. My heart was filled with revenge and ambition. Yet without you beside me, I was left all alone in the vicious world of the Forbidden Palace. With no one to turn to, no one to trust, I learnt to harden my heart. But that came with a price
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Levi x Reader - Shackles [Soulmate!AU] Part 8
(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
What was hours ago a peaceful, celebratory atmosphere in the town had now descended into a picture of chaos. Screams and cries tore through the still air as two groups of distinctly different soldiers descended upon the town. Towards the South end, the Tufan task force spread out through the many passageways that ran like veins through the town, systematic in their search for the Han Empress.
One of the burly Tufan soldiers close to the Southeast corner separated from his comrades to cover more ground. As he rounded the bend of a sharp corner, a sudden flying elbow to his chin sent him sprawling on the ground. Before he could recover or call for help, a shadow loomed over him and delivered a sharp blow to his head, knocking him out instantly.
The hooded assailant straightened and turned towards the mouth of the alley he had emerged from. With one finger, he beckoned, “Co
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Levi x Reader - Stuck
If there was a worse time to be trapped in a car, it was now. Stuck on a desolate road far away from the town, the occupants of the black sedan shivered as the temperature dipped later into the night. A single lamppost threw a warm light into the interior, illuminating the man and woman seated in front.
“Come fast, yeah,” (F/N) breathed out before hanging up. She turned to the black haired male beside her. “Eren and Jean said they’ll come and pick us up now.”
Levi scoffed. “Presuming they don’t beat each other up on the way here.”
(F/N) laughed, although it quickly turned into a hacking cough. She rubbed her bare shoulders with her hands. “God it’s fucking cold.”
It was still mid fall weather but with their particularly odd choices of clothing, it certainly made all the difference.
Levi scanned her from top to bottom and clicked his tongue as if to reprimand a child. “Who asked you to wear that? It’s just ban
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Levi x Gamer!Reader - meta:Morph Part 4/4
> S A V E <

(Excerpt from CNN News)
10 Years On: Lessons Learnt.
17 June 2037:
On the anniversary of the Sina school shooting that changed the landscape of video gaming and gun possession, President Erwin Smith delivered an emotional speech regarding how far legislation has advanced to prevent such a tragedy from occurring. Over the past ten years, there has been a drop in such violent crimes and a significant decrease in the number of people with a gaming addiction… While companies like VR Agent Inc who founded the Attack on Titan game have since moved on to developing games that instill moral values, there are still many unfortunate victims of similar crimes that continue to suffer.

“No goodbye kiss for me, (F/N)?” the dusty blonde man teased.
Scoffing, (F/N) turned and walked down the few steps before pecking her boyfriend, Farlan on his forehead. She then flicked him on the same spot and laughed. “I’ll see you tomorrow. You
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 30 14
Levi x Gamer!Reader - meta:Morph Part 3/4
Trigger Warning: School shooting
> U N I N S T A L L <

(Excerpt from CNN News)
Breaking News on Sina School Shooter.
17 June 2027:
The shooter who went on a murderous rampage in the prestigious Sina school was found to have multiple videos on his webpage describing his plan of action. Motivated by his online persona in the Attack on Titan game, he claimed to be stuck behind “walls” made by society and was eager to rid the world of its “hidden titans”. Having been reported for abusive behavior towards the AI characters in the game and then banned, it triggered him to put his plan into motion which resulted in the deaths of 33 people. This incident comes at a time when increasing pressure has been mounting on VR Agent Inc to discontinue its line of violent video games. The company could not be reached for further questions.

The car ride back home was abnormally silent. Seated in the back, (F/N) stared blankly at the rolling scenery.
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Levi x Gamer!Reader - meta:Morph Part 2/4
> P A U S E <

(Excerpt from VR Agent Inc website)
Behind the Scenes in Attack on Titan: Expeditions.
10 May 2027:
The Attack on Titan: Expeditions game brings you a fascinating world that capitalizes on custom-built AI technologies and intensive data mining techniques that help tailor a user’s experience and interactions. Unlike other games, Expeditions allows users to dictate a major portion of gameplay. This is supported by a comprehensive analysis of the user’s preferences obtained from a preliminary questionnaire and the choices made throughout gameplay*. The AI characters are also built from a proprietary base and modeled on real people. They are the first of its kind to have passed the Turing test and as such, their interactions with users are as human-like as possible.
*See the Terms of Service for how the software collects user data.

The ticking of the grandfather clock echoed in the large living room, counting away the long seconds until sh
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Levi x Gamer!Reader - meta:Morph Part 1/4
> P L A Y <

(Excerpt from VGame Premium magazine)
New Virtual Reality Attack on Titan Game Takes Market by Storm
29 Apr 2027:
The release of the Attack on Titan: Expeditions game by VR Agent Inc has seized the attention of millions around the world. With its proprietary, realistic AI-based avatars that are larger than life, players can interact with existing characters and experience the world first-hand using the custom built headset…. You can get your own copy of the game today in stores!

Peaceful was not exactly a word she would use to describe the Attack on Titan game where slaying titans and losing comrades were the staple events of that world. Yet sitting beside the game character Levi as they looked out on the night sky was the most tranquil part of her daily life.
She was dressed in the standard white shirt and pants, her hair styled the way she always dreamt of. In this surreal game world, she could change her looks any way she wanted and not feel
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Levi x Reader - Forced Coincidence
Like something out of a black and white romance film, the night scene was painted by dim street lighting and a secluded bridge with the main characters taking center stage. They stood facing each other on the pavement, the city lights from afar casting a warm silhouette on them.
It was clear to any observant eye that they were in the midst of a lover’s fight, unwilling to put down their pride and reconcile their misunderstandings. Nothing could change their stance in the matter.
Except maybe…
“(F/N), do you copy?” The static crackle of the radio shattered the silence of the night. Shook out of her lazy slump, the woman dressed entirely in black grabbed her transponder.
She hissed in a low voice. “Levi, couldn’t you be more fucking discrete??”
Her gaze still fixed on the bickering couple ahead of her, she pulled her cap further down to obscure her face.
“Is the target there or not, brat?” Levi’s bored voice drifted down the lin
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Levi x Reader - Shackles [Soulmate!AU] Part 7
(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
Descending the cliff proved to be a much more difficult journey than we expected, eating away what little sunlight time we had left. Thankfully, the bright lamps of the town shone like a beacon in the approaching darkness of the night. Eager to take shelter, we urged our horses along. The tired beasts broke into a fast trot until we reached the edge of the town, where we then dismounted.
It was a quaint little place bustling with activity, although not quite as much as what I was used to in the capital. Shops stretched down on both sides of the cobbled pathway, each of them brightly lit to show off their wares. Merchants called out to passersby, advertising their goods.
As we walked down the street, both of us had our eyes on different things. Li Wai was on the lookout for any soldiers and an inn for us to spend the night
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Shadow Dawn
For the first time in decades, the streets of the underground city bustled with uncharacteristic vigor. Trapped deep in the bowels of the earth where the deadly rays of the scorching sun could not touch them, the inhabitants gathered around in large crowds to witness the countdown to the phenomenal event that only happened once every moon cycle.
The buzz of excitement was felt all around by rich and poor alike. All except one dusty blonde young man who gulped hard as he gathered his courage to approach the green-eyed woman in front.
“Hey.” A weak greeting given, he smiled awkwardly.
As her sharp gaze turned to meet his, she scoffed in disgust. “Well, if it isn’t the jerk who was flirting with Alexi yesterday.”
Her hands folded across her chest as she declared with a sense of finality. “Look, I don’t want to be a part of your love games anymore, Lucien.”
His expression fell. He had not expected such an extreme reaction from her despite war
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Levi x Reader - Run To Me
(AU Note: Read through without the sentences in brackets and then read again with the sentences in brackets.)
There are two things in this world that take my breath away:
Running and… Levi.

One of them was right in front of me.
I halted in my tracks, my breath caught in my throat. The short, raven-haired man stood in the large hall way, dressed in a simple hoodie and track pants. He still hadn’t caught sight of me as his gaze was held by something else. I backed away slowly, hoping he would not turn in this direction.
(He had sworn that he would not go easy on me.)
Lady Luck was not on my side.
His grey eyes met mine when my track shoes squeaked loudly against the marble floor. I froze, my lips turning dry as his intense stare burned into me. It was like looking into the face of the hot sun – my legs turned into jelly under his gaze. When his lips parted, I was finally jolted into action.
Spinning around, I took off in the opposite direction away
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I'm a young, mature lady
with a sparkly bright future
filled with tons of money,
because I'm getting my degree
in Attention-Seeking and Self-pitying (A.S.S)
My life is so so busy;
more busy than you busy people.
Still I have time to take selfies
which people say are lovely.
But I'm so unloved, so ugly - why aren't you contradicting me?
You see me all lovey-dovey
with my sweet, perfect boyfriend.
Though we call each other honey,
he hogs all the attention,
leaving me a poor lonely baby.
Oh you too are in misery?
I'll lend you an ear,
and then say "I see"
before talking about me, me, me.
Because my problems are worse than yours - clearly.
That's okay though, really.
You don't have to comfort me
when I say I forgot to eat today, no biggie.
I just want to see
who will offer me their sympathies.
And if you didn't feel guilty
or catch my attempt at getting pity,
I'll post on social media: "I'm feeling shitty"
So when people express their concerns
I'll just say "Don't ask me."
So you see
my jo
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Four Siblings
is the only season
that brings joy to its siblings:
clingy Summer, overbearing Winter, and pushover Fall.
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 35 18
Three Seasons
Appreciate the beauty and freshness of springtime
by experiencing our three unique seasons:
Blazing hot summer, freezing cold winter, and sinusoidal temperature hell.
you only appreciate something when it's gone.
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Levi | Not Living, Not Dead (Zombie!AU)
(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
Standing on the steps leading to a small cabin, the brunette swept her eyes over her surroundings, from the snow-capped mountains in the distance to the vast sprawling land in front of her. All was silent, save for the loud chirping of the crickets.
The narrow dirt road she had traveled down was empty of vehicles. Tall grass on both sides of the road stretched to the horizon as far as she could see, swaying along to the touch of the gentle breeze. There was no sign of any living thing in the vicinity.
Her guard still up, she turned towards the raven haired man standing behind her, an automatic rifle held to his chest. Jerking her head in the direction of the open area, she spoke in a low voice, her breath condensing in the chilly air. “Watch my six.”
Steel grey eyes met hers. The man nodded and turned his gaze back to the fie
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