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Divina: The Legend
Legend has it that the Yellow Tree and the life of Divina was intertwined.
It started as a seed in the ground, small
    A spawn of evil born, nightfall
From the seed grew a tree, mighty
    A skillful practitioner she be, an almighty
Spindly branches reached for the sky, the heavens
    She wanted to make her own world, her haven
Flowers turned to paper-thin leaves, brown
    Each sacrifice marked an etch, a crown
A system of roots spread underground, invading veins
    Her followers multiplied, a virus strain
But fear gripped hold; hordes driven to strike at the heart line-

Fire may not char its wood, it thrived
    Labeled a witch, she burnt, alive
Lightning may not scar its body, it resists
    Machines rise yet magic prevails, persists
What you see is just one tree, one Divina, but what you don’t see can never be confined.
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 16 14
L x Reader - Love Bug
His sleeping face looked so tranquil like an angel from heaven. None of his usual grumpiness could be seen, replaced by a soft expression that made him look years younger.
You smiled gently, a hand reached out to sweep his bangs aside. Lightly running a thumb down his cheek, you giggled as he turned in his sleep to rest on his back, his arms thrown out haphazardly.
Catching him like this was unexpected and so worth it! You didn’t understand why he never wanted anyone to see him when he was sleeping but you would give anything to see him so vulnerable like this.
Like a lusty vampire, you drank in the sight of his youthful face, his tempting neckline, and his oh-so-vulnerable position. Cheeks flushed at the dirty thoughts that sprang in your mind, you cleared your throat and looked away.
But you couldn’t resist the magnetic pull of his subconscious charms and found yourself staring at him from the corner of your eyes. Almost as if on cue, he shifted and his arm suddenly reach
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 21 6
Life Lottery
11:58PM | April 1st 2041
This was no April Fool’s prank.
Strung up high on the ceiling was the limp body of a dark-haired teen. His scraggly arms were caked with blood and the nails were missing from his fingers. A small metallic dog tag with the number 103 hung loosely from his ankles.
There was nothing uncommon about such grisly sights. But it was the cardboard sign that dangled around his neck that sent the fear of the devil into the hearts of all that saw it. Painted in the boy’s blood were the words:
No one escapes Organ Town.
06:11PM | April 1st 2041
At the sound of the key turning in the lock, the whispers in the communal bedroom died down. The door was then flung open and a disheveled girl pushed in. She crumpled to the floor, her wavy black hair obscuring her face.
Once the door closed behind her, she was surrounded by a mob of people. Three young men lifted her small body up gently and carried her over to one of the multi-level bunk beds. As t
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 20 30
Bertolt | Notes from a Magpie Part 4/4
(AU Note: Listen to this for maximum effect)
(Christmas Eve)
Dear Mr. Giraffe,
I’m sorry I judged you for what you did. You’re not to blame. Just like me, you’re a victim of this merciless war. I too thought I was helping the Eldian people. I thought what I was doing meant something. I thought I meant something. Evidently not. I’m just collateral damage in the great scheme of things. I don’t have a purpose, I don’t know what I’m meant for. But I do know what to do next.
Goodbye, Mr. Giraffe.
From Magpie.

~ ~ ~
Thrown out onto the road by an irate old Eldian man, Hoover brushed the dirt off his jacket. Snow crunched under his feet and he shivered at the gust of wind that whipped across his face.
He hated household check duty. Normal patrol duty with the Marleyian soldiers were bad enough with them abusing him. But household check duty meant interaction with his own people w
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 12 5
The Fourth Menace
The air was still. Not a lick of wind moved the thin, leafless branches. Crouched down among the cover of a clump of trees, I scanned the opening between the thick trunks. My rifle lay on the scorched soil beneath my feet, empty of bullets. Like the dead earth, the fresh stench of blood and decay that hung in the air brought a stale taste to my mouth.
It had been twelve long years since we humans had killed Earth with our “advances” in science and technology, and eight years since the unknown virus had decimated most of the remaining human population and turned them into the living dead.
What was left of us were caged in the depths of the mountains with waterfalls spared from the pollution of mankind. Two tall manmade structures served as gates to keep out the undead and zap them with a thousand volts of electricity if they were to come close.
Just before we retreated to our small sanctuary, we had been able to send the last of our working shuttles into space to find a new
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 23 22
Bertolt | Notes from a Magpie Part 3/4
(1 day before Christmas Eve)
I am beginning to think this is an endless cycle. If we kill our enemies today, another one rises from their ashes. I realized today that I don't have the power to protect everyone. I am too weak for that.  But if I can just protect one person, if I can just protect you, that would be enough for me. I will do everything within my power for you, if you would let me. But I am afraid that will never happen.

~ ~ ~
“It’s not fair.”
She looked out the window of her apartment with a glare. The cold metal of the phone pressed against her ear with one hand, the other gripped a stack of white papers. “All these travel documents are for the committee members only??”
“Rosheen.” Bhreac’s tired voice drifted down the line. “Just… pass it on, alright?”
“What about us, Bhreac? What about all the rest of us?” she demanded.
She heard him sigh and she could picture him
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 12 5
The Day, The Night, and the Weekend by WindMeister8 The Day, The Night, and the Weekend :iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 13 2
Fate is a Troll
Day 0
were an anomaly,
a blip in my projected vision.
Let’s make you a constant figure in my daily vision!
Week 1
I will see you today.
Close eyes
Project and come true!

Alas, he must have slipped by.
Week 2
I will see you today.
Close eyes
Dim lights
Project and come true!

Where is this guy??
Week 3
I must see you today.
Close eyes
Dim lights
Eat a fly
Project and come true!

Oh I can just cry.
Week 4
I want to see you, please.
Close eyes
Dim lights
Eat a fly
Fart twice
Project and come true!

So depressing I can almost die.
Week 5
Please let me see you today.
Close eyes
Dim lights
Eat a fly
Fart twice
God’s sake, come true!

Why, why, tell me why.
Week 6
I miss you.
I won’t try
to force loaded dice…
Oh my god,
he waved bye!
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 17 25
Bertolt | Notes from a Magpie Part 2/4
(6 days before Christmas Eve)
My dear magpie:
I’m sorry I didn’t have the time to continue our little chess game. Work has gotten busier and while it has been taxing on me physically, it’s the emotional stress that has gotten to me.
You said in your last letter that it must be nice that I have a sense of purpose. But honestly, I don’t. I tried hiding the truth from you but the burden of my guilt sits too heavy on my shoulders. I didn’t lie when I said I believe that what I’m doing is for the good of Eldians. But the truth is I didn’t make a conscious decision to enter this line of work. I try desperately to rationalize my decisions but deep down, I know I’m a coward who just followed what his friends did to survive. I’m a traitor.
I’m terrified to know what you must now think of me. But I don’t have anyone to turn to. You’re the only one I dare to tell my darkest secrets to. With you, I feel safe, at ease, happy
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 8 4
Bertolt | Notes from a Magpie Part 1/4
To my dearest magpie,
Good move of your bishop there. You’re learning fast! But what will you do now?
Rook to bishop four.
Are you preparing your little stomach for Christmas? I know there’s not much to feast on what with the ongoing rations but I hope you eat well and keep yourself warm. Since I can’t be there for you, I wish for someone to be by your side if only to make sure you’re taking good care of yourself.
Also, yes. I’m a native Eldian. I’m a little embarrassed that you could tell that by my terrible Yadish script actually! And it’s understandable to be cautious, I would too. I guess one way of putting it is that I hope what I do in my job is for the good of our people. Not everyone believes or understands it but I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that I’m helping the Eldians in this uncertain times under Marleyian occupation.
And maybe in a small way, I’m helping you too, I hope.
From the awkward giraffe.

:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 10 5
Head Carving
"Too bad we didn't get many people this year eh, Gus?"
Grunting his agreement, Gus bent over his specimen as he carefully carved out a triangle nose out of its flesh. "Three's good enough. One for each of us."
The younger male chuckled as he twirled his knife around. "Indeed! I'm done with mine. How's yours coming, Pol?"
"I'm having problems with mine.." An asymmetrical hole stared back at Pol as his brows furrowed in concentration. "What should I do, Tee?"
Tee, the youngest of them, shifted over to Pol's side and gave it a look over. He gave a theatrical wave of his hand and proffered, "Why not make everything asymmetrical? Just cut a zig-zag into the mouth here... and carve out the other eye like how you did this one."
Pol's mouth formed a large 'o' and his eyes widened in delight. "That's a great idea!"
Getting to work on it in a flurry, it took him less than three minutes to finish his masterpiece and he flipped it around for the other two to see. "Tada!" he proclaimed with a large
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 20 15
Lelouch | Memory Threads
Among the tall, modern skyscrapers that dotted the landscape of the Britannian Central Square, the white-washed glass building stood out like a thumb, its floor to ceiling windows shimmering in the sun. Right at its center stood a tall statue draped in a grey cloth, ready to be unveiled to the world. After months of construction, the memorial of the Honorary Britannian Suzaku taking down the terrorist, Zero, was finally completed and scheduled for opening in a day.
Beyond the untouched lawns of the memorial, the police stood guard in front of erected barriers to prevent curious onlookers from getting too close to the building. But their presence did nothing to deter the small crowd that milled around to watch the workers put finishing touches to the memorial. The crowd was a mix of Britannians and Elevens, some of them watching with curiosity and excitement, others with pride, and a small few who wore their disgust and disdain openly on their face.
Among them was a young female student
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 11 7
Levi x Reader - Shackles [Soulmate!AU] Epilogue
(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
(Taken from the memoirs of the last Empress of China)
To the man whom I truly love:
This letter was written many years back and locked away in a small, simple jewelry box, away from all curious eyes. It contains all the memories, thoughts, and feelings that I want to forget… that is until the day I decide that my duty has been fulfilled.
I want to tell you all the things I’ve never said to you for fear that I would lose my sense of purpose. For the first time in my life though, I don’t know where to start this letter.
Maybe a good beginning would be the day I left you.
We were young, ignorant, headstrong - I more so than you. My heart was filled with revenge and ambition. Yet without you beside me, I was left all alone in the vicious world of the Forbidden Palace. With no one to turn to, no one to trust, I learnt to harden my heart. But that came with a price
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 27 17
Levi x Reader - Shackles [Soulmate!AU] Part 8
(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
What was hours ago a peaceful, celebratory atmosphere in the town had now descended into a picture of chaos. Screams and cries tore through the still air as two groups of distinctly different soldiers descended upon the town. Towards the South end, the Tufan task force spread out through the many passageways that ran like veins through the town, systematic in their search for the Han Empress.
One of the burly Tufan soldiers close to the Southeast corner separated from his comrades to cover more ground. As he rounded the bend of a sharp corner, a sudden flying elbow to his chin sent him sprawling on the ground. Before he could recover or call for help, a shadow loomed over him and delivered a sharp blow to his head, knocking him out instantly.
The hooded assailant straightened and turned towards the mouth of the alley he had emerged from. With one finger, he beckoned, “Co
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 21 15
Levi x Reader - Stuck
If there was a worse time to be trapped in a car, it was now. Stuck on a desolate road far away from the town, the occupants of the black sedan shivered as the temperature dipped later into the night. A single lamppost threw a warm light into the interior, illuminating the man and woman seated in front.
“Come fast, yeah,” (F/N) breathed out before hanging up. She turned to the black haired male beside her. “Eren and Jean said they’ll come and pick us up now.”
Levi scoffed. “Presuming they don’t beat each other up on the way here.”
(F/N) laughed, although it quickly turned into a hacking cough. She rubbed her bare shoulders with her hands. “God it’s fucking cold.”
It was still mid fall weather but with their particularly odd choices of clothing, it certainly made all the difference.
Levi scanned her from top to bottom and clicked his tongue as if to reprimand a child. “Who asked you to wear that? It’s just ban
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 43 16
Levi x Gamer!Reader - meta:Morph Part 4/4
> S A V E <

(Excerpt from CNN News)
10 Years On: Lessons Learnt.
17 June 2037:
On the anniversary of the Sina school shooting that changed the landscape of video gaming and gun possession, President Erwin Smith delivered an emotional speech regarding how far legislation has advanced to prevent such a tragedy from occurring. Over the past ten years, there has been a drop in such violent crimes and a significant decrease in the number of people with a gaming addiction… While companies like VR Agent Inc who founded the Attack on Titan game have since moved on to developing games that instill moral values, there are still many unfortunate victims of similar crimes that continue to suffer.

“No goodbye kiss for me, (F/N)?” the dusty blonde man teased.
Scoffing, (F/N) turned and walked down the few steps before pecking her boyfriend, Farlan on his forehead. She then flicked him on the same spot and laughed. “I’ll see you tomorrow. You
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 35 20


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