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I Am Purple

This is Purple Link from the Legend of Zelda: Four Swords.  I have many fond memories of playing that game with my sister and two of my best friends.  Competing for force gems, deciding who would take which special item (I was fond of the bow and arrows), and defeating evil together!  I wish there were more games that implemented co-op that worked like Four Swords, where it's plot-based AND fun.  I always played as Purple, so now I "identify" with him.  For my last birthday, I even asked my friend Sam make me a stuffed felt doll of Purple. Isn't it adorable? :D  (Pardon the orange cat hair.  I couldn't see it until I saw the full-size image on the computer, and was too lazy to take a new one.  I have cats, deal with it.)

I intend to make a new icon for my DA account using this image, but here is the full-size, finished piece.  I have some issues with this piece; I'm not happy with the shading or the shape of his head, but this was done to imitate the official art style.  I LOVE the art style that's been used in the Wind Waker, Four Swords, and the recent handheld games.    It's my first attempt at imitating it and I hope to do it again sometime, but I wanted to "finish" this for now and move on to other projects despite the issues I mentioned.  Overall I had fun and it was a good learning experience.   


:thumb99510164:  by tmm-textures

Used as a texture, to imitate the colored specks on the official Four Swords Art.  I don't know how they do it, but this was my solution.

:thumb323171854: by NukeRooster

Used for an additional texture on Link.  (The furthest one to the right)

Official Four Swords art was used for references. 

Completed using Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended. Link and Four Swords belongs to Nintendo. All other rights reserved.
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Thanks! There's not enough Four Swords fanart out there, especially of Purple Link if you ask me. :D
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agreed, I drew some too XD
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So cute! Glad, you finally got to posting this. :D I think it looks great. He looks ready to go out and fight some evil with his bros. Red Link is here to back you up. Remember, it dangerous to go alone!