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Boater Holmes

I got stuck again during my search for accurate reference, IT IS SO HARD! I don’t think boaters were seen all too much in the 80′s (they were more a turn of the century/Edwardian thing) but who cares. 
Also, the next thing I am going to draw must be Holmes in underwear, because HOW CAN I NOT DRAW HIM IN A ONE PIECE LONG SLEEVED SUIT THING…. seriously… it’s so … unimaginable. Victorian clothing, I just… can’t… fathom… 
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victorian clothing are just to fancy

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I love your style so much!
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Thanks! :3
One day I'll draw more like this. MyPaint will come back, I am sure!
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Meanwhile I just draw everyone in the same outfits over and over again X'D
That pose is wonderful, and I like how their faces are kinda simple in your style but there are still good anatomy and details, it's a nice balanced look.
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thanks! :3 but I am just hiding my poor drawing skills of faces. xD i really wish I could draw properly better ... but as I am just drawing for fun... I do what I like. Hehehehe. =P
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I seem to recall he appears in a boater in Sidney Paget's illustration for The Cardboard Box.

Yes, he does!…

I love both your drawing and Paget's - it's a cute look for Holmes. :-)
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It is! I think he also wears a boater during his student years in Gloria Scott!…

Yup, he does, for no one can tell me that lad with the boater isn't Holmes. xD
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Yup, gotta be him! ;-)
Chaosfive-55's avatar's a marvelous picture but I don't think Holmes, with his bohemian soul, would have fallen in with the boater hat craze. ;)
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Hard to say, really. If it was such a trend and emerging as Holmes neared his retirement, he proooobably might have prefered more traditional headgear. 
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Speaking of Holmes's retirement, have you ever drawn your Holmes as old as Ian McKellen's role in Mr. Holmes
I would love to see your take on a 90 year old Sherlock, puttering about his bees or setting memory stones on the grass...:aww:
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no, I haven't. Mainly because I haven't gotten so strong as to face Holmes in that death-close age.... but also because I really don't think he's getting that old. xD He hardly deserves it with all that self-poisoning and self-exhausting life but again here I don't think much about it because see my first reason. :(

And yet, I don't see why I couldn't draw Ian as Holmes.
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I know what you mean--but after all, Holmes is immortal, and can be envisioned at any age--we know he'll always bounce back to Victorian/Edwardian London! ;)
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that's true. :3 very true.
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This is wonderful! I love the hat! : D
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Thanks! So do I. xD Boaters are great. 
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