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Hello everyone!

My first contest will be about journal skins!

How to participate:

Bullet; Blue Create an installable journal skin (whatever theme you like - just be creative :D )
Bullet; Blue Send me a note with the thumb - you MUST mention, that it is for the contest
Bullet; Blue You MAY enter up to THREE skins into the contest. Only one will be actually winning 1st-4th place
Bullet; Blue The journal you enter HAS TO BE free to use on DA and therefore instantly installable!
Bullet; Blue You MAY use images that are not your own IF you followed the stock-rules and link back to the original artist WITHIN your journalskin!
To make sure you are doing everything correctly you might want to check out this: and for even further Information:
I will be checking out some of the skins! If I find out there were illegal stocks used, I will report it and bann you permanently from further contests!
Bullet; Blue you MAY enter older journals, if they are not already in my favs. If you are not sure, check them out here:…
Bullet; Blue make sure you submit your skin to the right gallery. If you are not sure, check this tutorial - Miscats won't be eligable entries!

Prizes EDITED!

Ok guys, I need to edit the prices, since there seem to be a lot of people interested in this contest, and really helpful and supporting, providing :points: points and other prizes. So please check again, to make sure you get the best win!

Special prices

There are special prices which you only get if you are actually interested in them! It would not make sense to give a short-story-commission or a domain registration to somebody who hates reading!

If you are interested in one of the following prices you HAVE TO mention your interest in the very same note, in which you send me your entry!

1st place
Bullet; Green 1 year hosting unlimited, domain registration., And with the design portfolio website.
All configuration, ready to use!!!
(if you want this price, you also need to mention it in the note in which you are submitting your entry)
Bullet; Green further detail: bottom of the page (Bullet; Green -sign)
Bullet; Green this price is sponsored by :iconkrugner: - for any further questions you need to contact him.
Bullet; Green a llama from me, if not already given
Bullet; Green A journal where I give a brief introduction of your gallery similar to this:

Bullet; Yellow 4th-25th place (given to one of those, who will be chosen by - only, if interest was included in the entry-note)
Bullet; Yellow Pencil a short story commission by :iconmiss-mutated-mango:

Casual prices

Bullet; Blue 1st-30th places:
Bullet; Blue EVERY journalskin in this range will be used for a feature for more than 30 artists of :iconthefavouriteshowcase: - So those people will most probably come along and see your beautiful journal.
Bullet; Blue For EVERY journalskin that is used for this feature, you will get a specific feature at the bottom - similar to this:

Bullet; Black So the main idea is, that as many people as possible see your beautiful skins.
-- There are still prices above this:

Bullet; Yellow 1st place:
Bullet; Yellow 400 :points: points

Bullet; Yellow a llama from me, if not already given
Bullet; Yellow A journal where I give a brief introduction of your gallery similar to this:
Bullet; Yellow The winners will be announced in a journal with this skin :)
Bullet; Yellow Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

Bullet; Orange 2nd place:
Bullet; Orange 150 :points: points

Bullet; Orange a llama from me, if not already given
Bullet; Orange A journal where I give a brief introduction of your gallery similar to this:
Bullet; Orange Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

Bullet; Red 3rd place:
Bullet; Red 100 :points: points

Bullet; Red a llama from me, if not already given
Bullet; Red A journal where I give a brief introduction of your gallery similar to this:
Bullet; Red Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

Bullet; White 4th-7th place:
Bullet; White 20 :points: points

Bullet; White 8th-24th place:
Bullet; White 10 :points: points

Bullet; White those prices are sponsored by :iconginkgowerkstatt: and :icondrake1:


The contest will end on 30th of July 24:00!!
Deadline will NOT be extended in order to ensure that I will be able to do the features before my pm expires.

How I will choose the winners:

Bullet; Blue winners will be chosen by :iconwindklang: and :iconginkgowerkstatt:
Bullet; Blue our personal taste - to have an idea check the folder "Skins" in my favourites:… and GinkgoWerkstatt 's gallery…
Bullet; Blue Make sure you have a good overall impact on your journal
Bullet; Blue extra features in the coding, which make the skin more interesting will be appreciated, but not nessecary.

If the deviant that won the first special price did not mention he was interested in the website-hosting, he will get the first casual prize!

Spread the word if you like - I would very much appreciate every single mention :)

If you like this contest, and want to support it, I would be very glad to find a sponsor to run more contests and maybe also extend my pm, once it is expired.

I hope you have fun creating new skins, or finding beautiful old ones in your gallery :)

Take care - I am looking forward to see your skins!!

Further detail to the first special price by :iconkrugner: himself :) :
Bullet; Green Aiming to cooperate and also insert some artist in professional space,
I decided to collaborate with a prize for this contest

- Registration of a domain.
- Linux hosting unlimited
- Design portfolio
- Additional settings

A complete website, ready for use by artists

* Will be at the website footer,  (small and unobtrusive) text and link to the contest page and my deviantart page.

*Important: Your website content may not be abusive, racially, or erotic content. May not contain music, movies, torrents, content that infringes copyright, etc..

*period of 1 year

People who helped me to run this contest by donating :points: points:

Hampel - Kuh by GinkgoWerkstatt  Narwhal Dreams II by GinkgoWerkstatt  .:Making a journal layout by GinkgoWerkstatt

Snivy Sig by Drake1  Arcanine Sig by Drake1  Celebi Sig by Drake1

My Friend is a Monster - Contest by krugner  Lost Dog Storm by krugner  Neymar Goals World Cup 2014 (always atualized) by krugner

Ashes Stock 8 by BirdsistersStock  Cave Stock 4 by BirdsistersStock  Male Stock 249 by BirdsistersStock

2Snails1Shell (formerly Solitude) by Team L.A. Zen by 2snails1shell  Sunset Above Clouds by Team L.A. Zen by 2snails1shell  Friendship Toilets by Team L.A. Zen by 2snails1shell


<da:thumb id="460379116"/>  <da:thumb id="454621382"/>  <da:thumb id="442539741"/>

fishoutofwaterangle2 by HalimawNgaEh  Cobra by HalimawNgaEh  connection by HalimawNgaEh

M-4 Movement Range by Natures-Studio  20131011-DSC_0316 by Natures-Studio  Mt. Fuji 2 by Natures-Studio

<da:thumb id="449695082"/>  <da:thumb id="338688266"/>  <da:thumb id="418153149"/>

 <da:thumb id="454095167"/>  <da:thumb id="458786363"/>  <da:thumb id="448093402"/>

<da:thumb id="433815564"/>  <da:thumb id="397381333"/>  <da:thumb id="397205541"/>

Blue Cat by Cindy-R  Cats Eyes Ballpoint by Cindy-R  Teddy by Cindy-R

Thank you all very much :)

❤ This is my new journal .. Horray

❤ Skin CSS © Nesmaty

Featured Art

Sun flower and frogs skin by Nesmaty

Hidden Art

My OC in a pocket skin by Nesmaty
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can I donate a prize? a small animated pixle . size 150 x 150