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Note me

Hello everybody!!

The contest is over, and I will enter the judging phase along with Egil21. Please be patient. My life is currently rather stressful, and it might take quite a time. As I gave you a lot of time to write entries, I hope to have your patience to judge on the entries.
We got 40 entries, which is an awesome number. There are wonderful thematic features amongst them, and I really hope, that this project helped to make a lot of featured artists happy, and also to create a sense for how a wonderful feature could look like :la:.

(I am a bit sad, that one deviant made her account inactive during the time, so that her 3 entries are sort of invalid. In order to give the prizes to the active deviants, those entries will not be part of judging, even though they did the same job as the others: feature artists and spread the love.)

Good luck to all, and until sooooon :)

I am in current dialogue with All-about-features in order to set up a second contest like this but with free chose of skins and also with an option for non premium-members.
People who are interested in sponsoring prizes - please contact Felizias - she will be organizing the prizes :)
We highly appreciate our sponsors.

After holding my first contest about journal-skins which was a success so far, I want to go ahead, doing my next contest already!

To thank the participans of the previous contest and show them my appreciation - and to make sure, that their skins are recognized by the community, I want to host a follow-up contest.


Deadline: 1st November 2014

How to enter/Rules:

Star! choose one of the skins that have been created for the original contest. (Unfortunately you need to be a premium-user to do this)

Star! make a feature with at least 20 artworks of 20 different artists.

Star! feature the journal-skin-creator with his icon and add three of his deviations separately from the other works.

Star! Mention at the very bottom/or top, that this is an entry for this contest. You MUST include my icon - :iconwindklang: (to do this, write : iconwindklang : but without the spaces) and link back to this journal.
This is to make sure I get notified. If you put the icon into the footer I will not get notified and you need to comment back on this journal - however: if I do not fav your entry into the feature contest entries - Folder, please leave a note somewhere to notify me!

Star! You can enter multiple times, but not more than one entry with the same journal-skin.


Bullet; Yellow 1st place:

- 200 Points from Windklang
- 50 :points: from Felizias

- an exclusive feature from KiwiCocktail
- an exclusive feature form Felizias

- Added to my devWatch! from 0bsidio
Llama Love  from 0bsidio & UszatyArbuz & KiwiCocktail & Felizias & DarkGreyHeroine

Bullet; Orange 2nd place:

- 100 Points from Windklang
- 30 :points: from Felizias

- an exclusive feature from KiwiCocktail
- an exclusive feature form Felizias

- Added to my devWatch! from 0bsidio
Llama Love  from 0bsidio & UszatyArbuz & KiwiCocktail & Felizias & DarkGreyHeroine

Bullet; Red 3rd place:

- 50 Points from Windklang
- 15 :points: from Felizias

- an exclusive feature from KiwiCocktail
- an exclusive feature form Felizias

- Added to my devWatch! from 0bsidio
Llama Love  from 0bsidio & UszatyArbuz & KiwiCocktail & Felizias & DarkGreyHeroine

Bullet; Black 4th place:

- 40 Points from UszatyArbuz

- an exclusive feature from KiwiCocktail
- Llama Love from 0bsidio & UszatyArbuz & KiwiCocktail & DarkGreyHeroine

Bullet; White Follow ups:

Bullet; White 5th - 20th place:

- 20 Points from Egil21 & TheFavouriteShowcase
- Llama Love from KiwiCocktail

- a raffle between those places for 20 :points: to one participant in this range by UszatyArbuz

Bullet; White  21st - 30th place:

- 10 :points: from Windklang

Bullet; White All entries without a place:
- All entries that did not recieve a place will get a number. To those numbers I will raffle off
2 times 10 :points:
Or in other words: Two of those entries will randomly recieve 10 :points:

:la: :la: :la:

Please note, that all the prizes except from those of Egil21 & TheFavouriteShowcase will be given by WindklangWidget. To keep it easy and transparent I asked our sponsors to donate the prizes to me. To safe their donations I set up the widget.

Please note :note: some things I have realized lately getting more entries:
- you can enter with every journal in the folder only ONCE! (If you have entered with different ones and I have not realized yet, please make sure to change it, or tell me which one of them you want to have officially entered. Otherwise both of them will be DISQUALIFIED!!)
- You do NOT have to put the icon of the 20 (or more) artists you feature to the pictures.
- You MAY feature more than one picture per artist as long as there are still 20 different artists featured.
- You MAY feature more than 20 artists - of course :D xD

---> Even the new followup-prices are already unlocked!!
You guys are AWESOMENESS!!

All prizes are unlocked now!! :la::la::la:
Since I won in a raffle by Audinitia I am going to give 10 points to places 21-30 each - IF WE GET 30 ENTRIES!!!
Go ahead :)

This contest is - even more than the original one - focused on shaping community. I want to appreciate the work of journal-creators, but also shape other deviants ideas of good art-features :) (Smile)

Hosting and Judging:

Official host is myself :iconwindklang: (just to avoid confusion)

:iconwindklang: & :iconegil21:

Star! the feature needs to be appealing to the eye. To choose a theme would be helpful.
Star! the feature should somehow correspond with the skin
Star! the feature HAS TO follow all the rules (one work per artist! Mention of the skin-creator! Mention of my icon! Skin of this folder!)
Star! if I/we have troubles about deciding on the rank of a feature, we might check the comments on the features. Friendly answers and supportive comments will then increase your chance in case of doubt!
Star! innovative featuring-manner is appreciated :) (Smile)

Current entries:

All 41 entries can be found in my favourites

2 by JoannaMoory
6 by MelMuff
2 by 0bsidio
9 by gigi50
2 by Felizias
1 by RedSoulWolf13
1 by simplysuzu
3 by A-Wakefield
1 by Lolita-Artz
3 by UszatyArbuz
2 by Marl1nde
6 by Erozja
1 by AmyKPhotos
1 by nikkidoodlesx3
2 by rosaarvensis
1 by Agaave
1 by serel

Other things for your attention:

There are skins of the following deviants in the folder:

:iconstanhoneythief: :iconcorruptcorgi: :iconbliood-kira: :iconidjpanda: :iconposerfan: :iconkinga-saiyans: :iconshistock: :iconespimyte: :iconmondscheinsonate: :iconuszatyarbuz: :iconsparklingsary: :iconaluckymuse: :iconnariesu: :iconeveon99: :iconinconcabille: :iconzaellrin: :iconfrisbii: :icondevibrigard: :iconincreasinglycoherent: :iconsimplysilent: :iconmelmuff: :iconshimaira:

Star! Those deviants are not able to ask me to do the judging with me (of course :D (Big Grin) )
Star! They may participate but they may not choose their own skin for their entry/entries. It must be one of another deviant.


Current sponsors (to be updated):
:iconegil21: :iconuszatyarbuz: :icon0bsidio: :iconwindklang: :iconmadizzlee: :iconfelizias: :iconaudinitia:

❤ Thank you all for participating!!

All the best and have fun creating most beautiful features :D
❤ Skin CSS © Nesmaty

❤ Thank you all for participating!!

❤ Skin CSS © Nesmaty

Featured Art

Sun flower and frogs skin by Nesmaty

Hidden Art

Chubby Bunny Skin by Nesmaty
© 2014 - 2021 Windklang
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Marl1nde's avatar
it's been a while
how are you doing?
Marl1nde's avatar
it's almost been a year now
i was wondering how the judging is coming along 
and whether you've forgotten this or not XD
Marl1nde's avatar
right, i see~~
Marl1nde's avatar
how's the judging going?
Windklang's avatar
Taking more time than I thought it would :)
But I will release the winners soooon :D :heart:
Marl1nde's avatar
i see~~
sure ^^
MelMuff's avatar
Good luck to everyone who entered this contest. :)
Windklang's avatar
I was very confused yesterday and closed it, thinking the deadline was end of Ocotber instead of start of November :D So - your entry is totally counted. Sorry for confusion.
serel's avatar
No worries. Thanks for the answer.
MelMuff's avatar
Hence why I got my entry in yesterday too. At first I was planning to do it on November 1st but then I remembered 2 contests I encountered earlier this year with the deadline being a day before the deadline so I didn't want to chance it. Even though I only had an hour to go online yesterday, I gave up playing my fav game School of Dragons to get my last entry in on time. At least today I can spend all day playing the game. :D
gigi50's avatar
Fantastic :clap: Look forward to the results It was fun
wanted to do more but as you know it Life happens :laughing:

if you do some on All-about-features
Keeping the Free choice of skin in mind
it would be cool if you had a certain amount of choice of themes
depending of course the time of year 
For most its Winter coming up but some its their Spring starting
So themes could be 
Winter, Christmas, decorations, angels etc... and 
Spring-tulips-buds-baby animals
Do you know what I mean ?
and of course would be fun for us to find skins for the themes
so everything corresponds together :clap:
Windklang's avatar
Ah, so making it the other way round... :) This time it was "find a theme to the skins provided" - so next time its like "find a skin matching the theme" :la:
A really good idea, thanks :D
gigi50's avatar
:clap: well find a skin and deviations too :giggle: for the theme choices offered :clap: :iconywsmileyplz: 
Marl1nde's avatar
i'll edit the last bit of my entry riiiiiight

Windklang's avatar
You still have a couple of hours. I was mistaken.
Marl1nde's avatar
lol, that's okay
i never got to really finish it X'D
UszatyArbuz's avatar
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