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Kiko design by Windklang Kiko design :iconwindklang:Windklang 12 0
A young heart's desire
“Maaa, pway”, her dark purple eyes sparkled as she tilted her head and spoke the words in an almost playful manner. Her voice was soft despite the squeaks that it made as Tahlia was yet unable to control it fully. Adele smiled. ‘Maaa’ had been the first thing you could call a “word” that Tahlia was able to say. It made her chest feel warm and her coat give a soft glow when she heard the word out of the young fillies mouth. “Pway, pway” the young one now urged and Adele blinked a couple of times trying to understand what Tahlia wanted. “What do you want to play, darling?”, she asked nuzzling her first daughter lovingly, but the newborn just shook her head softly. “Pway, Maaa”, she pleaded her eyes sparkling the exact way it did when she discovered something new. Adele now also tilted her head: “You mean you want to play something new, hm?” Tahlia seemed to consider this for a moment, her smile disappeari
:iconwindklang:Windklang 2 4
Crafting Material of the Finest
Featuring Aila, Mordred and Circe
Mentioning Meander, Aethelstan, Charon and Hel
Summer, 769 YNA
Glenmore, Glenwood
Life was not as easy and clear as it used to be. Aila definitely remembered how straight the sun looked when she was a fawn. She definitely remembered how her heart just grew and grew whenever she was waiting for Aethelstan to make t
:iconwindklang:Windklang 2 3
Tahlia | filly | Glenmore | Princess by Windklang Tahlia | filly | Glenmore | Princess :iconwindklang:Windklang 15 11 Blackwood Bab for Dodgy by Windklang Blackwood Bab for Dodgy :iconwindklang:Windklang 16 6 Princess Leia for Dodgy by Windklang Princess Leia for Dodgy :iconwindklang:Windklang 13 10
A growing world
Featuring Nevada, Andromeda, Dekabr and Ruhani
Spring, 770 YNA
Blackwood, Widow’s Hollow
Do you remember when the world was small? A handful of familiar scents, each step unveiling new worlds. What the eyes see feeds the heart full of peace. While watching your eyes know that your shell might be too small to take it all in. Is there enough room for the world in your heart? Can your chest house a cosmos? You might think not.
But only as long as you are alone. The world is full of creatures that will harbour the forces with you.
The filly walked next to her mother with a serious expression. Her eyes took in every new sight they met. The world was bigger than she had known. It was as if secrets were disclosing while at the same time new ones posed the filly their riddles. Green
:iconwindklang:Windklang 4 3
Honorless win
Featuring Skoll and Dáithí
Spring, 769 of the New Age
Blackwood, Widow’s Hollow
The two fawnlings were walking silently side by side. Side glancing down at his son, Skoll sighed softly to himself. He always found it easier to find subjects to talk and play about with his twin sister. Behemoth was strong and loud. She was always ready to fight and stand her ground, much like her other siblings. Skoll never had had problems playing and spending quality time with any of his children and even though he loved Daithi as much as he loved the other, he still had to admit to himself that he found it a bit hard to find common ground with the skittish, swift colt.
Nira however had told him to watch Daithi today, so he wouldn’t feel even more left out than he already did, w
:iconwindklang:Windklang 2 2
... there you are
Featuring Ambriel and Jester
Spring, 769 YNA
Glenmore, Glenwood
Part II
Jey had been running for far too long. His untrained leg muscles were already soar as he huffed under his breath: “Not yet again! Wait!” he cried with his last breath, catching a quick glance on the fire red bushy tail once more, just to see it vanish again. Jester broke through the undergrowth. This day was truly one filled with exercise much more than it was to his liking.
There - again something red caught his eye. This time further down to the ground than before. To his own surprise he managed to increase his speed and crushed a couple of branches and almost slipped on a bunch of mushrooms before he realized that this red was a far bigger animal than a squirrel and also not moving aw
:iconwindklang:Windklang 2 5
Where are you ...
Featuring Jester
Spring, 769 YNA
Glenmore, Glenwood
Part I
“Where are you…” he whispered as he approached the spot where he had met her a couple of days ago. He had come here every day since. He did not know why, but something had been special about this creature. It was so firey. So red. So Ruby. Besides the fact that a little squirrel like her should not have been out and about those early days of spring unless in order to get some food every few days, even he he was lucky enough to catch sight of one of the red critters on those rare occasions, he would not have expected them to be so agile and ‘alive’. But Ruby had been quicker than any other creature he had ever seen. Not the slightest sign of tiredness. Jester had known two things about that squirrel immediately: First thing was, that her name must be Ruby. Red as ruby she was after all. Second thing was, that this squirrel was something special and he would have t
:iconwindklang:Windklang 1 0
Duke and Entertainer
Featuring Duke Damien and Jester the Entertainer
Spring, 767 YNA
Glenmore, The royal Glades
Duke Damien
The sun was just starting to peek over the horizon as Damien paced around the entrance to his father’s glade excitedly. The young duke’s hooves and the fur up to his dew-hoof was wet from the early morning dew that still simmered on the green grass. Damien’s tail swishing from side to side as he paced. The three year old fawn was excited for today was the first day of practice and Damien was waiting for Jester, his teacher, to arrive.
Jey woke up in a particularly good mood, even though it was far too early to raise. Before he left the glade of his employer, Lord Libra, Jey had a l
:iconwindklang:Windklang 2 0
When hidden gems shine
Featuring Sulaa, Blodwen and Jester
Spring, 767 YNA
Glenmore, The Glenwood
This was good. A break was exactly what the grey stag needed. He had spent all day preparing tomorrow's rehearsal for the commoner fawns. He had grown all the necessary shrubs and tucked a reed on top of each, so that the young ones could blow into them right away when they arrived tomorrow. It always started like that. Some would rush to their places and warm up, while others made little groups, talking, sparring, singing, or trying new tricks he had showed them on the way to the royal glade which acted as rehearsal place. They would learn the basics of those songs he had prepared for the big party in the summer. Jester was e
:iconwindklang:Windklang 2 2
Que Sera
Mika bumped her head against the tree and pushed. Hard. The tree didn’t move, so Mika bumped her head again and pushed. Hard. Really hard. The tree wouldn’t move. She knew of course. But she wished it would. Why were things the way they were?
What do you do with your life. Now as Mika had aged into a young doe she had more often asked herself. She felt like people were watching her differently since she was old enough to join rut. They seemed to expect from her that she would soon join a harem or … probably just generally behave more like a proper glenmore doe. Gone were the times where she played games with her imaginations. She remembered them well. But she could not really feel into that anymore. Maybe she indeed was no tiny fawn anymore. But what do you do with your life…
Once more Mika bumped her head into that tree: “Move”, she screamed somewhere between mental and physical agony: “Move!”
It had always pained her that Theokleia did
:iconwindklang:Windklang 0 3
A Mystics Dream
Do you remember the seclusion and peace in your mother’s womb?
Darkness surrounds you. Calm and quiet darkness. Solace and piece. And yet… something within you knows that you are a greater cosmos than you can grasp. This darkness. This harmony. It is all existent. But it strives to be released - seeks to be connected to the cosmos surrounding it, waiting to embrace your forces and integrate them into a larger system.
Do you remember the first light hit your eyes?
Light surrounds you. Warm and infusing light. Illumination and enlightenment. And yet… something within you knows that the light has not yet reached its full power. Warmth soaks into your fur as the world around you unfolds into the existence of sight. But you know that sight is not all. There is something within this light that seeks to be released - strives to enable a focused force to unleash earth’s inherent power of growth.
:iconwindklang:Windklang 2 3
Treasure Fighting by Windklang Treasure Fighting :iconwindklang:Windklang 13 6 Ruhani | Filly | Blackwood | Herdmember by Windklang Ruhani | Filly | Blackwood | Herdmember :iconwindklang:Windklang 22 14




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Thank you for visiting and welcome to my profile-page!

I am a teacher, currently working as teacher for children with special needs in regular school system.
Working with children is very inspiring :heart:
My art may vary in medium and style. I roleplay in Fawnlings and may pop up in various areas of devinatART for this place really has become like a second home where I can relax from everyday life :heart:

Next to visual arts I write and produce music. You can find everything about that on my YouTube-Channel:…

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Thank you!!
:new::star: I apologize that this has taken such a long time - I have been on hiatus from fawnlings, so this goes to my account! Fred and I have yet not made this decision easy. We had so many bids and were intrigued by them very much! I sincerely hope that those who didn't win still can make their ideas come to life as they are wonderful and you are baconly <3.
So without further ado, I am so happy and proud to announce our winner: Houdinz who won a squiffy token. A note has been sent to the fawnlings group and you should be able to see the token ID in the token bank sheet as soon as the note has been processed :heart:. We cannot wait to see your giveaway with this absolutely stunning idea and how creativity will evolve along the way. :new::star:

Peace and love my favourite Bacon Bits!

So the time hath arrived. Tahlia is a thing. The most loving lovely child I have ever created is here and that was with the great help of femalefred who gifted her wonderful (expensive) design to me. And now I find myself having some bacon left because RNG has been kind to me :heart:. And there we go I want to share the spirit of gifting things and so myself and femalefred decided to hold another giveaway together :rose:.

What is it that we give away?

We give away bacon rewards up to the ultra-rare tier. You can chose from any purchasable reward up to that. You can also apply for one or multiple smaller rewards, eg. a slot, a basic design and a stat boost, or whatever you would come up with.

How do I enter?

To enter just use the form below, fill it in and either comment on this journal with the form, or - if you prefer - send me a note.

Your da ID:
Is this for you, or is it a gift?:

What level of reward are you asking for: eg. 2 x basic rewards, 1 ultra-rare reward etc.
What reward specifically do you want: eg. 2 x stat boosts for George the fawnling
Let me know anything else about your reward that you think will help: If it's a plotty thing, tell me about the plot! If it's a gift, tell me why your giftee deserves it! Allllll the informations I am a dummy!

Deadline and Judging

This giveaway will run until 31st of May. So get your entries in before June.
The judging will be done by femalefred and myself. At this point we cannot say when the winner will be announced yet, but we will do our best to judge quickly and not let you wait for too long.


That was it - if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below :rose:

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