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This one was a quickie, around an hour, but I like how it turned out :D. I tried out this new coloring style again, and I have to say that I love where it's going for me. While it's not as fun as painting, it's still more fun than just doing regular cell shading, plus it looks cool to me ^__^.

I needed a break from all this human practicing, and I got this urge to draw a zoroark, so I went for it :lol:.
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Awesome job on Zoroark. ^__^
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Zoroark, one of my ALL-TIME FAVS!
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Now i see, he has a clown face ._.
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Awesome job on Zoroark! ^__^
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Zoroark rules!!!
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Very cool pose, great job :)
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This is really good :O I can't even critique this, good job :)
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Haha, I can XD. But thank you :).
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looks amazing for a quick drawing! o.o
I love the shadows, and zoroark pose loos cool!
great job! ;D
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I love this coloring style you have going on here. I would demand your secrets, but I hardly know you. 8D

I really like the soft lines, and just how... soft, everything looks. I could see this being used for something officially by the pokemon team. It would look particularly cool included in part of someone's web design, since you used a transparent background.
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It was very simple, really. Flats are all one layer, and everything else aside from the lineart is a clipping mask over that layer. Then I added a normal purple layer on 7% opacity to help bring the colors together, then cell shading on a multiply layer, then another multiply layer under that where I airbrushed the shadow gradients (using the same color as the cell shading layer), then another regular layer on top of the cell shading for the light gradients, then finally some white highlights on overlay with the opacity turned down.
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Very awesome. I'm going to copy this down and try it out soon! Thanks so much!
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Amazing work you did in an hour! I still need to catch this guy to get a Timid one! Nice work!
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Thank you :). Yeah I still haven't sent any of my dogs over to White yet. XD
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You're welcome.
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