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By windfuchs
Idea by Lakela

Bullet; GreenBullet; Red  This rule counts for all images in my gallery Bullet; RedBullet; Green  

If you used any of my photos commercially before the 23.05.2016, you don't have to pay the points.

From now on, if you use one of my photos for commercial use/commissions (no private use, art-trade, gift, etc.), you have to pay me 10:points:. This rule does not count for prints. This does also not count if you use my photos as drawing references. It's just fair to me as I offer these photos for free, although I payed for the equipment, spent my time assorting and uploading the photos, editing them, etc. 

NEW EDIT: Additionally, my photos may not be used commercially outside of deviantart. I might make exceptions, especially when it comes to RP sites, so feel free to ask.
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Hello! Can I use a wolf photo for a commissioned book cover? It's not 100% sure that it's going to be used but I would like to get your permission first, I can pay the double of points if you would like :)

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Of course I wont use the photo as it is, it would be very edited to match the author's liking

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Yes, it'd be alright if you don't use the photo as-is. No need to pay double points, though. :)

(I'm terribly sorry for the inconveniently late answer)
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Am I allowed to use your kitty stock on  To be sold for fake currency 
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Only if you use it edited, like for photomanips, as reference or as avatars, and give credit. Please don't sell my stock as it is!
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May I use your stock on a Sim Game? Such as I would give credit and link back.
windfuchs's avatar
Sorry for the late answer. If you don't gain any money from it and give credit, sure you may :)
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Can I use one of your images for a book cover? You will be credited and I will link back when I post. And donate 10 pts of course. Just wondering if book covers are okay, basically. ^^
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This one's a bit tricky. Tho, I would just say yes if you don't use the photo as-is. 
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Is is OK if I use one of your images as a reference for one of my drawings and sell the drawing afterwards?
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Aye, that'd be fine :)
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I second Perfoom. Is it allowed to be used on a RP site called Wolf 

The avatar I wish to use the wolf on is free for another player. 
windfuchs's avatar
If you use it non-commercially and give credit, yes. 
SeraphHEE's avatar
Awesome, thank you. 
Perfoom's avatar
I've got a question, what if I use it in a RP?
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If it's not commercially, of course you may use them without paying any points (but please remember to give credit). If you're planning on using them commercially on RP sites outside of deviantart, please send me a note and tell me where you're planning on using it.
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So for clarification, only have to pay if stock is used for manips and the like? I plan on making prints of a painting, that I want to use your stock for. 
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Yep, paintings don't count :)
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Can I use your images when I want to use it for a design that I make for a friend? She doesn't have to pay for it. Can i still use it when I want to use it more times when people ask me if I can make a design from this breed (Utka form a story I made)? Sorry for my bad English by the way xD 
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Sure thing, go ahead  :)
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when we use your images do we send the points straight through to you or do you want us to pay through a widget? 
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It doesn't matter, pay however you wish :)
Sorry if I come across as a dullard, but is this only if you are getting paid for your completed image? I am only after references for personal artworks, I don't tend to sell my stuff, I get too attached to it (strange I know most people want to make money off of their art).

Please let me know so I don't use your images if I am unable to. They are lovely.
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