On Growing Up

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It's inevitable that
we will all be eaten by wolves someday,
but I will still struggle
and punch and kick and scream
and run wildly down the street barefoot
through red lights and stop signs,
hoping that if I run fast enough I will
grow wings and escape this atmosphere,
and I will always wish for the best
every time I blow out my birthday candles
Don't tell me to grow up
Because I won't

I will paint the skies blue
and the sun yellow with little lines
as long as I live, I swear, and
I will never put down my crayons
just to pick up oil paints

I will do them both
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irbi-art's avatar
This is perfection . I love this .
WindFragments's avatar
Aw thank you so much!! :hug:
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"It's inevitable that we will all be eaten by wolves someday" For some reason I really like these lines.
And how you get the idea that even if they will eat us someday it's still not meaningless to "punch and kick and scream" and wishing for good things, at least that's what I got out from it.

WindFragments's avatar
Thank you! And yes that's exactly one of the things I wanted to imply. I'm glad that's what you got from it :D
LualaDy's avatar
Hi there!
First of all, I love your poem. I like how it's starts with a somewhat fantasy setting, fill of imagery, emotions, fear and excitement, hope
And then drags you back violently to the reality
And then you realise how exciting and meaningful ones life can be if you just believe in it ^^

I'd also like to talk to you of my group: CollaborativeMinds 
We encourage writers and artists to work together.
We have a folder called "Literature Seeking Collaboration" from which we pick pieces for monthly challenges.
If you'd like someone to illustrate your poem (which I do), I'm gladly inviting you to join ^^
WindFragments's avatar
Wow, thank you very much! :hug: :heart:
I'll definitely check it out! I'd be honored to have someone make art based on my poem :D
LualaDy's avatar
goldfinching's avatar
I don't quite know why but this really moved me. If I figure it out and can get it into coherent form I'll come back and tell you all about it. There's something unwavering and resilient about it, how you refuse to be apathetic, bored, miserable, 'adult', the determination to hope.

Honestly I think this poem is so wonderful and I wish I thought the same way.
WindFragments's avatar
Wow, thank you so much! :love: I'm glad my message came across so well!
goldfinching's avatar
You're welcome! It really did :D
Ndzoodzoo's avatar
I like it, and i like the poem in the description as well. <3
WindFragments's avatar
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