I love you doesn't have to be said

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You like to think
that you're not emotional, but
yeah right, I've seen you all
worn down before, you didn't cry
but you might as well have,
I see your drunk I love you texts
and the way you try to go around
words to make me feel better
and the time you take to stay
by our side and it makes me realize 
that you're just putting up a front,
that really you will miss
walking side by side with us
even though you don't want
to admit it

I love you too

I used to like to think that I
like being alone, that I could live
my life all by myself because
people are frustrating, careless,
they will abandon you
with the slightest nudge when
they are threatened, when it's not
convenient, simply, easily

But somehow
I like people anyway, you know,
there's something important to me
about being with people, I feel
so much, I cry and laugh and get
frustrated and jealous and smile,
there's a whole jumble of
emotions all tucked away in 
this heart of mine and
no matter the ending to the story,
it makes me feel alive,
really, truly,
no other feeling
can compare

I am emotional because I know
that one day this will all end,
like it always has,
it can't go on forever, we will
go our separate ways to our
separate endings and nothing
is built to last, so I
hold these memories
close to my heart

Every time I cried, every time I
got frustrated, every time
I laughed and loved
and lived

"Maybe it's the crazy that I'd miss
It won't get better than this

I like the way your brain works, I like the way you try
To run with the wolf pack when your legs are tired
I like the way you turn me inside and out,
I like the way you turn

Baby, it's the crazy I like
I think I saw the world turn in your eyes"♫

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We've got ourselves a poet here
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Such a great poem!
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