How to Love Yourself

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Promise yourself
that you will do things
right this time

Swear to yourself that
you really can keep

Tell yourself that you
have what it takes -
that you're only failing
because you aren't
trying hard enough

But repeat to yourself more often that
sometimes it really isn't your fault -
sometimes the teacher is terrible
or you didn't have time to eat
or you were just too tired
to function

Tell yourself that you
know what you're doing.
Tell yourself that you
are prepared to fly
even if your wings are
only half-built

Tell yourself that you'll
finish them

And if you ever catch
yourself breaking down,
god, just don't stop running
or else you'll realize
that your lungs are
starved for oxygen

Just repeat while breathless,
"I am okay. I am okay. I am okay.
I am okay-"

Write across your collarbone:
"I am not trash.
I am enough.
I deserve to be happy.
I am perfect and
nothing needs fixing."

Everything's the fault of
the rest of the world
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Jallarial's avatar
I liked the poem (I enjoyed the positive spirit of it) but I disagree with the last two lines. Some things, yes, but not every thing :)
WindFragments's avatar
Thank you! :love:

Sometimes in order to love myself, I stop blaming myself. That's why I wrote that :)
Jallarial's avatar
That's a good strategy. I also find it effective to just stop figuring out whose fault it is. Withdraw from the blame game. That game hurts everyone who plays it. But it's not always possible to do that, because the mind automatically goes in that direction, so that can be one way of handling it too.
WindFragments's avatar
I agree completely. My mind seems to always try to pin the blame on someone though haha
themagpiepoet's avatar
Thank you for this. x
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