How to Be Alive

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Grades are just letters
and trophies are just plastic,
but every time you laugh until
you're crying tears and your cheeks hurts
is something that should be treasured

Do not struggle against
the waves, or you'll drown -
instead write a love letter to the sea
and let the waves carry
you home

The world is not as scary as you think,
so stop gritting your teeth
and show bits of your heart to people
because they will do the same,
and you will be able
to smile

Hold your head high because
though red roses are beautiful,
that doesn't mean that
morning glories and daffodils and lilies aren't

Let your ghosts live
in the corner of your bedroom
and teach you how to fight,
but don't you dare tell them
any secrets or they
will eat you alive

Do not let your skin be covered
with dust while waiting for your
savior to arrive because
you are your own hero

breathe in and out -

You've laughed and gotten angry,
and you've smiled and been afraid
and you've cried

You've been alive this whole time
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AStrayBoxOfCrayons's avatar
This is so well written and positive! I love it!
WindFragments's avatar
Thank you very much! :huggle: :heart:
IcySkittles's avatar
Oh wow...

Being alive is great :D
WindFragments's avatar
RattledFawn's avatar
This is so lovely and uplifting. I love the raw positivity in this piece. :heart:
WindFragments's avatar
:heart: Thank you so much! :glomp:
RattledFawn's avatar
You're so welcome, dear! :heart:
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